The Top-Listed Instagrammable places in the US

Nowadays, social media can tell people with journeys, discoveries, and moods easily. Traveling allows people to share pictures and post them on Instagram for the world to be exposed. So, if you visit the US, you surely want to expose your followers with the best Instagrammable places in the US. 

The followings are lists of incredible Instagrammable destinations in the US that are swoon-worthy. 

Fairbanks' Northern Lights in Alaska

Alaska is the best place to experience the midnight sun. This place is the least densely populated. Now, start to discover why this place remains unbeatable for a magical trip.

Get a marvelous opportunity to see the Northern Lights in the city of Fairbanks. Due to located inside Aurora Oval, you can get more chances to see Aurora Borealis in this city.

Glenn Highway is a highway with a length of 288 km. It is one of the dramatic drives in Alaska. All along the way, you can see glaciers, mountains, and pine forest with your naked eyes.

Mormon Row and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone in Wyoming

Grab your camera and capture Instagrammable places in the US. Feed your social media account with some incredible spots in Wyoming. Apart from known as the Cowboy State, Wyoming has countless natural attractions. Get out and explore the forests, wildlife, and wilderness areas. 

The first is Mormon Row Historic District. Enjoy the fascinating the old-fashioned buildings with luscious panorama views. Through this settlement, feel the past and traverse the Mormons’ old traditions.

The second is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The canyon has a length approximately 24 miles and depth between 800 and 1,200 feet. Hike and gain different fantastic points with your camera.

Stairway to Heaven and Tantalus Lookout in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most wanted destinations for tourists. It has relaxing beach vibes combine with warm sea waters. This amazing place becomes one of the Instagrammable places in the US.

Stairway to Heaven or Ha’ikū Stairs is a holy grail of Insta shot. Most visitors come to conquer it. It takes 3,922 steps to challenge your bravery for a perfect photo.

Tantalus Lookout is a hot spot for exceptional photography. It is suggested for the best sunset view on Oahu, Hawaii. Besides, this place is popular among teenagers for hanging out during weekends. The grassy hill exposes the Diamond Head Crater and the entire Waikiki region.

Maroon Bells and Rocky Mountain in Colorado

Colorado offers the beauty of its expansive forests, Rocky Mountains, and complex cities. This place can accommodate different types of vacations. Take your camera out for the most Instaworthy places here. 

Maroon Bells National Park is a must to visit. Located in Aspen and known as a ski resort town, it is valuable to visit in every season. The view provides breathtaking landscapes. It is just a walking distance from the visitor’s center.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular among travelers. Visitors will see majestic tops in every area. Of course, this scene is a great opportunity to enrich Instagram with followers.

Wilmington Riverfront and Old New Castle in Delaware

Delaware has miles of beaches, coastal towns, and mansions with a wonderful garden. You should begin your journey here and discover endless beauty. Find a spot to snap your moments.

Wilmington Riverfront is popular with outdoor activities like strolling around. It also offers the best dining spot and live entertainment. To get the perfect angle, walked along the paved path Christina River.

Old New Castle is a historic town in the New Castle Delaware. The city views are natural like a national park. There are multiple things to do if you are here.

Little River Canyon and Bragg-Mitchell Mansion in Alabama

Alabama is another great Instagrammable places in the US. It offers an exotic spot in many ways. You will see mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails, white sandy beaches, and bays. Moreover, you can experience metropolitan cities and tiny towns as well. 

The first is Little River Canyon National Preserve. It is a unique and special place in the Southern Appalachians. The preserve is formed within the flat top of Lookout Mountain and has depths over 600 feet in some parts.

The second is the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion. This building is one of the architectural icons representing the Old South. Today, this place becomes a museum with guided historic tours.

Grand Canyon and The Wave in Arizona

Located in the southwestern region of the United States, Arizona is a home for magnificent cactus plants and eerie rock formations. It is more than expansive desert panoramas. You will find some major bucket-list destinations there. Here is a piece of perfect attraction for your Instagram frames. 

