Various Hidden Paradise in California

It is home to a hidden paradise in California. This state is well known in some cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. When you heard about California, you will be familiar with Hollywood.

This state offers you plenty of beaches. It takes you to have imagination about surfer guys like in the Baywatch movie. However, there are many other amazing places that you can enjoy while you are here.

The below article will take you to explore more about the hidden gems located in California. Herewith the recommended attraction.

1. Pismo Beach

Located on the central coast of California, it is a perfect place for any outdoor activity. The place serves you with a pleasant climate.

This place has a long sandy beach where you can enjoy the surrounding. You will see the cliff, including the marvelous Pacific Ocean when you are here. 

If you want, you can arrange various outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, camping, bird watching, and fishing. You will also find a walking path alongside the coastal habitat. 

It is recommended to stop at Oceano Dunes District Visitor Center because you can get free educational learnings. You can observe various kinds of butterflies in Western Monarch Butterflies. The best time to do this is between November to February.

Moreover, the place has accessible restrooms. So, it is convenient for visitors. You can read the detailed information from its official website.

The vehicle is possible to access the park. If you want to go to the beach, you can park your vehicle and go there on foot. 

2. Redwoods in Arcata

Arcata is a town that sits in Humboldt County that is more popular due to Humbolt State University. This town almost becomes a ghost town. However, the university makes it busy

You will find the Redwood forest in downtown Arcata. The forest offers you the woodland with an estimated width of 790 acres that is available for recreation.  

As one of a hidden paradise in California, there are plenty of things you can do here. You can choose from mountain biking to hiking. Check the trail maps to get a better explanation.

It offers you multiple challenge road from medium to advance. The trails have cross steep and wavy roads. You should choose the level based on your strength availability.

Besides, Redwood Park provides you with public recreational places to enjoy. You will see picnic areas, including playgrounds and restrooms in this park. 

This iconic redwood forest becomes the major destination to visit in the town. Apart from students and townspeople, you will see fewer people to stopover. 

Take your camera and capture its wonderful moment. Its panoramic scenery serves you with plenty of majestic old giant redwoods.

3. Hearst Castle

Aside from its beaches, California also provides you with several grand mansions like you find in Malibu. However, you will rarely see the castle while you visit this state. 

In fact, there is a castle that sits in Cambria, California. It will catch people’s attention because of its marvelous design. This castle becomes one of California Historical Landmarks.  

This area is easy to reach. You can drive to California Highway, and it is located between Los Angeles and San Fransisco. 

The building has one main mansion but is encircled by three guesthouses. You can find an outdoor swimming pool in the center of this castle. 

The castle was owned by a businessman named William Randolph Hearst. Meanwhile, the designer is Julia Morgan, who is a famous female architect. The idea of this building represents a distinctive style castle, unlike in Europe. 

It is a legendary estate where you can find numerous artifacts inside. This building began a ranchland that has a width of 40,000 acres. Then, the land is widened as the owner receives more inheritance.

Nowadays, it is managed by the California State Park system. It allows the public to enter and enjoy this building.

4. San Juan Bautista

It is the name of a town in San Benito County, California. The name was taken from Mission San Juan Bautista, who is a Spanish Mission. It is merely an agricultural town and exposes a hidden paradise in California.

Before the European arrival, this area was inhabited by The Mutsunes. They were part of the Ohlone Indians. Then, the Spanish came for a religious mission and built a settlement here. 

If you visit this region, you will experience warm temperatures as well as dry summers. On the 1.8 meters square land, this place contains less water estimated at around 0.06 %. 

Once you arrive in this town, you can see the iconic house of San Juan Bautista. It serves you with a natural and picturesque place. Nowadays, it is part of the National Historic Landmark that can be accessed by the public. 

This unique village tells you about the early settlement from California history. It contains a mixed culture population, including White, African American, Native American, Pacific Islander, and many other races. 

The Mutsun Native Americans are the largest population in this place. Most of them have households. 

The building exposes you to a nice historic town with a touch of Spanish Architecture. You can have a stroll in the nearby area and explore the shops as well. 

5. Bodie Ghost Town

Bodie Ghost Town is taken its name from Bodie Hills that is located in the east of Sierra Nevada mountain. This town became well know after the discovery of gold. 

In the 18th century, golds are discovered on the Bodie Bluff. Then, soon after that, a gold mill was set up. Time after time, this small place grew into a busy town.

The town was not only full of families and miners but also robbers and prostitutes. There was a report mentioned that it has 65 saloons at one time. In daily, the miners went to bars as well as red district to spend their income.

However, in 1915, the town is left by its inhabitant, and then, it became a ghost town. Due to its historical relation, the US government granted this area as a National Historic Landmark. This can attract many visitors to come and have a visit.

The climate here is dry warm summer and long cold winter. The wind can pass up to 100 miles per hour.

In a fictional story, this place is used a lot as a novel background setting. Nowadays, many visitors enjoy this amazing view of the dusty and bumpy view.

6. Piedras Blancas Elephant Seals Preserve

Located around 8.9 km northwest of San Simeon, this place is known because of its lighthouse station. It is easy to find the lighthouse from Hearst Castle. 

The building becomes the California Coastal National Monument. The name Light Station is taken because of the unique white rocks showed offshore.

You will experience its panoramic beauty as a hidden paradise in California. To access Piedras Blancas, you should join a guided tour. These tours are available all year long.

Aside from its Light Station, it is well known for the presence of Elephant Seals. You will see they lay on the beach closer to California Highway. Wintertime is the perfect time to view them.

If you want to watch their spectacular migration, you should come in Mid-November to mid-January. In this time, you can see its adult male maintaining their land and attract their female. 

Valentine’s Day is their mating ritual. It will be started merely after the male marked its territory and, of course, including its female matches.

Mostly, the common birth happens in January’s last two weeks. Soon after the birthing season, the mating season will start as well. Come in December at any time to see its newborn seal.

7. Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach is known as the biggest beach in South Laguna Beach. It offers you the white sandy beach in its wide size. Moreover, you can do various activities on this beach such as volleyball.

The name shows that this beach serves its visitor with a thousand steps. In fact, it is not, but it is estimated around 218 steps.

This beach provides you with complete beach amenities. It has restrooms, tide pools as well as caves to be explored.

You will find a large cave located in the southern part. This cave is accessible when the tide is down. You can see the entrance while the tide is low.

This cave is like a tunnel as it allows the visitors to walk all along the way. It will connect you to a small rocky hole on the opposite side. 

On the other end, visitors can see another stone tunnel. It is located in the northern part of Thousand Step Beach. This tunnel is recommended as it can bring you to a precious large beach.  

To enjoy this hidden paradise in California, you should park your vehicle in a legal area. Otherwise, you will get fine because of that. Laguna Police will fine you if you make mistakes in parking.

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