The Top Ten Most Famous Places in Denmark to Visit for Your Holiday

Denmark becomes one of the most – visited country across the Scandinavia’s European countries because of its numerous magnificent architectural buildings, fairy – tale castles, stunning beaches, dense forests and friendly local people. Denmark is a Nordic country that located in the northern side of Europe.

In Denmark, people are prefer to ride a bike rather than car. Besides, as a tourist, taking a bicycle is definitely a great way to explore this picturesque city. As a maritime nation, there are a lot of beautiful beaches that are located between North and Baltic sea ready to explore.

1. Tivoli Gardens

For those who want to get to Tivoli Gardens from Copenhagen Airport (CPH), there are four transportation modes available. You can choose bus, train, taxi, town car or by foot. 

It only takes for about 16 minutes to get to Tivoli Gardens by train from the airport. But if you want to get to Tivoli Gardens while enjoying the picturesque city, then you can walk for approximately 7.7 km.

In order to get inside the Tivoli Gardens, you must prepare for about 135 DKK to buy an entrance ticket. This ticket price only applies from Monday to Friday while on the weekend, you must prepare 145 DKK. 

The ticket price might quite expensive, but it is understandable since Tivoli Gardens is the symbol of Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens becomes one of the most famous places in Denmark for its iconic architectural design. There are many attractive attractions available in Tivoli Gardens from roundabouts, roller coaster, puppet theaters, gardens, cafes, restaurant, pavilions and many more. 

You can also visit the concert hall with Moorish-styles architectural design.

2. National Museum of Denmark

From Tivoli Gardens, you can reach National Museum of Denmark by foot. It only needs for about 10 minutes stroll since the location of Nationalmuseet or National Museum of Denmark is very close to the gardens. 

There are many exhibitions you can enjoy around the museum. The stunning artifact collections which are the remains of Danish culture being displayed in the museum.

Here you can also see the sun chariot which is already 2000 years old. There are also Gothic and Romanesque church trimmings as well as Danish silver and traditional porcelain. 

Highlight clothing which was popular back in the 18th to 19th centuries in Denmark is also displayed in the museum.

The best thing about National Museum of Denmark is that this museum is children friendly so that children will have a lot things to do in the Children’s Museum. National Museum of Denmark is located at Prince’s Mansion, Ny Vestergade 10, Copenhagen.

3. Frederiksborg Palace

Frederiksborg Palace is located in the middle of a lake which make this palace surrounded by magnificent natural views. This ancient architectural building hosts the Museum of National History of Denmark. 

The stunning Frederiksborg Palace was built since the 17th century. This castle was meant to be the residence for King Christian IV, one of the most popular monarchs in Denmark.

You can walk around the Frederiksborg Palace and enjoy the numerous collection of ancient artworks. All part of the castle’s halls are available for the tourists. 

While you are enjoying the magnificent architectural design inside of the castle, don’t forget to stop by at the gardens. The gardens provide the visitors with the best views of the entire castle.

You can visit the far side of the gardens by crossing the lake using boat. From the far side of the gardens, the complete beautifulness of Frederiksborg Palace can be enjoyed fully. 

No wonder that this castle becomes one of the most famous places in Denmark.

4. Nyhavn

If we are talking about most famous places in Denmark, then surely Nyhavn will pop up in your mind. Nyhavn which is also known as New Harbor is the iconic images of the capital city in Denmark. 

Many Denmark’s postcards will use Nyhavn as their images. Nyhavn is surrounded by multi – colored buildings which make the view very iconic.

Nyhavn is located near the Amalienborg Palace. Back in the day, Nyhavn was only a lousy stretch of dockland, but major renovated that had been given to this area make Nyhavn as one of the most iconic tourist spots in Copenhagen. Strolling in Nyhavn, you can experience a slice of Copenhagen café vibes. 

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes available here that serves food with local cuisine.

5. Oresund Bridge

The Oresund Bridge opened in 2000 and since that day, almost 17,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day. The bridge was designed by Denmark famous architecture, Dissing and Weitling. 

This bridge lies across the Oresund strait that has approximately 16 km or 10 miles long.

The Oresund Bridge connects two important metropolitan areas between Denmark and Sweden. They are the Swedish city of Malmo and the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen.

The Oresund Bridge can be seen clearly from the top for those who are flying in to the Copenhagen airport.

Therefore, Oresund Bridge plays a great role for tourist in Denmark that want to go to Sweden since it is a convenient gateway for most visitors. Oresund Bridge becomes one of the most famous places in Denmark which attract many people to come for the experience of crossing the bridge only. 

This bridge is a combination of road for motorway and a railway.

6. The Little Mermaid

If you are eager to see what the little mermaid looks alike, then the statue of The Little Mermaid located on the rock at the harbor of Copenhagen will surely satisfy your wish. Many visitors come to the Copenhagen harbor are curious to see directly the iconic statue of the city. 

It is actually a small size statue compare to the common size of statue.

The statue only has 175 kg weighs and 1.25 meters high. The Little Mermaid statue was designed by Edward Eriksen in order to commemorate the success of a play named a Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. 

Since the statue being built in 1913, it has several times lost her head. But fortunately, the statue’s head has been recovered each time it was broken.

Because of the continuous vandalism acts toward the statue, the Copenhagen officials plan to move the statue out from the Copenhagen harbor. Besides, many tourists try to climb onto it which make the historical statue in danger of become broken.

7. Den Gamle By

For those who are lovers of history, then visiting Den Gamle By in the city of Aarhus surely will satisfy your wish. Den Gamle By is an open air museum which becomes one of the most famous places in Denmark tourists will not want to miss. 

Den Gamle By was built in 1909 and has plenty of ancient history collections of Denmark.

There are up to 100 historical items collected from the country are exhibited in this open air museum. What makes this museum becomes so special is not only because of its plenty of collections, but also because of its unusual design for museum. 

The architectural design of Den Gamle By museum was made to resemble the old village during Hans Christian Andersen’s lifetime.

8. Kronborg Castle

The Kronborg Castle is situated at Kronborg 2 C, 3000 Helsinger, Denmark. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is no wonder that Kronborg Castle becomes one of the most famous places in Denmark you don’t want to miss during your visit. 

This castle is even listed as the top tourist spot on Helsingor’s must – see places.

Kronborg Castle is surely a stunning renaissance castle in Denmark which was once a home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is also one of Northern Europe’s well – preserved castle until now. 

The castle has been undergone several renovations since the time it was built. One of the major renovation was in 1924. 

The Castle Chapel is located in the south wing which has survived a fire.

9. Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle is situated at Egeskov Gade 18, DK – 5772, Kvarnstrup, Denmark. This brick red castle lies in a beautiful natural landmark in Karnstrup city. 

Egeskov castle is one of the well – preserved moat – castle across the Europe. The amazing Renaissance structure as the visitors can see today was originally built as defense purposes.

For many years, this castle has undergone several major renovation. The grounds opened to public firstly in 1959.

10. Skagen Beaches

As we all know that Denmark is a maritime country which has up to five thousand miles of coastline, so it is no wonder that Denmark has numerous magnificent beaches you could ever imagine. Skagen Beaches are one of the most famous places in Denmark which attract many people, both local and international tourists, come to enjoy the magnificent coastline.

There are many reasons that make people love to visit Skagen Beaches. The shoreline of Skagen is particularly beautiful, with an extraordinarily peaceful atmosphere. The beaches area in Skagen are perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, or just playing. 

Many people choose to do water sports on the beaches such as swimming and diving since it has relatively gentle waves.

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