Arizona is well known for the Grand Canyon. With its mystical views and layers of rocks, Grand Canyon is the top list to visit. If you want to get distinguishable photos, drive more few hours to the North Rim. 

Next, The Wave is another insane sandstone formation. This spot deserves to be exposed to your Instagram. Although it is not easy to get here, it is a reliable place to capture.

The Old Mill and Whitaker Point in Arkansas

Don’t miss the other beautiful state Arkansas. Nail down the city to get Instagrammable places in the US. In this place, you will discover the wilderness of nature. 

Located in Little Rock, The Old Mill is one of the most photogenic places. If you watch the opening scene of Gone with the Wind, you will be familiar with this place. It is a great setting for your Instagram with the flowers blooming and the old building background.

Whitaker Point or Hawksbill Crag is also the most photographed scenery. This area is part of the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area. It offers a breathtaking view with a scenic outlook.

The Lyon Street Stairs and Fisherman's Wharf in California

California is well known for its Instagrammable places in the US because of its sparkling beaches. However, visitors come not only for the views but also for the photos! Post something unusual and make your followers envy.

The Lyon Street Stairs is a secret staircase in San Francisco, California. This steep-stairs connect two neighborhoods with impressive landscapes from the top. From the top, you can capture astonishing views of the Palace of Fine Arts and the San Francisco Bay as your background.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular destination among tourists. This area offers various seafood restaurants that served freshly.

Coca Cola sign and Jackson Street Bridge in Georgia

Georgia is filled with Instagram friendly places. There are plenty of attractions to choose from nature to nightlife. It is a beautiful state with perfect places to escape. 

A vintage Coca Cola sign sits near Woodruff Park. As an attractive display, it had been a meeting point in Atlanta, Georgia. The circular shape becomes a cultural landmark for Coca Cola and the city. 

Placed in Atlanta, Jackson Street Bridge provides the best view of the city skyline. It is a gorgeous spot to feed your Instagram. This location is perfect for photos either day or night.

Connecticut State Capitol and Elizabeth Park Conservancy in Connecticut

Connecticut has many Instagrammble places in the US. This state is complete with an outstanding destination. You can experience the sandy beaches to the historic museum.

Take a selfie in front of the Connecticut State Capitol. This iconic building sits in Hartford the capital of Connecticut. It is also one of the historical attractions that are worth visiting.

Then, go to the west of Hartford to visit Elizabeth Park Conservancy. This park is surrounding by the Rose Garden that is open for the public. This place is perfect to snap a wedding shot.

Boise's Table Rock and Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho

If you visit Idaho, you will fall in love with this state. Apart from its amazing canyons, you can go to their most iconic Instagram locations. Let us narrow it down as below.

Table Rock area provides a wonderful view of Boise, Idaho. It is the best place to look down at Boise City. It is a magnificent place for hikes and Instagram snaps.

Located in Mountain Home, Idaho, Bruneau Dunes State Park is one of the geologic preservation areas. The area offers large dunes and small lakes. It is a superb picturesque destination for Instagrammers.

Baha’i House of Worship and Galena's Main Street in Illinois

Explore Illinois for your summer vibes. This state grants you some of the photographable attractions including parks and historical landmarks. Wander every corner of this state for Instaworthy photo ideas.

The Baha’i House of Worship is considered as one of the oldest Baha’i Temple as well as the only one temple in North America. With its gorgeous gardens and lace-like ornamentation, this place becomes the most Instagrammable places in the US. 

Spend a fun day shopping in Galena’s Main Street. You will be surprised by charming local shops and delicious dining. The main street is filled with unique photogenic spots.

Michigan City Lighthouse and Elkhart County in Indiana

Indiana will inspire to snap a photo almost everywhere you move. It is more than just a challenging nature. Capture each special moment for your Instagram posts. 

The pristine Michigan City Lighthouse is one of the iconic subjects in Indiana. It is the only public running lighthouse in Indiana. This place offers a splendid prime beach, pier, and boardwalk.

