Top 10 Most Famous Places in Barcelona for Tourists

Barcelona is a dream destination for many visitors. It has all needed by the tourists. Starting from the nice weather with outstanding beaches and gorgeous mountains, Barcelona is also filled with a lot of attractions like performances, sports, leisure, and of course cuisine. One thing that makes Barcelona as the famous destination for tourists is the easy access. 

People can easily go from one place to another with convenient transportations. Besides, the history behind the monuments and other tremendous buildings makes Barcelona a must-visit place. The buildings are gorgeous and different from other buildings’ design and they attract many architects to visit.

Millions of visitors are coming each year to have a wonderful sight-seeing. Some of them are solo travelers and some of them are couples or family. They can choose any activities that they want as Barcelona offers many things from adventure to great night life. 

If you want to visit this place, make sure you go to the top 10 most famous places in Barcelona to get the whole experience.

1. Barcelona FC Museum

When you first think about Barcelona, football must be in your mind. There are many football lovers come each year to Barcelona FC Museum to see the history of football in Barcelona. You can see pictures, trophies, statues of great players, and many more. 

It is a must-see museum for football lovers and even though you are not into football, this museum is really worth to visit. That is why it has to be the first pick as one of the most famous places in Barcelona.

2. Park Güell

Park Güell is one the most famous places in Barcelona that you need to visit. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, you can see the house where he lived before. There are also stone structures and colorful ceramic tiles. 

It is free to enter this park, but you need to pay some money when you want to enter the “Monumental Area.” It is perfect to visit this park when you go to Barcelona with family and kids because they can play around this area.

3. Picasso Museum

You need to not miss this place because you can see the beautiful paintings of Picasso arranged nicely in this museum. The arrangement is pleasing as they took order displaying the paintings from early days to his last work. 

While you are walking through the museum and witness the improvement in Picasso’s paintings, you can also realize the difference in his work from time to time. Witnessing the difference of thinking of the artist can be really interesting for some people. This is the best place chosen as one of the most famous places in Barcelona for painting lovers and Picasso’s fans.

4. Miro Museum

The next museum that you need to visit is Miro Museum. As one of the most famous places in Barcelona, the attraction is in its collection of Joan Miro’s works. 

The collections are a lot and they are varied from paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and even sketches. Record his works from 1914, many people are amazed by his amazing works.

5. Barcelona Cathedral

It is time to see the beautiful building in Barcelona by visiting Barcelona Cathedral. It is officially known as the Holy Cross and Saint Eulaila, it has a Gothic design. 

The entire church has towers and spires up reaching the sky. It is one of the most famous places in Barcelona because people can shop gifts at many gift shops around this area.

6. Placa de Catalunya

Do you want to go to the center of the city? Then you need to visit Place de Catalunya. It is chosen as one of the most famous places in Barcelona because it is the place where people come out together, meet friends, hang out with family, and even go on a date. 

Besides having a nice walk, you can also shop at the nearby stores. You can sit on a grass while having your lunch with your date, friends, or family here. The weather is nice and you can also take good pictures here.

7. Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is sure the one that you must visit. It has proven as one of the most famous places in Barcelona as it has attracted almost 2.8 million visitors each year. It is a basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi. 

As a Catalan architect, you can easily see it from his design which is large and intricate. One interesting thing about this basilica is that its construction is fully funded by donations, just as Antoni Gaudi intended. The first construction was in 1882 and now it hasn’t finished yet. The plan is that it will be finished in the next 30 years.

What people can learn from this basilica is that the design is a combination of Gothis, Arat Nouveau, and Catalan Modernism. Gaudi doesn’t like straight line and it can be seen clearly on his design with the uneven lines of the spires. Besides its unique design, people are also attracted by the religious symbolism in this building.

Visitors are able to see a small museum within the building and they can see drawings and scale models of the construction plan of the basilica. More and more people are coming each year to visit Sagrada Familia as people can see the improvement of its construction. People also anticipate a lot to the finish work of the building.

8. Casa Batlo

Another masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi’s work is Casa Batlo. It is a building with mish-mash colors and unique design as one of the most famous places in Barcelona. In one part, the onion-like dome makes people remember the design of a mosque. 

In other parts, people can see lots of sculptures and wavy tiled roof line. Many people call it “house of bone” because there are many jaws found on one sculpture. It is a very unique design and many architects are interested to study it.

9. La Rambla

It is one of the most famous places in Barcelona as people can easily see the hustling side of the city in these streets. Some people call it La Ramblas because there are series of streets in this area. 

Each street has its own different feel and people like to explore each of them. It is the heaven for visitors because they can see many attractions here like street performers, restaurants, bars, and even the famous Boqueria Market. This place is pleasing to the eyes.

10. Font Magica

Just like its name, it is like a magic fountain that is really wonderful. People are fascinated by the display of the water, light, and music when the fountain is activated. There are many visitors each year as it is a big show. It was constructed for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. 

It is located below the Palau Nacional and when the fountain starts its show, the Palau Nacional is illuminated, creating a wonderful view. Many couples visit this place because it gives a romantic feel. Having a romantic dinner with the beautiful night view will be the most unforgettable moment for couples. This place is indeed one of the most famous places in Barcelona.

Besides those top 10 most famous places in Barcelona, you can still add other places on your list. Barcelona is a place to explore and it can be a waste if you only visit few places. Take the chance of your time in Barcelona to experience the city more.

If you want to get more convenience along your trip, it is better to book accommodations early. You can plan your trip from day one to the very end day to make the trip arranged well. Make sure you read all the information about the tourism spots to make you able to decide which places you want to visit the most.

You can plan the trip with the experience that you want to get, whether you want to know the history, doing leisure, study the design, or spending your time shopping. With that, the trip will be more memorable.

If it is needed, it will be great to find a guide to guide you along the way and to explain the places that you visit. You will be able to learn the history as well enjoy the visit. A guide can be really helpful when you want to find the local cuisine or experience the real culture of the place that might not be put in a tourism brochure.

At last, find your own moment of traveling with the most famous places in Barcelona. It is a place that you will love, remember, and want to come back to again. People are enjoying the complete package of attractions and the beauty of the nature and buildings in Barcelona. The cuisine is also delicious and it will please your tongue. 

Some traditional cuisines are so unique and many people are blown away with that. Street performers are so passionate that makes tourists really enjoy it. Make sure to take pictures or videos in Barcelona to capture every of your moments there.

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