Enjoy the Beauty of These 9 Instagrammable Places in Ireland

Ireland is home to strikingly numerous beautiful places in the world. This island mostly features breathtaking landscape including green hills, clean beaches, rocky mountains, and also its medieval architecture. Before heading to this island, let’s discover instagrammable places in Ireland to put on your photography list.

Boyne Valley, County Wicklow

If you are craving to explore the beauty of green landscape in Ireland, there is no best choice than Boyne Valley. Located in County Wicklow, this valley can be accessed around one hour from the capital city of Dublin. 

Your eyes will not only be spoiled with the fresh green valley but you also can find the main attraction of this place, a Trim Castle. People will be familiar with this castle as its impressive structure appeared in a movie called Braveheart.

Another attraction that you will amaze you is a passage tomb from the Stone Age called Newgrange. This structure marvelously reaches 5000 years old. 

Based on the story, the locals believe that Newgrange was built for illuminating the central passage from the rising signs within Winter Solstice every year. Due to its scenic views and history, Boyne Valley has successfully appealed to many people all over the world to see its attractions.

Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

When exploring Ireland, you cannot go more west than come into Dingle Peninsula. This place becomes the westernmost point not only in Ireland but also in Europe. 

Dingle is known to be a small port town where tourists can enjoy rugged view of landscape, trails, and sandy beaches.

Those who like to visit historical places should never skip Dingle when coming to Ireland because there are famous ancient ruins in this place. Old ring forts with its serene natural landscape are perfect for strolling around and freely taking pictures as there is less crowd here. 

Although it is a small town, it spoils you with delicious menu such as its iconic Murphy’ ice cream. You even can hangout with your friend by attending independent music festival every winter or go to the interesting local pubs.

Chosen as one of instagrammable places in Ireland, Dingle offers countless spots for taking beautiful pictures. Starting from green meadows and rugged hills to sandy beaches with its clear water, you can obtain a perfect representative view of Ireland. 

Hence, make sure to prepare a proper and fully charged camera before you visiting this peninsula or you will end up with a low battery for taking too many photos.

Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary

History fans who get interested in Ireland’s history should stopover at Rock of Cashel. This place hosts a wide range of buildings from 12th and 13th centuries. 

These medieval buildings will become great background for every picture you take. Rock of Cashel was known to be the seat of kings of Munster during Norman invasion to this place. 

Enjoy your time strolling around Rock of Cashel and taking memorable pictures of jaw-dropping landscape and medieval architecture.

Dark Hedges, Ballymoney, County Antrim

Are you the fans of Game of Thrones movie? If so, Ireland is great place to feel that movie atmosphere. It is a home for gloomy and dramatic hedges appeared in that movie. 

Dark Hedges is a long avenue of beech trees. It is known that those trees were planted by Stuart family in 18th century.

At that time, this spot was aimed to impress visitors while they headed to the entrance of Georgian mansion, Gracehill House. Even after two centuries have passed, this row of beech trees still become wonderful sight as well as photographed natural view in Northern Ireland.

Bregagh Road is close to this place but it is for pedestrians only so that you are not allowed to bring your vehicles. As this road is quite a crowd, make sure you look both ways when crossing. 

Although the parking area is available it is only free for hotel customers, so you need to bring some money for parking charges. As you visit Northern Ireland, don’t lose opportunity to put your followers into jealousy by taking pictures in these instagrammable places in Ireland.

Trinity Library, Dublin

Ireland also offers amazing place for book lovers around the world. It is none other than a dark wooden library that famous Trinity College Dublin has. 

Known as the largest library in Ireland, it stores the greatest cultural literature of Ireland. The beautiful architecture of the library makes is as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Once you step into this place, you will get the atmosphere of visiting library in Harry Potter movie.

Stroll around the cobbled stones of Trinity Library then you will feel to the ambiance back in 18th century when the wonderful Old Library was built and store the famous Book of Kells. 

To get picturesque bookish moments in this library, you need to get a fast track ticker, but you should never worry because it is likely no line.

Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

Similarly located in Northern Ireland, Giant’s Causeway is great to stopover along with Dark Hedges. Precisely sited close to the town of Bushmills, Giant’s Causeway offers visitors with awe-inspiring natural spots that definitely give you many likes on Instagram. 

This place is famous for its iconic natural characters which are 40,000 basalt columns that are known to be formed around 60 million years ago as the result of a volcanic eruption.

Even though there is still no clear evidence related to the formation of this coastal area, over the years people still choose it as one of the best destinations in Ireland. Besides, it provides sources of inspiration for works of art as well as folk stories.

The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare

Still craving for instagrammable places in Ireland, then it is a must to visit magical sea cliffs called the Cliffs of Moher. This spot extends 14 km along the Burren region in County Clare. 

This spot becomes one of the most visited spots in Ireland because every year millions of people come to Cliffs of Moher in order to admire the jaw-dropping view of high cliffs on the edge of coastline. 

Reaches 702 feet at its highest point, this cliff provides you with insane background photos, especially on a clear day. Not only the cliffs themselves that will appear in your snap but you will also able to take pictures of other areas in Ireland from the top of the cliffs.

Even though the view of Cliffs of Moher will successfully win countless likes from your followers, safety should always come first. Since the structure of the cliff is pretty steep, you need to be careful when getting a snap. If not, you will end up falling from the edge of the cliff.

Glendalough, County Wicklow

County Wicklow is not only famous with its Boyne Valley but also its Valley of Two Lakes called Glendalough. If you looking for a great opportunity to take a snap, then Glendalough has ranges of different amazing layout. 

Besides well-known with its Irish Tranquil landscape for having getaway, it is also a home for much beautiful medieval architecture such as a cathedral and a round tower.

Glendalough is pretty popular among hikers, this spot becomes hiking destination for those who not only craving of tranquil atmosphere but also idyllic natural view of mountains. 

If you don’t want to go hiking, just enjoying nature by simply having 19 miles walk through the surrounding hills called St. Kevin’s way. It’s known to be a route used by the monk himself in the past.

If you feel enough exploring several instagrammable places in Ireland, just end your day by sitting back and enjoying a cup of tea and cheese sambos with the combination view of Guinness Lake below and serene green landscape of Ireland on your surroundings.

Killarney National Park, County Kerry

After finishing your visit to Dingle Peninsula, get a further exploration in County Kerry by visiting Killarney National Park. Ireland is packed with numerous national parks and Killarney places the top of the list. 

You can get memorable snaps in this spot but 60 feet of Torc Waterfall perhaps will give the best impression to your followers on Instagram.

Becomes the home of Irish herd of native red deers, Killarney National Park provides great impression on animal lovers. When visiting Ireland, your snaps might be full of the views of beautiful landscapes and impressive medieval architecture. 

By coming to this national park, you will be able to shot livelier picture backgrounds since you can have interaction with animals here.

Not only popular with its rare species, but you can also discover other interesting attractions in this national park area. It is none other than a famous stunning lake in this county with a castle building created in 15th century.

When you plan to spend holiday in Ireland, make sure you prepare your camera beforehand. Then, you can fill your social media feed with a bunch of impressive pictures you take from instagrammable places in Ireland. Those hidden gems of Ireland actually will impress your followers as they leave their likes to your pics.

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