The other worth thing to do in Indiana is having experience Elkhart County. In this place, you can explore Amish life, history, and culture. Don’t forget to taste their dining menu and spend nights there.

Swinging Bridge Park and Fenelon Place Elevator in Iowa

Some Instagrammable spots in Iowa make you dreaming about your summer vacation. These attractions will enrich your knowledge too. Welcome to Iowa where history and nature combine for recreational offer. 

Columbus Junction’s Swinging Bridge is a popular attraction in a dramatic setting. With its narrow shape, this bridge has a 262-foot length and eight-story height. If you walk down, this bridge swings back and forth. 

The Fenelon Place Elevator sits in Dubuque. It is a short little railway with a line length of 296 feet. Located on the top of the hill, it provides a magnificent view of Iowa.

Keeper of the Plains and Grinter's Sunflower Farm in Kansas

The exotic state of Kansas becomes one of the Instagrammable places in the US. Explore the stunning architecture and many great places for photography. Let us check the below recommendations.

Scenes along with Wichita as the biggest city in Kansas. Visitors are served with the city icon, Keeper of the Plains. It is a 44-foot tall steel sculpture.

If you are in the late summer, you can visit Grinter’s Sunflower Farm. Pick a spot with your favorite one. This agritourism is one of the attractions in Kansas. Many people lined up to see this farm.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and Dog Slaughter Falls in Kentucky

Kentucky is also known as the Bluegrass State. It offers spectacular places to visit. Browse Instagrammable places in the US and wonder about the amazing beauty of Kentucky.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory showcases the story of Louisville Slugger baseball bats. From outside, you take a selfie in front of the World’s Largest Baseball Bat. Join a factory tour to enrich your knowledge about how the famous bats are made.

If you are a nature lover, you should hike Dog Slaughter Falls. This 15-feet waterfall is the best known for its natural sights.

New Orleans' French Quarter and Bourbon Street in Louisiana

Louisiana is popular as the greatest Mardi Gras celebrations take place. This state provides a multicultural and multilingual history. Take out your camera and wander photogenic places in Louisiana.

French Quarter is the oldest area in the center of New Orleans, Louisiana. With the view of historic buildings, it enhances a prime tourist destination. During the daytime, you will see soft pastel-painted buildings. Meanwhile, at night, the balconies filled with people and the lights.

Bourbon Street sits the heart of the French Quarter. It represents the life of a party town. The crowded street is perfect for your Insta feed.

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor in Maine

Many reasons define why Maine is an ideal destination for your vacation. Apart from the iconic Portland Head Lighthouse, there are many things you can explore. So, check these out!

Maine is a gateway to Acadia National Park. This park offers numerous seasonal hiking and bike tours. Wander through Acadia National Park with your camera and make your followers jealous of your post.

Travel to the Maine Coast until you reach Bar Harbor. It is home to an extensive variety of engaging shops and restaurants.

Besides the iconic coastlines, you can take photo-worthy food. Maine is also known for its delectable dishes especially the freshest seafood.

George Peabody Library and Rawlings Conservatory in Maryland

People also address Maryland as America in miniature because this state is complete with all panoramic landscapes. It is covered by mountains, cities, farmland, and ocean. Here are a few stunning suggestions for the Instagrammable places in the US. 

George Peabody Library is proof that all beauty is not only found in nature. Visit this library and you will be amazed by its stunning interior design. It is not only a historic library but also the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Rawlings Conservatory is home for a botanic garden. The building is surrounded by vibrant Tulips. From inside, there are cacti, orchids, and palm trees.

Acorn Street and The House of the Seven Gables in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, with some Instagrammable places in the US, is complete with its geographical features from its beaches of Cape Cod until a world-class city like Boston. Let us nail down the beauty of your perfect travel photo.

Acorn Street is the most photogenic street in Boston. Walk down here as if you step back in the 19th-century street. You will find elegant town buildings in narrow brick streets.

