7 Hidden Waterfalls in Austin You Cannot Miss

When people talk about Austin, they will talk about its beauty. It is one of the cities in Texas that has tremendous view. The city is like no other cities in Texas as it has all it takes for visitors, from the cowboys, pots, artists, hippies, beautiful beaches, parks, hiking and biking trails, and of course waterfalls. 

People can easily see the outstanding landscape of Austin when they visit this city. Waterfalls have become the main attractions for many tourists because of their beauty and people can chill out and do popular sports. Waterfalls are so popular among locals of Austin and international tourists.

With the beauty landscape surrounding the waterfalls in Austin, people usually go there with family to do picnicking, swimming, or just spending their time near the waterfall and chill out. 

These waterfalls are crowded on weekends when usually families spend their holiday. When you want to visit this place, make sure to see 7 hidden waterfalls in Austin to create an unforgettable memory. These hidden waterfalls are too beautiful to miss to visitors.

1. Hamilton Pool Preserve

This waterfall is located a little at the outskirts of Austin. You can reach this place after a few minutes driving from the city. As it does not take much time, usually people go to this waterfall first. For your first destination, you can plan your trip with having a breakfast at this place. 

This is the perfect spot to enjoy your meal while breathing fresh air and watching the beautiful scenery. Taking some pictures will be great to remember every moment there. The stream of the waterfall goes down to the swimming hole which is about 50 meters high. One interesting thing about this waterfall is that it doesn’t dry up. 

Usually the waterfall is affected by the season but the swimming hole below it always has enough water. When you visit this place, make sure to read the sign because swimming is not always allowed, mainly because of rainfall level and the bacteria. 

But when you see the sign that you are allowed to swim, take the chance to swim and feel the freshness of the water. You must not want to miss this opportunity to explore one of the hidden waterfalls in Austin.

2. McKinney Falls

This is one of the hidden waterfalls in Austin people do not want to miss because of its adventure offered. Compared to other waterfalls in Austin, McKinney Falls is suitable for a big crowd and even though there are many people visiting this place at the same time, it seems to have sufficient space. 

There are many adventurous activities that people can enjoy here, such as fishing, swimming, camping, and even hiking. You are free to set up the tent and do activities that you like. To make it even more convenient, there are several picnic tables available for people who would like to enjoy their food. Also, for you who would like to ask for help, there is several staff that you can seek for.

3. St. Edwards Park

If you try to find a place for healing and relaxing, St. Edwards Park is the perfect place. This waterfall offers beautiful scenery for you. You will be amazed by the nature and how it has been preserved well. 

There are well-maintained trails along the way to the waterfall that will make you easier to reach the destination. Also, there are some shades along the way to protect you from the sun and to take a rest for a while when you are tired from hiking. Take the chance to have a nice talk with your buddy to get closer and to know each other more here.

4. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is very popular as one of the hidden waterfalls in Austin as local and international tourists often visit this place. It has no surprise that many people want to visit this waterfall because it is quite easy to reach the destination without a long hike. 

It is around 3.7 mile round trip and that makes people convenient to take their children, couple, family, and friends. If you want to swim here, there is a swimming hole below the waterfall. People usually jump, swim, or just play with the water here. 

But you need to be aware when you bring your kids because there are some spots that are too deep so they are not safe. Make sure you choose shallow water when you bring your kids to swim. Usually people go to this place right after the rainfall because the water is abundant and the entire place turns green.

5. Man-Mad Waterfall in Mueller

The scenic waterfall is perfect to spend time relaxing while fishing. The man-made waterfall from stones is so gorgeous and there are some trees and bushes that complete the beautiful scenery. 

You can bring your own chair while fishing and chatting with your friends or family here. As the water hole is shallow, your kids can play in the water safely. Get the experience of visiting one of the hidden waterfalls in Austin.

6. Waterfall Outside the Salt Lake BBQ Restaurant

This is one of the hidden waterfalls in Austin that you need to visit for sure. Located outside the Salt Lake BBQ Restaurant, you can easily see the beautiful waterfall here. There are some big stairs for people to sit down and enjoy the scenery. 

Right before the waterfall, there is fence to avoid children fall down. People usually spend their time here relaxing on the stairs while watching the gorgeous waterfall. If you want to, you can also bring your food here.

7. Sculpture Falls

Sculpture Falls is really special among other hidden waterfalls in Austin because it is pet-friendly. People having cats or dogs can freely bring their pets here to just walk around or even swim. This waterfall is part of the Barton Creek Greenbelt and usually it is very crowded during summer as people want to cool down by swimming here. 

The hike is 2.5 miles long but once you arrive there, you will be served with the outstanding view and secluded swimming hole which is perfect for swimming and refreshing. Locals know this place really well, proven by the crowded place during summer where they bring their kittens and puppies to swim along with them here.

Besides those wonderful hidden waterfalls in Austin, there are many more attractions that you can do during your visit in Austin. The beautiful landscape is the main attraction in Austin, yet you can plan your trip with many activities, like hiking, biking, visiting historical places, and many more. 

If you like adventure, getting your adventurous moments can start with your plan. It can be necessary to join a tour package if you know nothing about Austin and you want to choose adventure package. But, if you are a professional traveler, then planning your adventure on your own can be fun.

For those who like to experience culinary world in Austin, try to have the barbeque as it is very delicious. In certain places, you need to be in line to get your order, but do not worry as it is worthy. The taste is like no other because it has special ingredients from Austin. Your taste will be delighted for sure.

Austin is about exploring the wild. Make sure you make advantage of your time here by exploring every special part of Austin. There are places offering to see flora and fauna of Austin that you need not to miss for sure. You can see the original plants and animals here and be amazed by the diversity. This can be perfect to spend time with family and children.

The last one, make sure to experience cowboy in Austin. As a part of Texas, make sure you not miss this cowboy experience. There are many places that offer such experience and you can choose any that you like. You need to know how it feels riding a horse with a cowboy hat at least once in a lifetime. Take a chance to cherish the moment by taking picture while you are riding a horse.

Before heading to Austin, make sure you plan your trip well, especially for visiting 7 hidden waterfalls in Austin. Some places might be open and some others might be not due to weather. You need also to calculate the right time in order to be able to enjoy the scenery as well as do swimming and even bringing your pets. 

If you plan your trip well, you will be able to enjoy your vacation there. It is better to have a stay in Austin for several days so you will be able to explore the nature more. Also, you will be able to do more activities on your visit here. It will be a waste if you only plan a short vacation in Austin because Austin is about beauty and nature and you need more time to grab all of it.

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