Top 10 Amazing Hidden Waterfalls in Australia

Australia is a big massive country with variety of tourism spots. Many people are coming over and over to this country to see Australia’s natural beauty, from the beaches, mountains, national parks, and many more. 

Not forgetting the beautiful buildings and entertainment offered for tourists, making Australia the vacation destination you do not want to miss.

If you like to explore the nature, especially related to activity in the water, visiting waterfall will be a perfect choice. There are many waterfalls spread throughout Australia that you can choose to visit. 

Some waterfalls are remote and some others are easy to reach. Do not miss the chance to visit the top 10 hidden waterfalls in Australia while you are visiting this country.

1. Josephine Falls

This is a picturesque waterfall people do not want to miss. You might have seen Australia but entering Josephine Falls, it seems that you go to another part of the world. It is very popular for people who like to post pictures on social media because of its magnificent beauty. 

It is located in Tropical North Queensland and it is not too far, so you can easily find this place. If you want to swim in this area, make sure you read the sign carefully because there are restricted swimming areas.

2. Milla Milla Falls

Milla Milla Falls is located in the Tablelands region and it is surrounded by green rainforest. If you want to visit this place, it only takes 45 minutes outside of Cairns. Milla Milla Falls is popular for its beauty that people often use it as the backdrop for advertisements and even music videos. 

It is very famous as people can easily be united with nature just by seeing the waterfall. One interesting thing about this waterfall is the crystal clear of the water and if the visitors are lucky, they can spot n elusive platypus. It must have been amazing to spot such a rare animal on one of the hidden waterfalls in Australia.

3. Florence Falls

Florence Falls is one of the hidden waterfalls in Australia that people really love because they can go swimming anytime here. The plunge pool of the waterfall is open all year round, making people easily have a swim here. 

Visiting this waterfall is easy, just an hour and a half from Darwin, located in the Litchfield National Park. It looks like hidden because it is full of remote rock pools and there are nearby walks offering vantage points. Your trip to this waterfall will be unforgotten for sure.

4. Dip Falls

As one of the amazing hidden waterfalls in Australia, Dip Falls is really special because people can feel the mist drifting from the water. It is very beautiful and refreshing at the same time. It is located 3 hours from the Launceston by car. 

You can reach this place after a short walk from the Dip Falls Reserve car park. Even though it is at the remote location, many visitors are coming every year, but the peak season is on winter (June to August). You can easily spot the amazing view from the top of the falls.

5. Mackenzie Falls

It is located over 3 hours from Melbourne and it is very popular as one of the hidden waterfalls in Australia because the water flowing year-round, sending water to the deep pool below. People can go to this place after walking through the one-kilometer path from the Mackenzie car park. 

You can continue the path by walking through the steep trail down to the base of the Mackenzie Falls. Prepare your body as you need for about 30 minutes to reach the base. The view is breathtaking and your hard work to reach the base will be paid for sure. Take an amazing picture here with your couple or family.

6. King George Falls

It is located in the Western Australia’s Kimberley region and the only one way access to reach it is via expedition cruise departing from Broome. You need to book your place in one of the area’s tour companies and take the chance to see the gorgeous scenery of the King George Falls. 

The magnificent high cliff faces the twin King George Falls is really beautiful and it will blow your mind. Be ready for a package tour as they usually offer 8 to 14-day-cruise to King George Falls and other tourism spots.

7. Russell Falls

Russell Falls is located in Tasmania. When it comes to Tasmania, you need to let go of your convenience and try to explore the nature more. Tasmania is home of the diverse nature and beauty and you need to not miss the chance to see it. Russell Falls is definitely one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls in Australia that you need to visit as it has white water flow and you can spot the glow worms at night. 

You can see no other scenery like in Russell Falls for sure. Reaching this place is easy. You just need to go over an hour west of Hobart and you can spot the waterfall easily. The beautiful scenery is amazing and that is why this place is very popular for tourists who want to find the perfect hidden waterfall.

8. Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls is another list on hidden waterfalls in Australia that you need to visit as it offers a crystal clear water of waterholes ready for you to dive into. It is located in Victoria and it is not hard to reach the destination. 

You need to remember that Victoria is a place known for the road trips, national parks, spas, surfing, arts, fashion and food, and bushwalking. You need to not miss the chance and explore Victoria together with Erskine Falls to get the most unforgettable moment here. Find your perfect time and spend some more days here to do some leisure and fun activities.

9. Fitzroy Falls

It is one of the state’s grandest falls and many people are visiting this place to get the experience of exploring the nature. Fitzroy Falls is located in the Southern Highlands, for about 2-hour drive from either Sydney or Canberra. 

The wilderness is something that you do not want to miss and if you go the East Rim walking tracks, you will be able to see the beautiful lookouts over the treetops, but if you decide to take the West Rim walking tracks, you will be served with gorges and streams. The amazing experience of exploring the wilderness is something you will miss when you go the Fitzroy Falls, one of the most hidden waterfalls in Australia.

10. Wattamolla Falls

Wattamolla Falls is located in the Royal National Park, for about 50 minutes from Sydney by car. “Wattamolla” is actually an Aboriginal word that means “place near running water.” The same as its name, it is a place near the falls and there is lagoon below the rock ledge. 

The Wattamolla Falls is calm and peaceful and many people like to go to this place for healing and feel the nature. You can easily swim here as the water is clear and it is quite safe. Moreover, you can spend some time after the swim with relaxing near the falls or going for a bush walk. You can also have your lunch here with your family after exploring the surrounding area. It is one of the relaxing falls among the hidden waterfalls in Australia.

Spending time with family will never be enough and while you are on your vacation, visiting hidden waterfalls in Australia will be a new experience because you can see the variety of landscape, plants, and animals along the way. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of rocks and waterfalls. 

This is something that you do not see often in your daily life. You can also have a relaxing time swimming with your family while breathing the fresh air. You will be blown away with the calming effect of nature and the sounds offered.

While you are in Australia, it will be better to explore more by visiting more tourism spots. Australia offers many things from delicacy food to beautiful wilderness. You can book a package tour to explore hidden nature more and witness the beauty of Australia. Make sure you plan your trip well to be able to catch the nature of Australia at its finest place.

It is not only the beauty nature that Australia has. Of course beside the hidden waterfalls in Australia that you must visit, this country also offers beautiful scenery of some historical buildings. Take your time to explore more while learning about the history of the country through the buildings. You will be amazed by the improvement of the technology here that it can be shown through the daily life of the people. 

Not only it has a fast improvement of technology, the culture of Australia is also shown through music, opera, TV shows, drama, and many more. Take your time to explore around with the tour package that you like.

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