The Most Exciting Activities to Do in Barcelona At Night Time

Barcelona is a busy capital city in the Catalonia region of Spain, is known for its art and architecture. Moreover, Barcelona is a city with a million beauties to offer, known for its maze of streets with a long history that is interesting to explore things to do in Barcelona at night.

A city with famous modern landmarks by Antoni Gaudi’s design and the famous Sagrada Familia Church, dotting on a stunning city view.

You may have asked, what is the nightlife in Barcelona like and what activities are fun when night comes in Barcelona.

There are all kinds of fun activities in this city, Barcelona is nicknamed a Mediterranean temple, a home for the modernist movement and a final destination for tourists who come from parts of the world, a city that never sleeps with various attractions that are held every night, lively exciting nightlife.

Here are some types of activities recommended for you, the lively and unforgettable nightlife activity in Barcelona for those loving nights you’ve always wanted.

1. Amazing night experience at Casa Mila

One of the things to do in Barcelona at night is taking place at Casa Milà, a masterpiece of a non-religious Gaudi the last time, is Gaudi’s last non-religious work, is a luxury apartment block and its massive size, is the situation on Passeig de Gracia Boulevard which is elegant and luxurious. It is said that this place is a residence with the owner of the Cataluyna La Pedrera Foundation. 

During the day, you can visit this building which has a museum, apartments, even a bell, and the roof of Casa Mila. However, your visit will feel special when you visit this place at night, a perfect tour to Barcelona.When evening struck 8 pm, a tour immediately started with a tour guide in English, and a very knowledgeable guide. 

You will freely interact with other group members while the guide is explaining the various forms and functions of Casa Mila. As you climb the stairs to the attic, you will find the history and unique type of architecture of Casa Mila, which is also called La Pedrera or in English, it is called a stone quarry.

The highlight of the main night tour is a sound and light show, reflected onto the roof of Casa Mila, it is a show of Gaudi’s original earthly origins, an extraordinary show and you will be amazed to see Barcelona’s dazzling skyline on earth. evening. 

Some of the more amazing shows are indoors, these are the unforgettable ones you experience in Barcelona at night, especially in winter. This is one of the things to do in Barcelona at night you must try enjoying it.

2. Magical fountain of Montjuic

The fountain in Barcelona is a magical fountain where the show is divided into two slots and the schedule can change at any time, a Montjuic miracle fountain show that manages to attract the attention of an estimated 2.5 million people each year who want to get a closer look. It is the largest ornamental fountain show in the city, the result of the acclaimed Catalan architect Carles Buigas, built in 1929 dedicated to an international exhibition of the city of Barcelona.

using colorful lights that change every 30 minutes, accompanied by music and a multimedia designed fountain that looks absolutely stunning at night. This fountain show, very stunning things to do in Barcelona at night time, is held right near a Plaza Espana hotel, which is at the bottom of the stairs leading to the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

This is an absolutely delightful experience for anyone who sees it, this sight is perfect for tourists who bring children who always scream hysterically when they see the sight of this fountain.

This is a place that you must visit when you travel to Barcelona, it is highly recommended for you to check the show schedule considering that the show schedule always changes depending on the season. In the summer, this magical fountain show usually starts from 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm. 

This show is free of charge or free, so you can save your financial budget but still be entertained by this fountain show. Keep in mind that large crowds may not be avoided, so you need to come as early as possible so you can get a spot closer to this fountain.

3. Get immersed in an open-air concert at the park

Do you enjoy live music? If yes, you can visit a national park in Barcelona at night because you will be entertained by live music performances that are held in a park in Barcelona. This music concert is free of charge that you can enjoy in this city. 

The city government of Barcelona organizes this music concert regularly every year, is part of the entertainment for tourists who come to this city, a show that is very entertaining and free. This musical concert performance is often known as Musica als parcs, where these concerts are held in some of the best parks in the city of Barcelona such as the Parc de la ciutadella. 

You can imagine sitting under the sparkling stars along with the music of the city’s famous and talented musicians in various music genres such as jazz, classic, and even blues, making things to do in Barcelona at night you should consider attending. 

This music concert show does not follow a special schedule, meaning that music concerts can change from time to time due to several reasons such as the season and climatic conditions at that time. So, if you are traveling to Barcelona, it’s a good idea to check the schedule for this music concert performance beforehand.

4. Have dinner with a romantic view

If you are traveling to Barcelona and at the same time celebrating a special occasion and someone you love, maybe you are celebrating a birthday or just a date with your partner, a date dinner in a romantic atmosphere is the other things to do in Barcelona at night, very brilliant idea. In Barcelona, many good restaurants that offer unforgettable romantic night views such as Restaurante Mirabe, one of the most famous restaurants in Barcelona making it a perfect place for dinner with a stunning view. 

Restaurante Mirabé is one of the classy restaurants and is always packed with visitors every year, maybe you should make a reservation in advance to avoid running out of seats, a perfect place with a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the delicious food served from this restaurant after a full day of exploring. corners of the city as well as other tourist attractions in Barcelona.

In addition, Restaurante Mirabé is geographically located on a high hill in the Abenida Tibidao area which is right overlooking the heartbreaking views of the city of Barcelona. Restaurante Mirabé has floor-to-ceiling windows with a very large balcony area, allowing you to wade through the romantic atmosphere for a very memorable dinner with someone you love. 

In addition, Restaurante Mirabé is highly recommended and one of the best restaurants to visit in Barcelona especially at night.

5. Enjoy watching a movie at an incredible open-air cinema

Who doesn’t enjoy movies? Almost everyone loves watching movies. If you visit Barcelona in the summer, you are very lucky that you will have the opportunity to watch outdoor cinemas in some of the most beautiful spots in the city of Barcelona.

One of the most famous is the Sala MontjuÏc open-air cinema. This outdoor cinema show, held around July and August, is centered on a garden of Montjuc Castle, and has managed to steal the attention of film lovers who are spending warm summer evenings.

This outdoor cinema is one of other things to do in Barcelona at night, apart from being held at Sala MontjuÏc, it is also held on a gorgeous beach in Barcelona, Sant Sebastià, where the cinema Lliure seduces cinema-goers that is famous for some incredible indie films.

Bear in mind that the schedule for this open-air cinema show varies greatly and does not follow a regular schedule, you should check the schedule and do your research first.

6. Enjoy a wonderful sunset trip on a cruise ship

If your trip to Barcelona this time is a special holiday like a honeymoon, joining a romantic sunset sailing tour is highly recommended. This is the best thing that you will remember throughout your life with your partner.

There are several time slots that you can take, for example, a sunset tour with a duration of 2 hours on a cruise ship with a stunning view of the high seas and a beautiful sunset view on the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, you will be entertained by very friendly waiters who are always ready to accompany your vacation experience on this cruise ship with several snacks and classy drinks.

More surprisingly, you have the opportunity to pilot the boat yourself. This stunning sunset tour usually departs from Port Vell Barcelona, and is becoming alternative things to do in Barcelona at night.

With so many kinds of fun activities at night in Barcelona, one of the reasons you shouldn’t sleep early. Make sure you plan your trip to Barcelona in the best possible way for an unforgettable experience.

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