Instagrammable Places in Italy You Should Never Skip

Italy becomes a favorite European country that people want to visit. Either famous cities or little towns, all have their own attractions that will offer you amazing memories. When you visit this country, never skip these instagrammble places in Italy to get the best photos.

Positano and Amalfi Coast

Positano should be one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Not surprising if people’s vacation in Italy is never complete without visiting this town. 

0Positano is famous for its iconic cute vibrant houses perched on the coast, called Amalfi. Having a trip in Positano perhaps requires you to walking overs hundreds of stairs each day but the view worth it. This place has everything you need, starting from hotels to restaurants.

The most important thing is that you will always find great places to take pictures so make sure to bring powerbank for support. Although it is a small town, almost every part of it can be pretty instagrammable. 

There numerous cute places in Positano such as Ravello, Amalfi, Sorrento, Veitri, and more. However, never miss visiting Amalfi among them.

Amalfi likes a gem, not only because of its beautiful view but also its ceramics which is already well-known all over the world. There are many tourists who use this chance to visit Amalfi to buy different kinds of ceramics, such as for decorations, souvenirs, or even to add their kitchen stuff.


Most Italians are very proud to have Capri as one of tourists’ destinations in their country. Capri is a beautiful and island which is often visited by world’s stars and VIPs. 

No wonder if you can find luxurious facilities here. Talking about Capri will always remind you of its great yachts, extravagant hotels, pretty streets, and high-end shops. Don’t forget about its beautiful gardens and tasteful culinary.

It’s worth every penny to spend your special moments, like birthday or holiday here. This place will satisfy your wandering soul especially if you like photography. 

Capri is known to be one of instagrammble places in Italy so make sure your camera is fully recharged if you want to explore this town.


Not surprising if musicians get inspirations to compose their song from Portofino. This town is a typical place that will catch your heart on your first visit. 

Even those who have ever visit this place will want to come back again for further exploration. Celebrating your birthday in this place will be truly memorable especially for you who more prefer tranquillity to spend special events.

People like to visit this town for a day trip and they commonly don’t need an accommodation not only because the town is quite small but also its expensive price. 

If you want to enjoy this town for a few days, you had better look for hotels outside this place because there are not many hotels here and the prices are also pretty high.


Italy is widely known to have many beautiful coastal towns and one that is highly recommended to visit is Cinqueterre. This coastal town is very cute and you will easily find it on Instagram feed of those who just have a holiday in Italy. 

Located in the northwest of the country, precisely in the west of La Spezia Province, this town consists of five small villages, namely Vernazza, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore.

Those villages become parts of Cinqueterre National Park that are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among those villages, Vernazza and Manarola offer the most wonderful views. 

However, each of them has its own attractions that amaze every tourist. The easiest way to access this town is by train or ferry. 

Tourists also can get into Cinqueterre by car but its access is limited so that you had better use other transportations. Approaching this town using a boat is also available and you should try it if you want to get more spectacular coastal views.

Knowing as one of instagrammble places in Italy, Cinqueterre is better to be visited along with Portofino and Tuscany. To completely explore these three towns, visitors usually need to spend around a week. 

One thing that you should remember, avoid bringing a rental car to Portofino since this town is lack of parking area and they may limit car access to the town as well.

Alberobello and Polignano a Mare

Another iconic town in Italy that should be included in your trip destination list is Alberobello. This town is really beautiful with a strong traditional Italian touch. This little town looks really cute and different since most houses here are created from Trulli, traditional Apulian dry stones. 

Instead of houses, they look like huts with their conical roofs remind us of dwarf’s houses in Snow White movie. Painted in white color and not really high, the houses are cute enough to appear in your Instagram feed.

Along with this town, don’t forget to visit Plignano a Mare since it is located not far from Alberobello. Hence, you can go to those two towns on the same day. 

It is better to visit Alberobello in the early morning where there are still fewer tourists and head to Polignano a Mare in the afternoon. Explore each corner of those towns to enjoy beautiful sceneries, trying the Italian culinary at local restaurants to give an unforgettable holiday experience. 

After wandering through those towns, close the journey by enjoying a glass of wine or Aperol Spritz to make your day even more perfect.

If you have enough budget, you can try different experiences during your Italian visit to make a reservation in Grotta Palazzese. It is a famous restaurant with terrace built inside the cave so you will experience sleeping in nature.


Considered as instagrammble places in Italy, you should never skip to stopover Venice. Different from other previous beautiful coastal towns, Venice has its own attractions that make tourists fall in love. 

This city is widely known for its clean canals where many gondola gliding above. It is an iconic town in Italy where everyone dreams about visiting. 

Many people conduct photoshoots here. It is even perfect for those who want to make pre-wedding or wedding photos. 

If you want to ride the gondola, make sure to check the weather forecast previously so that you can get fully amazing experiences. Aside from these Venetian canals, you will be able to discover many interesting spots for pictures in Venice so get your camera ready.

While exploring Venice, try some foods in the oldest café here. It is a home for many old cafés not only in Italy but also in the world. 

One of recommended cafes to try is Café Florian located in the heart of San Marco Square. As it is famous with delicious menus and beautiful place, many tourists will head to this café. So, coming to this café in the early morning is the best to avoid the crowd.

Dolomites and Lago di Braies

It is quite familiar to see people uploading their photos on Instagram when they visit Lago di Braises. In this place, you can find stunning lake in Dolomites but make sure to avoid cold months if you don’t want to see frozen lake. 

Make sure to bring enough money since you might be charged when taking pictures of its iconic dock. However, if you want to take pictures more freely, it is better to take a boat ride to enjoy the jaw-dropping view and get amazing photos.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is another cool spot in Dolomites you should put into a list. You will experience memorable moments especially if you celebrate something special here. 

If you want to stay in this city, Gloriette Guesthouse serves as great option as it has refined services and rooms. By staying in this place, you can enjoy tasteful foods and taking the best sunset picture or swimming in the pool on its fascinating rooftop.

Como Lake

Tourists also like to get into Como Lake to satisfy their wandering craving. Even those who have ever come to this place do not regret exploring it again. 

Located close to Milan makes this lake can be easily accessed. Como Lake is a symbol of beauty and luxury so that it is not surprising if many famous people but properties in this area.

The best way to admire this lake beauty is by taking a boat ride. As there are many great spots to take pictures here, it will be great if you also visit Bellagio, Varenna, and Tremezzo. 

If you are looking for a hotel, Grand Hotel Tremezzo or Grand Hotel Imperiale Restort and Spa serves as good accommodation if you want to stay in this town for a few days or enjoy taking pictures.

Those are several instagrammble places in Italy that will definitely give an unforgettable experience while visiting this country. There are still numerous beautiful places in Italy that can be perfect spots for taking pictures. 

However, those aforementioned above could be the most famous destinations among local and foreign visitors. Those places will never disappoint you with their picturesque views.

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