Next, visit one of the most beloved historic homes in America called The House of the Seven Gables. It is the 1668 colonial mansion where you can take selfies in front of the building.

Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island in Michigan

Let’s drive your wheel to Michigan. You can find a lot of beautiful spots around this state. These are the favorite picturesque views from this state.

The Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island become the icon of Michigan. Tourists from all over the world flock here to Instagram these two wonderful places.

The bridge connects the two beautiful points of this state. Stop on the lakeside and catch a photo from one side of the bridge.

Take a ferry and cross to the Island. A tour to this Island is a must. You will be amazed by the picturesque spot.

Minnehaha Falls and Boundary Waters in Minnesota

Get your camera ready and let’s go to Minnesota! This state offers many travel planning ideas for visitors. It has an endless array of things to do.

Discover the beauty of Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis Minnesota. It is a magnificent 53-foot long waterfall with stream overlooks and limestone rocks. Located in Minnehaha Park, visitors can also explore various kinds of trees like oak, cottonwood, basswood, etc.

Next, travel to the northern area to experience canoeing the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This is one of the challenging adventures while you are in Minnesota. Envy your followers with the photos of the pristine lakes.

Elvis Presley Birthplace and Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi

Step your toes to Mississippi. Sits in the Gulf of Mexico, it offers A Photo-Taking Paradise and some of the Instagrammable places in the US. It is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. 

One of the iconic places is Elvis Presley Birthplace. It is a modest house with two-rooms. Snap a selfie in front of this building for your memorable trip.

Discover Tishomingo State Park for your unusual photo-taking opportunities. In this park, you do not only enjoy its natural beauty but also enrich your knowledge with historical information. This area proves the presence of Paleo Indians since about 7000 B.C.

World War 1 Museum & Memorial and Union Station in Missouri

Plan your vacation to Missouri and browse information about it. There are many destinations, restaurants, and places to stay. Find a few suggestions as follows.

The World War 1 Museum and Memorial tell us about remembering and understanding the impact of the Great War. It is also a great place for a photo with fabulous Kansas City background. You will see downtown Kansas City from the top.

Located closer to the museum, Union Station Kansas City is a historical building estimated over 100 years old. Get your best shot from the exterior of the building.

Grinnell Glacier and Bucking Horse Sale in Montana

Every part of Montana is pretty. It is perfect for an outdoor enthusiast. Wander around the mountain areas to the badlands. This state provides visitors with Instagrammable places in the US. 

Take an opportunity to visit Grinnell Glacier. Located in Glacier National Park, it has a bright green forest and glittering blue lake. In the spring, you can see the sprinkles from the melting glacier. 

Explore Miles City Bucking Horse Sale for its unusual experience. It is also known as Cowboy Mardi Gras. Take marvelous photos of the world-famous unique rodeo from any spot on the areas.

Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge and DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska

There are plenty of things to see and do in Nebraska. Nail down this state and find out why it becomes such a great destination. Make a list of your short trip ideas.

If you are seeking an opportunity to see exotic animals, Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge is the right choice. This area features bison and elk in nature. Take an auto tour to see much of the beautiful landscape.

Now, we drive to DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors can see the Missouri River runs through this area. It is home to many kinds of animals including raccoons, deer, beavers, coyotes, etc. 

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign and Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada.

Discover Nevada’s remarkable destination. This state offers incredible natural diversity. Explore this place from its amazing landscapes to the glitz and glitter of a big city.

Complete your Instagram post with Welcome To Las Vegas Sign. Las Vegas is the busiest city in Nevada. Stroll around this city and visit the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. Fill your leisure time with entertainment experience.

The next stop is Sand Harbor Beach. It is the best beach located in Tahoe Nevada. Refresh your vision with energetic, blue, and crystal-clear waters.

Welcome To Las Vegas Sign and Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada.

Discover Nevada’s remarkable destination. This state offers incredible natural diversity. Explore this place from its amazing landscapes to the glitz and glitter of a big city.

