Things To Do in Onanole Manitoba

Some people are asking whether there are things to do in Onanole Manitoba during the winter. Well, winter is fantastic, there because this is the real winter that everyone can witness. The temperature may reach up to -20°C. For sure, everyone should be ready with their healthy body condition, along with the right outfit and equipment.

But, there are also perfect places to visit during the spring and summer. All you need to do is to read this article and find the best time and place to enjoy your vacation here.

Pinawa Dam Provincial Park

Pinawa Dam is popular for its ruins, with the shape of a crescent. As the main highlight of the park, this crescent looks adorable and becomes the most favorite destination for those who visit Manitoba. It only takes less than two hours driving from Winnipeg, where you can go directly to the cottage country of the Canadian Shield.

If you are interested in enjoying the ancient dam’s stunning views, go directly to its Centennial Spillway Trail. Afterward, you can enjoy an amphitheater or some picnic facilities.

Riding Mountain National Park

For the real challenge, try having a trip directly to Riding Mountain National Park. The best benefit of visiting this place during the winter is its serene surrounding. The park’s beauty is enhanced with the farmland surrounding the park.

Located high above the Manitoba Escarpment, the charm of the park is more than words can say. Many visitors find this very challenging.

Besides, there are lots of comfortable hotels with amazing choices of restaurants. Everything here is unbeatable.

What visitors need to prepare is the right vehicle to get through the park during the snow. Yet, it is much easier for passengers, though as they can witness various kinds and colors of barns along the way.

Never forget to prepare cameras or smartphones, just in case you want to upload them to your social media story. 

Choosing the right place to stay is very important. Fortunately, choices are abundant. Most hostels or hotels have the proper heating machines for providing guests with warmer rooms. 

Some hostels offer very simple rooms with only one table, some chairs as well as bunk beds. But, they are very comfy.

For families, it is recommended to choose bigger accommodations like Elkhorn Manor. This is a vintage house with the old-style design that delivers such a magnificent impression. The best thing about this place is its tranquil ambiance.

Yet, spending holidays during the summer can be a little bit crowded, though this manor still offers a cool atmosphere. The view of the Clear Lake Golf Course is very superb.

Of course, merely staying in a manor or a hotel is not supposed to be the main activity among things to do in Onanole Manitoba. Having a wonderful culinary adventure is perfect here. The most recommended option is the fantastic meals, available in the Lake House Boutique Hotel.

Prices are good, with a massive array of local, homemade cuisines. However, families mostly opt for visiting Elkhorn Resort, Spa & Conference Centre, outside the park. It also has rooms for couples and families or even a single visitor. 

As the name implies, it has a spa, a conference center, and also some entertainment spots for everyone in the family. There is a huge indoor pool with the hot tub for the perfect warming session during the winter. 

Need to try the winter adventure? There are some skates, snowshoes, and other equipment from outdoor hiking activities at the rental center. Some visitors try to conquer the fat-bike-adventure. Some of them pass, but the majority fail, as the trails can be very snowy with such a high altitude to pass through.

Having fun by kick sledding is one of the best things to do in Onanole Manitoba. Try renting one and have fun for an hour or two. Having fun with the family members is what everyone is looking for through this activity.

For the more challenging option, cross-country skiing is worth trying. For visitors who spend days in this place, it is assured that they can explore all trails in Riding Mountain. But, don’t be sad if you only spend two days here, as you will be recommended to try the Ominik Marsh Trail. 

With only less than 15.8 km in length, it is classified as an easy place to explore. Its dazzling view along the way is its additional delight. However, there are certain trails that can reach more than 15 kilometers. They are, indeed, for adventurers or advanced skiers. 

But, don’t just leave yet after enjoying the winter adventure. Try exploring how its wildlife viewing is amazing. Among the very distinctive animals include bison, elk, moose, fox, otters, lynx, and so forth.

This spot should not be missed. Especially for bison, they are not easy to find. The flocks of bison are hardly seen because they prefer to be apart from other creatures, particularly human beings. 

Hecla Island

This is the right place for everyone who demands such a relaxing holiday in enjoying the astoundingly magnificent natural scenery. As one of the most favorite destinations in Canada, this island is reachable by only two hours from Winnipeg. You can get through this island after crossing the Lake Winnipeg.

Summer is the best time to visit Hecla island, as you can try its 18-hole golf course or hiking trails. Yet, sunbathing at its beaches is worth trying as well. But, if winter is your option, then cross-country skiing is the best choice. Don’t forget to visit Lakeview Hecla Resort, located on the island’s northern tip. 

It offers both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a spa treatment. All rooms boast wonderful lake views. If you bring your pet, then there are options for pet friendly-rooms. 

Mennonite Village

This is the place where you can witness the 16th century’s life of Mennonite. However, the Mennonite still lives now, so this village features shifting themes of buildings.

This 17-hectare village comprises perfectly equipped buildings. One of the most outstanding structures is the very big Dutch windmill, which is clearly seen from the highway. 

Canadian Fossil Discovery Center

It is one of several miraculous things to do in Onanole Manitoba. It comprises the most complete marine reptile fossils collection in Canada.

The collection of marine reptile fossils here are all from Manitoba,including Bruce, the most gigantic mosasaur. Bruce belongs to the Tylosaurus Pembinensis family.

He lived around eighty million years ago, in the very deep sea location, along with various other kinds of marine reptiles on The Seaway of the Arctic Ocean. Bruce’s giant size holds the Guinness World Record, as the biggest mosasaur displayed publicly.

Still, there are always new fossils here, because researches keep going until now. This fossil center is accessible 7 days a week. It is located exactly on 111-B Gilmour Street. 

Narcisse Snake Dens

Visit this place in spring and you will be amazed when you watch the mating snakes! Located only 6km from Narcisse, The Narcisse Snake Dens provides everyone a one-in-a-million chance to look at this spectacular nature.

Spring is the best time for those snakes to mate by exiting the dens. Such action is allowed to be seen by visitors, through the observation platforms, adjacent to the dens. You will be surprised to see how those male snakes in swarming a female snake.

Anyway, if you don’t have time to visit this place during the spring, you may visit this during the summer, or before the fall. When the weather is turning cold, the snakes are returning to the dens. 

The Fort Garry National Historic Park

Its main attraction is the stone fort. Built during the 1830s by the Hudson’s Bay Company, it was the vital place of the fur trade. But, its historical aspect its function as the Northwest Territories exploration base.

It displays historical sets of furniture, as well as some domiciliary items conscientiously collected one at a time through centuries, not only from Canada but also the USA, Great Britain, and so forth.

There are also furs from Hudson’s Bay Company, in the forms of clothes, blankets, and other household items, which are displayed here.

Before it is used as a national historic park, this place was also utilized as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police training camp, a jail, a mental institution, then a company headquarters in sequence.  

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