List of Things to Do in Auckland in Winter

When winter hits Auckland, it gets dark faster and the temperature starts to drop. It’s not always bad news, however. Most of the cities there do offer tourist attractions in the winter season.

You can travel and do many things to do in Auckland in winter. There is no need to wear pajamas all day because there are many interesting places you can visit for a vacation.

The snow that falls will be welcomed by the people with joy. People can start skiing on SnowPlanet that season. 

Culinary tourism can also be a reference for interesting activities after you are tired of participating in many activities in the winter season. There are many hot drinks that tourists can try in Auckland.

1. Warm-up at the East Day Spa

If you want to feel the sensation of warmth from summer while getting your blood flowing throughout the winter season, then you can come to the East Day Spa. The venue offers 12 individual SPA treatment rooms of which there are 5 double suites.

There is ample room for individual pods, manicures, and pedicures. During the treatment, customers will be able to feel soothing mystic nuances.

There are several scented candles that can help your body relax. You will be able to book this spa and its location is on the Ground Floor of the Sky City Grand Hotel in Auckland. East Day Spa opens from 9 am to 8 pm.

You will be able to feel a healing sensation from the Balinese message there. This message can help increase the endurance of customers coupled with the presence of turmeric as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

2. Ski the Snowplanet

You like activities that trigger adrenaline during the winter season. Why not try skiing the Snowplanet? The place has a fairly steep indoor descent track. 

This snowboarding place is indeed the only indoor skiing place in Auckland. There were many children and adults who came to the place.

If you are interested in coming to this place, you can start coming from 10 in the morning. Snowplanet will close at 10 pm and is located at 91 small roads, Silverdale, Auckland.

This activity has a lot of fans and can replace paragliding activities in Auckland that are impossible to do in winter. Vacationing to this place can really improve your skills in skiing.

3. Tasting Chocolate at the House of Chocolate

Want to help your body to be happier, then you can try an all-chocolate dessert at the House of Chocolate, Auckland. All chocolate menus, such as mousse, brownie, cake, and pudding, are all at the cafe.

If you don’t really like chocolate, it still doesn’t hurt to come to that place. You will be able to order other menus, such as banana split, apple pudding, and also waffles. The cafe even offers a menu of Kiwi-made choccies.

Coming to the cafe is very appropriate for tourists to do to get closer to the relationship between families and couples. House of chocolate provides many warm drink menus that are suitable for tourists to drink during winter. This can help warm the body from within.

4. Visiting the Dark Cave

Another interesting tourist spot available in Auckland is Epic Caves. There are 6 caves and you can try to come to each of them. If the Maldives has marine microbes that emit blue bioluminescence, then caves in Auckland provide similar things to that. 

It’s just that the animal that emits the light is a Smeagol type worm. This glow-worms crawled on the stalagmites and the stalactites. Not infrequently tourists will also meet bats in the caves.

Tourists who only have a limited amount of time are advised to choose one of the caves in that place. The cave that gets the best reviews from tourists is Waitomo Caves. The cave has a fairly wide cavity and the bottom of which is water that can accommodate small boats passing. Tourists will be able to see that there are many glow-warms on the roof of the cave.

The glow-worms glowed a bright blue light. Most of these worms crawl on stalactites and stalagmites on the roof of the cave. Coming to this place to see the glow worms can give a magical impression. This can be an interesting experience when it comes to Auckland.

5. Take a Walk in the Wintergarden Domain

Another popular tourist spot in Auckland is the Wintergarden Domain. The place is a garden with a greenhouse concept so that various kinds of plants can still grow when winter arrives. There are many collections of plants in the garden.

Even the color of the leaves is very diverse and neatly arranged. This is very suitable for tourists to visit, especially for people who have often been in urban areas.

The place is entered into a historic place associated with the New Zealand Historic Place. You can just see tropical plants in the greenhouse. If you are interested in coming to the garden, at least come from 9 am. Wintergarden Domain closes at 4.30 pm. The venue is located at Wintergarden Road, Parnell, Auckland.

6. Visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum

If you want to travel during the winter, then you can come to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The place holds a lot of interesting history and culture from the past.

Visitors will be able to find out about the history of the military and unique social collections. The museum opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. If you want to come, then you can go to Auckland Domain, Parnell, in Auckland.

You can also visit this museum in the summer. Visitors can take pictures on the outside of this museum because it has a distinctive architecture. The typical building design can be uploaded to social media.

The museum has several parts of the area in the form of documentary heritage, historical documents, and natural sciences. Visitors will be able to know a lot of history based on documentation and prehistoric relics.

7. Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's

The cute penguin animals that live in the poles can be seen by tourists at Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life. The place is open from Thursday to Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we leave it.

There are many types of tickets to be able to enjoy the various rides in it, such as General Admission Ticket, Platinum Annual Pass, Annual Pass Pre-Book, and Ticket Pre-Book.

The type of ticket that is most in demand is the General Admission Ticket. Visitors with these tickets can take pictures with sharks in the aquarium. There are at least 10 digital photos they offer using these tickets.

Meanwhile, the Platinum Annual Pass allows visitors to enter and leave with unlimited entry for 12 months. There are many sea animals, including penguins and sharks there.

8. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

Another museum that you can visit during winter is the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. The museum has 15,000 works of art and the artworks come from various well-known art institutions in New Zealand.

The museum first opened in 1887 and has undergone many transformations to its building. The building is home to artists who wish to display their artwork there.

Once a year, the museum holds an international exhibition. If you wish to come to the museum, you only need to visit Wellesley Street East in Auckland. This museum already supports visitors with special needs with wheelchairs.

Apart from the contents that attract the attention of visitors, the design of the building itself also attracts many tourists. The building design of the museum is in the French Renaissance style.

9. Visit the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial

Michael Joseph Savage is New Zealand’s 23rd prime minister. He is a politician who has devoted his life to the heading of the Forst Labor Government. He championed this policy from 6 December 1935 until his death.

In order to commemorate his services, the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial was built. He had cancer of the colon and it was discovered in 1983.

It’s just that he delayed getting colon cancer treatment and prefer to participate in the election campaign. Finally Savage died of cancer that he suffered in 1940.

Michael Joseph Savage is a politician who is quite admired by several other politicians. Eventually, he was buried at Bastion Point and a monument was made to remember him.

10. Come to The Civic

New Zealand had a cinema for the first time since 1929. People at that time could watch art performances. There are many art and music performances held at the venue.

Now the building has more than 2300 seats. Tourists can come to this place to see various shows and there are many tours that offer tourists coming to The Civic.

There are not so many things to do in Auckland in winter. So you don’t need to worry when you can only take a vacation in winter. Still, there are many types of fun activities that can provide an unforgettable experience together with your family or friends.

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