8 Exciting Things of What to do in Ubud with Family

When people talk about Austin, they will talk about its beauty. It is one of the cities in Texas that has tremendous view. The city is like no other cities in Texas as it has all it takes for visitors, from the cowboys, pots, artists, hippies, beautiful beaches, parks, hiking and biking trails, and of course waterfalls. 

People can easily see the outstanding landscape of Austin when they visit this city. Waterfalls have become the main attractions for many tourists because of their beauty and people can chill out and do popular sports. Waterfalls are so popular among locals of Austin and international tourists.

If you’re planning on a trip to Bali, Indonesia, as your next family vacation adventure, don’t forget to visit the city of Ubud.  Located in the center of Bali Island, Ubud is one of the mainstay cities in Bali, very suitable for a family vacation.  

There is no doubt that this city will bring an amazing and unforgettable journey for the whole family, younger kids to older adults.  Ubud is indeed having the most beautiful atmosphere on the island, not only beautiful and relaxing, but it is truly a family friendly city.

In the meantime, you can decide what to do in Ubud with family from the 8 list of things to do down below.  The list will surely be fun for the whole family to enjoy.  Hence, find the things to do as the city caters adventure tours to more moderate and relaxed activities for anyone in your family to explore, as follows:

Swing Away at Bali Swing Ubud

Going on a vacation with the whole family feels less exciting if you don’t do things that are a little bit extreme or to test your adrenaline, especially if you vacation with super active teenagers.  

One of the newest recreational places located in a beautiful green village area, right next to Ubud that is currently a trend and will definitely be a suitable “what to do in Ubud with family” type of things to go to is the Bali Swing. 

At Bali Swing, you get to swing away as you swing higher and enjoy the swings with different heights.  At the different heights, you will get to see amazing views of the green valley and the river, as well as the forest area that is overgrown by coconut trees.  In the meantime, there are 15 swings with a height of 10 to 78 meters to choose from, perfect for anyone in your family who loves adventure and extreme activities.

Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest is a sacred sanctuary that is included in the list of what to do in Ubud with family.  Why?  Because the monkey forest is an iconic and unique tourism place that represents the impression of Ubud as a whole.  Thus, the forest is a protected area, since there is a sacred Balinese Hindu temple, known as Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal located inside the sanctuary.

Therefore, the hundreds of monkeys who lived there are protected by the city who will come down to interact with visitors every single day.  As you stroll around the monkey forest, there are two temple buildings to visit in this area.  The first temple, which is used as a playground for the monkeys, while the other temple is bigger and is used as a place of worship by the local residents.

Tegalalang Terraced Rice Fields

The next on the list of what to do in Ubud with family is perfect for nature lovers.  At this tourist object, you and your family will get to see the real scenery of Ubud and Bali in general. 

 At the Tegalalang terraced rice fields, your whole family can enjoy the large green spaces of rice fields as it is soothing and stunning to the eyes, and is also perfect for picture taking or as they call it a very “Instagrammable” spot.  

Here, your teenagers would definitely love to take pictures of the natural scenery and post them on their social media.  Hence, the rice terraces are arranged so neatly and naturally, that it looks like staircases with green rice plants.  The place is also surrounded by many palm trees, also with a natural and charming appearance.

Rafting Along Ayung River

Another extreme tourist attraction for you and your family to try in Ubud is the Ayung River rafting, also suitable for nature enthusiasts and who also like the adrenaline rush.  This white water rafting activity, Ayung River is one of the favorite rafting spots in Bali. 

Plus, this river is categorized in the second and third level rafting which is very suitable for beginners.  So, if this is your family’s first time, don’t hesitate to hop on the raft to try. 

As you raft along the river, you will see natural waterfalls, beautiful resorts, and scenic views of the river cliffs.  Furthermore, if you’re bringing kids of the ages at least 7 years old, they can join the fun too.  

It will take approximately 2 hours to raft along the Ayung River until the finish point.  This rafting journey will ensure you have the most fun time with the whole family, rowing down the river and to cooperate through the water obstacles.

Campuhan Hill Ubud

The following is a place in the city of Ubud, which is also locally known to be a popular Instagrammable place on social media, namely Campuhan Hill.  

This hill is a little different from other natural tourist sites, because here tourists can do jogging and hiking, ridge walking, or staying overnight around the Campuhan Hill if they don’t want to walk too far to enjoy the beauty of the open nature of this hill which is quite wide.

The best time to visit Campuhan Hill is early in the morning for a sunrise view, or when sunset arrives.  You can do this while jogging or hiking, while also exploring the beautiful natural view featuring the green hills, valleys, and grasslands.  Thus, you get to see the two rivers as you stroll along the hill, namely the Cerik river and the Oos river. 

Tegenungan Waterfall

Another “what to do in Ubud with family” activity is incomplete without visiting one of the waterfall tours in the city.  There are definitely so many exotic and stunning waterfalls in Bali to go to.  One of them is the Tegenungan Waterfall with its super heavy water located not too far from the center of Ubud.

It might be a bit tiring to get to the waterfall, especially when you have younger kids or older adults that can’t walk too far, since there are dozens of steps you have to take.  But, it will be worth it, where there are several selfie spots where you can take pictures that are specifically made for picture booths.  Also from a height and distance, you get to see and also hear the swift flow of the waterfall.

Tampak Siring Palace

Apart from being popularly known to the world for its natural beauty, the Island of Bali also offers significant historical tours.  One of them is located in Ubud, which is frequently visited by local and foreign visitors called the Tampak Siring Palace.  The palace is one of the historical legacies of Indonesia’s former first president, Sukarno.  

Built in 1957, the palace was built on the initiative of President Sukarno, who wanted a good place to rest while in Bali for the President and all the members of the family, as well as the guests of honor.  In fact, this palace is also used as the location for presidential meetings with all his ministers and are well-maintained up to this day. 

Things to do here, other than seeing the palace in a closer look, is to also look at a bridge called the Friendship Bridge which connects the two main guesthouses of the palace.  In addition, there are also the Tampak Siring sacred temple and the holy spring of Tirta Empul which are located right under the palace.

Ubud Art Market

A family tour around Ubud is not complete unless it ends with a lot of shopping to bring back home.  Shopping in Ubud will be a little bit different, because basically Ubud is a city of arts, so you and your family should buy souvenirs related to Balinese culture.  

At the Ubud Art Market, you will find a variety of original handicraft items that are handmade by famous craftsmen in Bali at such low prices. 

The things they sell here includes handcrafted bags, masks and statues, Balinese traditional clothings, scarves and many other handmade items.  You can also find Balinese jewelries made of silver for collections.  Basically, you will find almost any art things in this market for everyone in your family to bring back home and also to find unique souvenirs for your friends and relatives as well.

Out of the eight tourist objects of what to do in Ubud with family listed above, which ones will you do with your loved ones?  For that reason, it would be a good idea to prepare ahead to go anywhere on the list above before arriving in Ubud.  

With different preferences, you are sure to find a variety of selections for all members of your family. 

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