Complete your Instagram post with Welcome To Las Vegas Sign. Las Vegas is the busiest city in Nevada. Stroll around this city and visit the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown. Fill your leisure time with entertainment experience.

The next stop is Sand Harbor Beach. It is the best beach located in Tahoe Nevada. Refresh your vision with energetic, blue, and crystal-clear waters.

Conway Scenic Railroad and Portsmouth Market Square in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the Instagrammable places in the US. This area provides a variety of destinations and attractions. The panoramic beauty as well as the historic places bring visitors from all over the world.

Conway Scenic Railroad will take you a step back in time. You should try traveling on an old-fashioned railroad with a vintage passenger train.

Portsmouth Market Square has several selections of restaurants and shops. It is a pleasant place to spend your day. Some areas are not only worth spending but also offer a photogenic scene.

Grounds for Sculpture and Liberty State Park in New Jersey

New Jersey owns green parks with a cozy vibe. This state is famous for its sandy beaches and a calm town. Boost your followers by capturing Instagrammable places in the US. 

Grounds for Sculpture is a museum and sculpture park in Hamilton New Jersey. Visitors can see artwork collections from indoor and outdoor. This museum has sculpture collections from various artists.

Besides the famous Statue of Liberty, Liberty State Park exposes exceptional views of Manhattan’s skyline. It is a place where you can stroll around the city or just hang out with your friends. 

Old Town Albuquerque and Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness in New Mexico

New Mexico will inspire you with a memorable adventure. This state is rich with panoramic landmarks. Check out the following spots.

Old Town Albuquerque exposes century-old adobe houses in narrow streets. It is a unique city view for your Insta feed. Visitors can see and do various things here like eat, party, shop, or stay.

Drive to Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness for an unusual Instagrammable spot. This area is rich in fossil. The shape is like rolling water-crafted clay hills. Although this landmark is impressive, it is tough to reach it. If you go here, don’t forget to bring enough water with you.

Brooklyn Bridge and DUMBO in New York

There are multiple preferences for photogenic places in New York. Wander around every corner of this state from its rural area to its busy city. There are many locations to take pictures. Here are a few attractions in New York City.

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most recognizable picture-taking spots in the world. If you seek special moments, you can go there at sunrise.

DUMBO or Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass has become a popular place lately. This is the first neighborhood when coming off the Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge. Go to the junction of Water Street and Washington Street for a stunning photo.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Maah Daah Hey Trail in North Dakota

Start your journey to North Dakota for the Instagrammable places in the US. You can experience everything from adventure to culture. Herewith what the state has to offer you.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park sits in the western part of this state. It displays attractive and rugged badlands. This place gives you the opportunity with plenty of views and hiking trails. 

Closer to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Maah Daah Hey Trail is the longest and most challenging single-track mountain biking route in the United States. This scenic spot has a unique landscape and worth for photo-taking.

Pisgah National Forest and Outer Banks Scenic Byway in North Carolina

North Carolina is also a picturesque state. You can snap some beautiful photos. The beauty of its nature is worth to experience. The following are the best places for your selfie.

Pisgah National Forest is a hardwood forest with whitewater rivers. This national forest features the cascading waterfalls and densely forested hills. Visitors can choose between camping or picnic for outdoor recreation.

The Outer Banks Scenic Byway is popular with the most gorgeous ranges of road and water in North Carolina. It is a perfect destination for a lazy day trip. This area is filled with a wealth of attractions.

Fountain Of Eternal Life and Downtown Columbus' Main Street Bridge in Ohio

Ohio is a place for peaceful lakes, sandstone cliffs, and bucket lists of foods. Ohio inspires you with a travel plan for the next vacation. The below spots you don’t want to miss.

Located in Cleveland, Fountain Of Eternal Life is also recognized as Peace Arising from the Flames and War Memorial Fountain. The statue in this fountain represents war and suffering. The historical background and its beautiful design are worth to visit.

Now we go to Downtown Columbus to see the Main Street Bridge. This bridge deserves your attention due to its visual beauty. The best time to taking a good picture on a sunny day.

