Top 5 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia For Newlyweds

Spending some private time with your wife after marriage is important to have a sweet time as well as to talk sincerely to each other. 

Honeymoon is the best moment for newlyweds to express their love and to have a relaxing time together. Finding the best destinations is needed to plan the honeymoon well.

Having your honeymoon in Asia will be great as you are offered with the breathtaking beauty of the nature and the best attractions. 

Asia is also known for its reasonable price for the accommodation and food, so you do not have to empty your wallet. One more plus thing about Asia is the great service to make your stay comfortable.

There are some best honeymoon destinations in Asia that you can choose. Before deciding one, you had better discuss it with your wife about the preference, whether she likes to see the beautiful beaches, mountains, hills, buildings, or she wants to have a comfortable luxurious stay in a resort. Then, you can plan the trip based on her choices.

1. Koh Samui, Thailand

It is one of honeymoon destinations in Asia that couples really love because it is known as an exotic place. The beautiful island combined with the gorgeous beaches with clear water makes this place a heaven for newlyweds. 

The nightlife scene at this place is also one of a kind as people can have a party and has many things to explore. This kind of party is usually done in June where tourists from all over the world come to visit Koh Samui. 

Spending your day at Koh Samui, you can have a nice time doing snorkeling. There are many beautiful fish and coral reefs to see and you will be amazed by the diversity of the nature under water.

Reaching Koh Samui is easy as you can get her by Bangkok Airways from Bangkok, Singapoe, Phuket, or Pattaya. There are also many resorts and spas to make your stay comfortable. 

If you do not want to be bothered with planning your trip, then try to have the package for honeymoon that lasts for about 5-7 days. 

The tour agency will plan everything and provide your best accommodation. You will be able to get everything you want with this honeymoon package, especially experiencing the culture and culinary of the local.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is next on the list of best honeymoon destinations in Asia. The enchanting Gods island of Bali is famous for its richness in culture, nature, and attractions. People really enjoy relaxing time in Bali. For newlyweds, spending private time in one of the best resorts in Bali will be perfect. Or, you can also rent a villa near the rice fields or green rainforest and you will be able to feel the nature every day.  You can also choose any kind of service that you like in Bali, starting from culinary, spa, to the guide to visit some famous tourism spots. Some attractions that you can choose are:

  • Visiting Ubud known for its museums and variety of workshops. You will be able see some ancient stuff in museum as well as seeing how some traditional crafts is made in the workshop. You can also register to have a short class to experience making craft in one those workshops.
  • Go trekking in Mount Agung. Seeing closely to the volcano of Bali will make you feel blessed of the nature beauty.
  • Scuba Diving in some beautiful spots in Bali beaches

There are many places to stay whether you want to go to the hotel, resort, or just want to rent a villa near the village. The range of the price is so diverse so you can suit the stay based on your budget. Some nice places to stay are Jimbaran, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Denpasar, and many more.

Having honeymoon in Bali will not be fun if you only spend a couple of day. Experience Bali more and have a romance for your honeymoon with a special package for about 10-15 days and you will be satisfied with your visit here.

3. Maldives

Maldives is of course in the list of best honeymoon destinations in Asia. Maldives is heaven for couples as it offers a luxurious beautiful resort with the beauty of the beaches. 

The resort is facing the crystal clear of the beach and couples can spend a romance time at the beach. Furthermore, the food is also varied. They serve Asian food, Western food, and many more based on the need of the customers. 

Have a try on the Maldivian cuisine because it is very yummy and one of a kind.

Having honeymoon in Maldives can be really nice as you can book a whole resort on your own. You can feel like the place is your own private area while you are watching the beauty of the nature. 

Spend some private time with your spouse to enjoy the beauty of its underwater by scuba diving or snorkeling. Some package honeymoons in this place usually offer from 8-10 days with easy access by direct flight from Dubai, India, China, and Sri Lanka

4. Sri Lanka

Even though it is a little bit hot in Sri Lanka, but you can still have so much fun having honeymoon here. Sri Lanka is considered a very nice place as one of honeymoon destinations in Asia because of its nature and culture. 

You can spend some time riding an elephant while seeing the beauty of the nature surrounds you. Or, you might want to visit the UNESCO world heritage site in Kandy to witness this historical site. 

You will be blown away by the richness of its culture and be amazed on how people in past built this temple

Spending honeymoon in Sri Lanka is complete when you have time to walk along the beach while seeing the sunset. The romantic nice dinner is suitable to end the walk.

Or, you can also spoil your spouse with shopping by exploring the city of Galle. Sri Lanka is a full package for newlyweds, especially in giving the romantic resorts and beautiful tourisms spots as one of the honeymoon destinations in Asia.

5. Japan

Japan is very popular among the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. Japan gives you a romantic feel with the beauty of its cherry blossom. 

We cannot explore Japan without mentioning the richness of the culture, proven by many events for carnival and special celebrations. You and your spouse will be able to witness the culture closer when you watch one of those celebrations.

You can also spend some quiet time with your spouse in one of the resorts in Japan, providing hot bath spring which is very good for your skin. While you are at your stay, you will be table to enjoy the world-class cuisine from Japan that will please your sense of taste. 

If you are a fan of Japan cuisine, then going to Japan for honeymoon will be perfect as you can explore many food shops and restaurants to taste many kinds of food offered.

For newlyweds who like to have an adventure, then climbing Mount Aso, the world’s largest calderas or Mount Fuji will be memorable. You can also try to go to Daisetsuzan, one of the largest national parks in Japan, to witness the snowy peaks.

With so many attractions to choose, honeymoon package usually lasts for 8-10 days. You can choose some nice places to stay like The Ritz-Calton, The New Otani Tokyo, Executive House Zen, Yoshimatsu, and many more. 

Reaching Japan is also super easy with many accesses from all over the world. The transportation in Japan is also easy which makes many people enjoy their trip in Japan.

Japanese speak in Japanese with different dialects from each region. If you plan your own trip without a honeymoon package, you might need to have a tour guide to guide you along the way. 

He can show you some nice places to visit as well as give you recommendations for nice restaurants. Your trip will be easier with the help of the guide. 

As one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia, Japan is really competitive among other countries as they always serve the best service, food, and places to stay. You cannot miss your chance to experience Japan with your honeymoon in this beautiful country.

Honeymoon is expected to be a nice memory forever because it is the first time you can spend some time together with your wife after marriage. You want to spend romantic days with her by exploring beautiful country to witness the gorgeous nature and the richness of the culture. 

Choose one or several countries suitable for you and spend your memorable honeymoon there. Asia is rich and well-known for its beauty in nature, the tastiness of the food, and the best places to stay. 

Also, it offers the best service in the world to make your stay comfortable, fun, and romantic. You will be able to have romantic private time with your wife with your arrangements on your stay.

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