Popular Places Like Bali in the Caribbean That Is Incredible

A vacation to the tropics does not always have to be done in Bali. One of the other tropical destinations that you can visit and have many similarities with Bali is the Caribbean.

There are many white-sand beaches, coconut trees, and beautiful underwater ecosystems, making all visitors feel at home for a long time staying on the island.

There are at least some recommendations for places that are suitable for you to visit while on vacation to the Caribbean. All these recommended places have received high reviews from tourists who have come. Intrigued by what the name of the place is, then you need to watch this article until it’s finished.

Popular Tourist Places in the Caribbean

There are several places like Bali in the Caribbean that you can visit. You can find out based on the following reviews.

1. Saona Island

If you are looking for a typical tropical ocean view with white sand beaches, then you need to come to Saona Island. The seawater there is still very clear and allows you to look into the sea and see its beautiful contents. This place is perfect for tourists who come with their family or celebrate a honeymoon.

You can take a boat that crosses over to the middle of the sea, such as Ron Barcelo. Then, get off the boat to enjoy the beauty of the sea where the water is only waist-deep. There are many activities tourists can do on Saona Island, including surfing. In fact, you may even have the opportunity to take photos with starfish.

One of the islands in the Caribbean allows tourists to bask and relax in the hot sun. Make sure you provide more than one day vacation time there to be able to do various interesting activities. There is recommendation for you to stay around one week at the Caribbean Islands.

2. Stingray City

A place on the Caribbean that is similar to Nusa Penida Bali is Stingray City. You will be able to take pictures together with stingrays there. When taking pictures, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide, allowing you to have other extraordinary interactions with this fish.

You can just pet and kiss the stingrays if you dare. The number of stingrays that you can find is large, which has earned the place the nickname of the city of stingrays.

The waters in this place are still very clear, so you can soak in the sea while accompanied by stingrays. Other wildlife in this place are starfish and you can also take photos with these animals.

3. Lodging Over the Sea on Renaissance Island

If you want to try staying in the middle of the sea, it can be an unforgettable holiday experience. You don’t have to go to Bali just to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you can go to Renaissance Island. You can feel as if you are on a private island away from the crowds. 

Transportation to reach the island is by boat. Upon arrival, you can realize that there are many flamingos and iguanas in the place.

The island also has a doctor who can help you when you accidentally step on sea urchins, so that the spines stuck in the skin can be removed immediately. There are many types of activities that you can do there, such as sunbathing, snorkeling, taking pictures, playing water, taking pictures with flamingos, and so on. 

4. Water Park on the Atlantis Paradise Island Caribbean

Those of you who already have family and children are highly recommended to come to this one place. This swimming pool closes at 7 pm and all visitors can use the water-related facilities maximally there until that time.

The water on these tourist attractions is always kept clean, so it can stay refreshing and you can feel as if you are already at Disneyland.

What you can do there is not only swimming, enjoying the water rides, but also seeing the underwater aquarium, interacting with dolphins, viewing Atlantis-themed displays, and so on. This place is very wide and there are many facilities related to water that you can enjoy.

In fact, you can enjoy the atmosphere there like you are in an underground cave that looks genuine even though it is an artificial cave.

For an adrenaline rush, you can slide on a special glass pipe and into a pool full of huge sharks. Don’t worry that the pipe is made of sturdy material, so it is similar to the concept of an underwater aquarium.

When you and your family are tired, then you can just eat at the cafe there that sells food and drinks with a packing that says Atlantis. Those of you who really don’t want to get into the water can just sunbathe, as there are lots of sun loungers provided.

5. Old Havana

Historical old buildings that are used as tourist attractions are not only in Bali. Indeed, you will not find any temples in the Caribbean like those in Bali, but you will be able to enjoy a typical historic building called Old Havana. The building is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site which was first built in 1519.

Try to come to Old Havana when there is a festival there so that your tour will be even more amazing. Almost every corner of the city has a beautiful architecture filled with old Cuban carvings.

In fact, you will find there are lots of vehicles with old school designs used as taxis. This can make you feel like you are in the world of old films. You can avoid to take a photo of a woman with flowers and a cigar if you want to save money while traveling in Old Havana.

6. Kenepa Beach

Still with the area in the Caribbean which is famous for its beaches, namely Kenepa Beach. You don’t have to always go to Bali to get the impression of tropical tourism on the beach.

There are many mini gazebos available there and suitable for those of you who don’t like sunbathing. The sea on this beach still has very clear water and is light blue.

You will be able to see the seabed on the beach very clearly. There are many activities that you can do on this beach, such as playing banana boat, swimming, diving, and so on.

You can meet some iguanas that usually hide near the rocks and you can upload them to your social media. As far as the eye can see, you will see a bluish tint from the land.

Meanwhile, those of you who decide to do diving activities will have the opportunity to see small fish and turtles. This place is perfect for those of you who are on a honeymoon or family vacation.

7. National Park of Pigeon Island

National parks that are close to the sea are not only in Bali but in Pigeon Island National Park, The Caribbean. You will explore the ancient fort buildings that are there. Another activity besides seeing ancient buildings is riding a horse with a view of the sea.

You will be able to tour the area in this National Park and take pictures. The seafront of this area is not commonly used for swimming and normally tourists will only enjoy the sea view from the shore.

Tips and Tricks for Going to the Caribbean on a Budget

If you want to go on a trip to the Caribbean Islands on a budget, so you need to use these tips and tricks. Just following ever single tips and tricks so that you can spend your vacation with low cost.

1. Lodging

Staying in a high-star hotel is indeed the dream of many tourists. However, it will definitely cost a lot of money and is not suitable for frugal tourists. Instead, you can use a local people house to stay overnight and just choose the one that best fits your budget.

2. Food

Before leaving your country, it’s a good idea to bring some foods that are dry and easy to cook, such as instant noodles and powdered milk.

If you don’t like carrying heavy equipment, then you can just buy there and cook yourself in apartments or houses that provide kitchenettes. This can really help you to save money.

3. Using Public Transportation

Tips that apply anywhere while on vacation abroad are to understand the transportation system available there. Several islands in the Caribbean also have regular bus transportation systems. 

Avoid using taxi transportation if it is not for an emergency. If an island does not yet have a good public bus service, then you can rent a car. This saves much more on transportation expenses.

4. Shopping

Wherever you go on an overseas tour in Caribbean, make sure you have brought East Caribbean Dollars with you. This will make it easier for you to shop for various needs during your tour.

If you don’t bring the currency, usually the locals will force you to use US dollars which makes you have to pay more during your trip on places like Bali in the Caribbean.

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