The Myriad Botanical Gardens and The Philbrook Museum Tulsa in Oklahoma

Discover Instagrammable place in the US while you visit Oklahoma. This state posses plenty of beautiful places to capture. Below are a few recommended spots to explore.

The Myriad Botanical Gardens provides over 15 acres of diverse types of plants. Walk to the Crystal Bridge and enter the glass shielded garden. It is such a great opportunity to spend on amazing greenery snaps. 

The Philbrook Museum Tulsa is an art museum with expansive gardens. From inside, you can see the showcase of artwork. Meanwhile, if you are on the outside, you can wander around the garden.

St John’s Bridge and Lost Lake in Oregon.

Oregon presents you with Instagrammable places in the US. This state features with beautiful panoramic views. Snap your photo from charming volcanic mountains to a vintage historic building. 

The first spot is St John’s Bridge. It is a steel bridge that spans over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. This bridge is perfect for your photo background.

The second spot is Lost Lake. This lake has a resort and campground. Spend your leisure day with hiking or kayaking. Experience the view of Mount Hood as its background. Of course, it will be an epic Instagram shot.

The Pittsburgh Skyline and Elfreth’s Alley in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is rich with wonderful architecture and also its history. You can grab your camera and shoot Instagrammable places that are worth sharing. Herewith the examples.

The Pittsburgh Skyline combines superb architecture and cultural history. This site offers has endless angles that are worth capturing. Visitors see the lively light around this area at night.

Located in Philadelphia, Elfreth’s Alley is one of the historic streets. This area features 32 old residential houses. The narrow alley makes you feel that you are transported back in time. Enrich your Instagram feed and envy your followers.

The State House and Pawtuxet Village in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US. However, this state is full of landscape greatness. It is a home for wonderful sandy beaches. It offers a fun art scene and fresh seafood too.


The State House in Rhode Island is accessible for the public. The inside of this building features a gorgeous dome with a classic design. Meanwhile, various colors expose this building at night.


Pawtuxet Village is also an exotic destination. As the name, it sits at the point of Pawtuxet River. The scenery serves coastal charm and selections of impressive foods.

Angel Oak and Rainbow Row in South Carolina

South Carolina serves the most Instragrammable places in the US. This state has a mountain adventure or a relaxing beach. There are varied must-see attractions that visitors can experience.

Strike a pose on Angel Oak Tree. It is the oldest living oak trees in the eastern Mississippi River. It has 65 feet in height and 28 feet in outline. Find a good spot to get all 187 feet longest branch.

Drive your wheel to Charleston and stop at Rainbow Row. It is a line of thirteen pastel-painted Georgian row houses. During the summer, this place is recognizable for a pretty decent walk.

Buffalo Roundup and Badland National Park in South Dakota.

South Dakota has not only Instragrammable places in the US but also a challenging adventure of all ages and interests. It is a friendly city with American Indian culture and Wild West history. Snap the photogenic places here.

Buffalo Roundup is an annual tradition for cowboys and cowgirls herding approximately 1,400 buffalo. It is the greatest cultural event that occurs in South Dakota. You can take photos of buffalo or other wildlife.

Badland National Park covers 242,756 acres of the steep canyons and towering pinnacles. Its unique geographical formations are great for photo background.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Dollywood in Tennessee

Tennessee is a place that’s well worth for a road trip around. This state has the most visited national park and also amounts of the best things to do. Let us check what are tourists attraction.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the recommended destinations in Tennessee. Take a hike or bike ride to admire this park.  Don’t forget to bring your camera for a worthwhile moment.

Dollywood is a theme park owned by Dolly Parton. It spans in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. It is a fun place for all ages.

Rio Grande Canyon and Texas State Capitol in Texas

Texas or Lone Star State has top-rated tourist destinations. Although the state has a hot temperature, there are some recommendations for outdoor adventure. Nail down every corner of this state with your camera.


The Rio Grande Canyon is worth for your Instagram feed. It is a continental river setting the boundary between Mexico and the US. This iconic place could spend your time wandering and admiring around.


