Top 10 Most Iconic Places In London For Tourists

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are many great places for tourists to visit such as museums, galleries, theatres, palaces, shopping centers, etc. London delivers old historical buildings to new modern buildings for the visitors to see. 

The range of attractions are varied for people who seek the adventure, nightlife, shopping experience, and watching the cultural spots, and that what makes London a great place to visit. For some cultural spots, people can be charged to be able to go in, but some others can be entered freely. 

People can also use the White Pass Card to be able to go to several cultural spots like museums and galleries that lasts from 3-7 days. They have to pay several amounts of money as a package and that benefits them as the price is cheaper compared to paying separately for each place. 

It is more convenient to buy this kind of pass card for many visitors. If you find it hard to choose, here are top 10 of most iconic places in London to visit:

1. Buckingham Palace

This is the most popular place to visit in London as it is the most iconic building that represents London. Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and it has been the Royal Family residence in London. 

People might be able to see the members of the Royal Family sometimes when they emerge on the balcony. People can notice that the Queen is there by looking at the flagpole on top on the building. If it’s flying, it means she is there.

Aside from looking at the building and the chance to see the Royal Family, one of the big attractions of Buckingham Palace is the Changing of the Guard. It can be seen at 11:30 and people usually gather in the crowd to watch it together. The Changing of the Guard is done with marching and music which makes it more attractive.

As one of the most iconic places to visit in London, people must be curious to see what is inside the Buckingham Palace and they can purchase tickets to have tours to the Queen’s Gallery, State Rooms, and the Royal Mews when the Queen is away, usually when she goes to her summer palace in Scotland.

2. The British Museum

The British Museum is chosen as one of the most iconic places to visit in London because of the various collections of antiquities from Europe, China, Babylonia, Assyria, and other places. People can watch Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, the Egyptian mummies, the Rosetta Stone, the Mildenhall Treasure, etc.

Aside from watching the antiquities, people can also shop for books at bookshop ranging from archaeology, arts, history, ancient stories, etc. For you who like to learn several skills, there is variety of lectures and workshops offered by the British Museum. No need to walk far when you are hungry and thirsty as there are many restaurants and cafes around.

3. National Gallery

It is time to visit the outstanding art museum in London. The National Gallery beautifully exhibits Child by Leonardo da Vinci, The Entombment by Michelangelo, Sunflowers by Van Gogh, The Water-Lily Pond by Monet, Venus and Mars by Botticelli, and many more. 

Located in the City of Westminster, in Central London, National Gallery is known as the greatest collection of paintings in the world. You cannot miss the opportunity to visit one of the most iconic places in London because you will be amazed by the beauty of the paintings and the story lies in every painting. You do not have to pay to enter this gallery as it is opened free for everyone.

4. The Tower Of London

This is one of the most iconic places in London that you cannot miss because it is a historic castle. It has been a royal residence, prison, and also a fortress, but now it is mostly used to keep the Crown Jewels and Royal Armouries. 

It used to be the royal residence with several building set built in 1078. People can explore this place when it is open from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 am – 9 pm and on Sunday from 2 pm – 5 pm. It is better to visit this place during week days as it is very crowded on weekends. It is very close to Tower Bridge and you can easily have a great view after a few walks towards the River Thames.

5. London Eye

You deserve to enjoy the most unforgettable experience in your visit to London by going to London Eye. This is a gigantic Ferris wheel situated on the south bank of River Thames. You need to pay for only 22.45 GBP and you will be able to enter this place and enjoy the best views of the city. 

You can visit this place any day from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm. People usually call this place as Millennium Wheel and it is one of the most iconic places in London to visit. You can also create a romantic moment with your couple when you enjoy the ride while seeing the beautiful night view of the city.

6. Parliament And the Big Ben

This is for sure is one of the most iconic places in London. Who doesn’t know Big Ben? It is a really famous landmark in London. This giant clock, known as the time signal for BBC, is the third-tallest free-standing clock tower in the world. Even though it is not open for tourists, people can see the amazing scenery of its structure.

Below it is the iconic Houses of Parliament. Stretching along the River Thames, this is a place of Britain’s government once occupied by William the Conqueror. Besides its historical structure, people can also enjoy real-time debates in this place. It is perfect for you who enjoy and want to learn more about politics.

7. The Victoria And Albert Museum

This is another must-see museum for you as it has kept art and artifacts spanning some 5,000 years. People usually call this museum as V&A. There are many sections in this museum as it is about 13 acres and contains 145 galleries. 

You will not be able to visit all of the sections in one go and it is better to divide the sections day per day. The V&A exhibits textiles and costumes, sculpture, prints, photos, ironwork, textiles and costumes, and many more, but the main arrangements included Asia, Fashion, Glass, and Word and Image. For you who like to enjoy culinary, you can try to have fun on one of their programs, “Friday Late.” 

It is a program held every month on the last Friday on the calendar, popular for its late-night exhibition openings and food and drink offered. Enjoy your visit at this museum as it is one of the most iconic places in London.

8. The Shard

This 1.016 feet tall building located in 32 London Bridge Street is one of the most iconic places in London. It was first opened in 2012 and it has been one of the most-visited landmarks in London. It has got its popularity because of its outstanding structure. 

The Shard, like its name, has a design resemblance to a shard of glass. People who like to enjoy a fascinating landmark followed by convenience can enjoy the stay at Shangri-La Hotel. You will be able to have a nice rest and of course great meals as there are three superb restaurants here. 

With 95 stories, you can choose your room to be able to enjoy the nice view. Even if you do not want to stay at the hotel, you are still able to enjoy the view at the upper-most levels with indoor and outdoor viewing platform.

9. Westminster Abbey

Another iconic landmark in London is Westminster Abbey which is associated with British royalty. It was founded by Edward the Confessor in 1065. Its first function was as the place of interment but later it is popular as a place for Royal Weddings. People also call it officially as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster. Because of its Gothic architecture, it has succeeded gathering over a million visitors each year.

10. Hyde Park

The last one in the top 10 most iconic places in London is Hyde Park. It covers 350 acres and it the largest open space in London. It has been opened to public since 1635 and many people have visited this place throughout the year. 

Some memorials, fountains, and statues are there for people to see and take pictures. You can also watch people having a speech at the Speech’s Corner. Another attraction is the Rose Garden where you can see roses mixed with herbaceous planting. 

Smell the sensational strong scents of the flowers to relax your mind. If you bring your children, it is a perfect place as there are Children’s Playgrounds to play and explore. Do not forget to have a virtual tour of the Crystal Palace and admire its beauty. If you do not want to take it, try to experience sports and leisure like games of Frisbee, boating, horse riding, etc.

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