All You Need to Know about Morocco Private Desert Tours

Most of the people who like the traveling wish to go to Morocco for an adventure in the desert. The idea looks good, but it can be a terrible thing. There’s no way for you who don’t understand the terrain to go there by yourself. You need to join Morocco private desert tours.

Before starting to look for a tour agent you need to know a lot of important information to be able to go there safely and back to your country. You need to read this entire review until finish so that you have sufficient knowledge when in the desert. Let’s check the information right now.

Information about the Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is located on the Africa Continent which has an area of 9,200,000 square kilometers. You can say this is the largest desert on earth. 

In fact, this place every 20,000 years will turn into a savanna grassland and this has become a permanent cycle of the desert. The cycle of change from the desert to the savanna grassland occurs due to rotation of the earth around the sun.

This arid place is now a challenging place for tourists from all over the world to visit. Those who want to experience how the desert conditions are will usually be motivated to visit this place. 

Of course, the desert gives the feel of a different tourist spot from the beach or other green tropical places.

Preparation to go to Morocco Desert

You have never been to the desert at all and have no clear idea of ​​the terrain of the area. There are many things you need to prepare, including having a Sahara Desert vacation guide. Based on the travel guide you will realize the following things to consider:

  1. You want to go to what kind of desert because the Sahara Desert is vast.
  2. Where to start a trip?
  3. How many days does it take to explore the Sahara Desert which is frequented by tourists?
  4. Supplies to take to the desert.
  5. Booking the right tours

Which Desert Do You Choose?

You already understand how extensive the Sahara Desert is, so those of you who intend to come there need to choose which desert to come to. The Sahara Desert has two deserts namely Merzouga desert and Zagora desert. 

If you want to go to a popular place, then the Merzouga desert is the right choice. The location is near Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

Going to the city offers many modern hotels. All tourists who come to the city can ride the camel to the sand dunes for 30 minutes. 

A trip to the Merzouga desert is suitable for tourists who only have short vacation time. Camel rides are also more comfortable, due to the short distances covered.

The Zagora Desert is located in the south of Morocco which is where the Erg Chigaga dunes are. The dunes are 60 km from the nearest road. So it is true to see the track so much further than when viewing from the Merzouga sand dunes. 

Before reaching Zagora, you need to get to M’hamid first. This desert also doesn’t have the orange look you might imagine.

This desert consists of rocks that look similar to the surface of the moon. A display that is not as attractive as Merzouga makes Zagora desert a little less popular. 

Most of the tourists who go there are people who like the challenges of long tracks and people who have more budgets or have already been to Merzouga.

Where to Start Trips From?

Most tourists who have gone to the Sahara for dessert will start their journey from Marrakech. This place is the capital of Morocco which provides complete tourist arrival facilities. Another place you can use to start a trip to the Sahara Desert is Fes.

If you want to visit both places, you can just start via Marrakech, go to the Sahara Desert, and travel back via Fes. Travel on this route is often offered by tour agents to tourists who want to vacation in the Sahara Desert. 

You can do the trip to Zagora for 6 hours from Marrakech. If you are taking to Zagora from Fez, the time will be even longer at 9.5 hours.

How Long is Vacation Time in Morocco?

You will be taken on a tour around various interesting places using campervans, besides having the opportunity to ride a camel. There’s no way you will be able to go on vacation in just 1 day. 

Considering that there are many other tourists who also want to visit Merzouga and Zagora, so they crowd the roads leading to both places.

The trip will usually start at night to avoid traffic jams. At least you will need to stay there for 3 days 2 nights. If you only have 2 days with one night, then most of your experience will only be in the campervan to visit the Zagora desert. 

Meanwhile, for you who have 2 nights 3 days, it is possible to come to the sand dunes. With this package, tourists usually have the opportunity to enjoy a more enjoyable and calm vacation.

Even tourists can get the opportunity to visit the local tribes, sandboarding, ride camels, and also take pictures between the sand dunes. Indeed, you should spend more than two days on vacation to provide a more and more memorable experience.

What Supplies Should Be Prepared?

Maybe you are used to traveling to various other countries in the world. But going to the desert will not be the same as your previous experiences when visiting other countries. 

You may not find a minimarket or supermarket on the way. It also doesn’t mean that you need to bring your suitcase while traveling in the Sahara Desert.

You will not be able to carry a suitcase when riding a camel. The type of bag that is recommended for tourists going to the desert is a small backpack. Some items that must be taken while on vacation to the desert are:

  1. Comfortable clothes that you can wear to ride a camel well. Of course, skirts women are not the right category for you to wear or carry.
  2. Try to bring clothes with long sleeves too to prevent the sun’s heat from hitting your skin.
  3. A long scarf that can be used to cover the head and face when the sun is shining brightly.
  4. Sunglasses to protect your eyes from sand and sun.
  5. Hats to protect the head from heat when the scarf is less able to protect your head from heat.
  6. Socks to avoid blisters on the feet.
  7. Hiking boots and make sure you do not use sandals when riding the camel
  8. A camera equipped with a sand-proof bag
  9. Power bank to charge batteries that have run out due to intensive use during a trip to the Sahara Desert.
  10. Small flashlight
  11. Travel first aid kit
  12. Tissue

Booking Right Tours

If you intend to come to camping in the Sahara, then you should join Morocco private desert tours. There are many reasons why it is important and some of these reasons you can find out in the following.

  1. Each tour will provide all transportation, plan activities, guides, and lodging. So you no longer need to bother thinking about everything alone when you want to vacation in Morocco.
  2. There is little chance that you will get lost while on vacation using the tour.
  3. Each guide on the tour knows the best places to get photos. Surely you want to upload it on your social media, right?
  4. Do not experience problems in the form of language and do not need to experience miss communication with local residents.
  5. More guaranteed personal safety and security.

You already know the reasons for the importance of using tours when on vacation in Morocco. Now is the time for you to know tips for choosing the right tour. You can see all of these tips below.

  1. Know the Right Bussiness Time

The desert sometimes has very cold temperatures at night and hot at night in certain months. If you intend to go to a less hot and wetter humidity in Morocco than a usual month then it will be January. It is the coldest month in Morocco and after sunset the temperature can get lower and cooler.

Meanwhile, during the daytime, the air will turn warm and not as hot as in other months. At least in January, there are usually 7 to 8 days of rainfall. If you want to experience the Sahara Desert with temperatures that are not hot, you can make it happen by coming there in January.

  1. Crowds and Prices

In January, the level of tourist density there is unlike any other month. You will be able to enjoy a vacation with a less dense number of tourists. Although there are not many attractions held that month. At least you will find there are many tour discounts and hotels becoming more affordable in January.

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