Dare to try? Here are 5 Most Expensive Places to Visit in Spain

Most expensive places to visit in Spain could be a new thing worth trying, if you have enough money to come to this country. We can say that Spain is a top tier destination in the world. 

This is because many world celebrities, rich people, conglomerates and socialites have chosen several cities in Spain to be their vacation destinations. No wonder then quite a lot of the most expensive places to visit in Spain have sprung up.

Most expensive places to visit in Spain could be a new thing worth trying, if you have enough money to come to this country. We can say that Spain is a top tier destination in the world. 

This is because many world celebrities, rich people, conglomerates and socialites have chosen several cities in Spain to be their vacation destinations. No wonder then quite a lot of the most expensive places to visit in Spain have sprung up.

This makes Spain the 3rd largest country in Europe, right after France and Ukraine. Even so, looking at the comparison of the country’s area and population, Spain can turn out to be the country with the lowest population density in Europe with a ratio of every mile of land “only” inhabited by 202 inhabitants.

Things you should know from the country of Spain

As mentioned earlier, Spain does have many beautiful places that vary from its landscape and the structure of its cities and villages. In addition, the people of Spain are known to be friendly, plus they have a unique culture that is not to be missed. 

Various unique festivals ranging from La Tomatina tomato festival, the Holy Week, Fallas Festival, Fiesta Mayor de Gracia and many unique festivals that must be seen in Spain.

Apart from that, Spain is also known to be home to a wide variety of delicious culinary delights that are authentic to this country. A variety of Spanish delicacies such as Paella Valenciana, churros, Patatas bravas, Pimientos de Padron and many others can be enjoyed in cafes and restaurants scattered in every corner of Spain.

Spain is also known as the best wine producing country in the world. There are at least 10 wineries that are often visited by tourists in this country. 

Some of the best types of Spanish wines that you can try such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Albariño and some of the best wines in Spain with unique flavors and will spoil your tongue.

Having beautiful natural scenery in the form of beaches and mountains, it’s no wonder then appears exclusive places or most expensive places to visit in Spain. Spain is divided into 17 regions. Fifteen regions are on the Spanish mainland, while the other two are island groups.

This makes Spain have two main island groups which are popular with tourists. The first is the Balearic Islands group consisting of Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Menorcam which is located 193km southeast of Barcelona. 

The second is part of the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. These include mainly Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma.

As the second country in the world most visited by tourists after France, there are several most expensive places to visit in Spain. Where are they?

1. Ibiza, a place for celebrities and wealthy people to from all over the world

Having an area of 571.6 km², Ibiza is the most popular archipelago not only in Spain but also quite famous in various parts of the world. Having a very beautiful natural landscape consisting of beautiful beaches, hills and resorts; Ibiza is a tourist destination for celebrities and socialites in the world. 

Ibiza is apparently part of the list of most expensive places in Spain, and you have to prepare a large enough budget if you visit one of Justin Bieber’s favorite vacation spots. It is said that if you visit Ibiza in the summer, you are obliged to spend up to 4,221 Euros for a one-week vacation with a family of four. 

Some of the luxury places you can visit in Ibiza, one of which is a luxury hotel with super complete facilities at The Barceló Portinatx. Nightlife fans can head to Pacha Ibiza for an all-night party with world-renowned DJs. 

Want to experience a luxurious dinner with a fine dining concept? Please come to Sublimotion, the underwater luxury restaurant that was once the most expensive restaurant in the world.

2. San Sebastian, a very beautiful seaside town

San Sebastian became the next city to be included in one of these expensive places to visit in Spain. Actually, San Sebastian is one of the favorite cities which are often visited by many tourists. This city is known to be beautiful and stunning, because of its position on the coast. 

This place has 3 beautiful beaches namely Zurriola, Concha and also Ondarreta which are very beautiful and have luxury resorts that are crowded with tourist visits. San Sebastian is called one of the most expensive tourist attractions in Spanyo, because to stay for just one night, you have to prepare up to € 154 euros. 

Even so, this will pay off with the beauty of tourist destinations in San Sebastian. You can come to visit the hilly areas of Monte Igueldo, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city from above. 

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach, you can try to come to La Concha Beach which is known as Santa Clara Island which is in the middle of the sea.

3. Peniscola is one of the best tourist attractions in Spain

Located in the Province of Castellón, Community of Valencia, Spain, the city of Peniscola is one of the places that is very often visited by tourists who come to this matador country. As with other cities in Spain, Peniscola promises super alluring landscapes that make this place one of the tourist destinations of the various places. 

Peniscola is known as a beautiful coastal city, as it is located right in the Costa del Azahar area and also along the Mediterranean coast. Visitors can stay at various luxury resorts scattered around this city. 

Beach tourism with calm waves, clean beaches with soft sand, and warm sunshine make Peniscola a favorite vacation spot for many people. Even so, Peniscola is apparently also on the list of most expensive places in Spain because to stay for one night only, you have to pay a fee of up to € 152 per night.

4. The beauty of the Catalonia that has always been able to attract tourists

Barcelona is not only known as the origin of the best football team in the world. Visiting Barcelona means you also can’t miss the beauty of Catalonia, which is known as an area with super stunning coastal views. 

Catalonia is one area that has very beautiful coastal scenery. Catalonia is known for being surrounded by beautiful beaches which include the Costa Brava, the Costa del Maresme in Maresme, then the Costa del Garraf and finally the Costa Daurada in the port city of Tarragona.

One of the most beautiful places in Catalonia that is not to be missed is Castlefollit de la Roca. Although less popular than Barcelona, this small city has a super beautiful view of the countryside that is fed by the Fluvia and Tonorell rivers. Apart from that, Barcelona is also a major tourist destination in this area. 

Apparently Catalonia is also named as one of the most expensive places to visit in Spain because you have to pay up to € 100 for the cost of staying for one night only.

5. Seville, a beautiful city that has always been a favorite destination for travelers

Seville is one city that you should never miss when visiting Spain. With an area of up to 140.8 km², Seville is gifted with a very beautiful view of the combination of landscapes and architectural buildings in a stunning urban area. 

Seville’s city center has a number of iconic buildings and landmarks that are always a tourist destination. Call it the Alcázar castle complex which was built during the reign of the Berber Almoravid dynasty. 

This castle as well as a palace, fortress and prison is known for its beautiful architecture. Don’t forget to also visit the Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, to see the famous bullfighter show. 

Apart from that, another famous landmark in Seville is the Catedral de Sevilla or also known as The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See which is located in the heart of Seville. This cathedral stands majestically with ancient designs and architecture that are still preserved today. 

As the capital of Andalusia, Seville is apparently also included in a row of expensive places to visit in Spain. Generally, tourists spend up to € 47 per night to stay in this city of Seville.

Spain will continue to be one of the favorite tourist destinations of travelers from around the world. Indeed, in some places, the cost of vacationing in Spain will drain your pocket.

However, this is comparable to the experience you get when visiting this country. Stunning natural scenery, historical buildings with hundreds of years of age, friendly people, unique festivals and delicious culinary will be the things worth your money. So are you ready to go to these 5 most expensive places to visit in Spain?

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