If you are interested in history and politics, you should visit the Texas State Capitol. This beautiful building makes a worthy snap for your Instagram.

Salt Lake Temple and Zion National Park in Utah

Discover Utah for the Instagrammable places in the US. It provides visitors with amazing places that are photo-taking Paradise. Grab your camera and explore breathtaking local views.

The Salt Lake Temple is the base of Mormon historical localities that sits in Salt Lake City. The design and architecture make it the most photogenic spot. This temple is recognizable among visitors as a Utah icon.

If you are an adventure seeker, plan your visit to Zion National Park. You can do hiking, camping, climbing, etc. This place is popular for families’ summer vacation.

Sleepy Hollow Farm and Lake Champlain in Vermont

Are you looking for Instagrammable places in the US? Vermont is the right choice. It offers scenic places to photograph. Add the following spot as your must-see list.

Sleepy Hollow Farm is a superb photographable scene. This farm is a family-owned farm located in desirable Cloudland Road Woodstock. It is a perfect place to bond in nature.

Lake Champlain sits in both states (New York and Vermont). Experience a remarkable opportunity for the sunset. Sits at the pier and wait for the sun goes down. Be ready to snap some amazing pictures.

Chincoteague and Assateague Islands in Virginia

Virginia is known as the birthplace of a nation as it was the first permanent English settlement. It offers multiple incredible natural views and cool towns. You will get plenty of photo opportunities.


Chincoteague and Assateague Islands are Virginia’s jewel. Both are moderately remote islands that are unique.


Assateague Island protects crowds of wildlife and 37 miles of primary beach. This Island is home for herds of wild ponies as well as the migratory or resident birds.


Chincoteague Island is circled by bays. This island serves full of flounder fish, oysters, and clams. Capture an amazing sunset over its bay.

Culture House DC and Capitol Building in Washington

Washington DC is the capital city of the United States of America. The city offers various memorials and attractions. Let us see what makes it worth visiting.


Culture House DC is earlier known as Blind Whino. It was a neighborhood church that turns into a nonprofit arts club. The building wonderful mural will catch your attention. It has tons of superb walls for you to snap photos.


The United States Capitol or Capitol Building is not only an office building but also the city icon. This building is recognizable by its impressive architecture.

Blackwater Falls State Park and Charleston’s East End in West Virginia

West Virginia offers Instagrammable places in the US too. Many destinations leave you speechless. Visitors will be hypnotized with its beauty. The following lists are a few compilations.

Blackwater Falls State Park is taken from the falls of the Blackwater River. The “black” color of the water is a result of tannic acid. Nearby the park lodge, you can find Lindy Point overlook that serves a panoramic view of the Canyon.

Charleston’s East End is a national historic district that continues charmingly well-preserved. This area is perfect for a stroll or photos.

Memorial Union Terrace and Miller Park in Wisconsin

If you are in search of Instagrammable places in the US, Wisconsin is you the right answer. This place features places that make your followers envy. There is no better than the picturesque state of Wisconsin.

Memorial Union Terrace is a popular spot located at the University of Wisconsin. The sunburst chairs combine with a vintage historic building is a great way to snap a memorable Instagram feed.

Don’t skip Miller Park during baseball season. This baseball park is located in Milwaukee. Capture the exterior building with your camera. The architecture is designed with a fan-shaped retractable roof.

Naples Beach Pier and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Florida

Florida is a state featuring natural and historic attractions. It is one of the most visited states in the US. Let us find the best-visited destination in Florida.


Go to Naples Beach Pier to snap a marvelous sunset. The beach is a glittering jewel with white sandy beaches and a pier. You will be amazed by its naked beauty.


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens sits in Miami. Previously, it was a private villa and now, it is open for the public. This place is popular with the waterfront scenes of Biscayne Bay.


Apart from the above attraction, there are many more things to do and photogenic places in the US. Hopefully, the lists of the Instragrammable places in the US above is helpful to plan your holiday. 

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