9 Picturesque Island Tourism of 2021 - Where to Go Instead of Bali

Going on a vacation after a long break, especially in a situation like this, sounds like a great idea, isn’t it?  If you don’t get the chance to go out of the country this year, it will be a great chance to do it as soon as the gates are open to foreign visitors in that specific country you want to visit.  Why not go see one of the most beautiful islands on earth? 

Places that offer island tourism are rising in the numbers of tourists visiting their country in the past year.  In fact, an island is not just about water adventures, but there is more to it.

Island tourism offers a variety of highlights for tourists to enjoy such as sustainable tourism, landscape sightseeing, seawater activities, natural resources, culture explorations, and many more.

One famous island in Indonesia, which attracted the attention of many people around the world, is Bali.  Well known as the Island of Paradise or the Island of 1,000 Temples, Bali received various awards in the category of the world’s best destinations, one of which was in 2019, namely the Traveler’s Choice Awards.

Hence, Bali has been known to the world as one of Indonesia’s most popular islands due to its panorama as well as its enchanting culture.

In the meantime, as we know, the world has so many countries with picturesque islands that are spread all over the world, from mainland Europe, America, Asia, or even Africa.

With so much island tourism the world has to offer, besides Bali, it is possible to add other amazing countries to the charm of the beautiful nature that God has created so perfectly. 

Therefore, where to go instead of Bali to seek paradise in the form of island tourism?  There are 9 other beautiful islands in the world you should visit that are also on the list of the most picturesque island destinations.

So, there’s nothing wrong with planning your travel ahead of time.  Read on the list below to find out which island suits you best for your next holiday vacation.

1. Maldives Islands


The first on the list of where to go instead of Bali island tourism is the Maldives Islands.

 The island is famous for its beautiful landscapes that attracts so many tourists from around the world. 


If you are a nature enthusiast who enjoys the tropical climate with charming beaches, then the Maldives Island should be your priority.  Hence, there are 5 things you should definitely do on the island:

maldives resort

2. Cook Islands

cook island

There are 15 small islands of Cook Islands scattered along the vast ocean that stretches between New Zealand and Hawaii.

Their main attractions are high mountain views, coral beaches, rainforest with crystal-blue lagoons. 

As you arrive at Rarotonga Island International Airport, start your journey by swimming in warm waters, bask in the sun on the fine white sand, hike up forested mountains, and watch whales passing by.

Where to Go Instead of Bali 1

Therefore, the Cook Islands have a warm tropical climate all year round.  This beautiful destination attracts many honeymooners as well as those on vacation to enjoy the outdoors, its beauty and peaceful landscape.

3. Palawan, Philippines

Where to Go Instead of Bali 2

The third on the list of where to go instead of Bali, a picturesque island destination is Palawan, the Philippines.

Ever since the island has been included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of 1999, the city has gained visitors because of its natural resources.

Becoming Bali’s toughest rivals in terms of paradise destination, Palawan’s natural attractions include the blue and white beaches that can be seen from various sides of the island. 

where to go instead of bali, palawan

Not only that, but the animal’s resources are also something to be proud of in Palawan such as the Palawan peacock or the Palawan pig which has a unique characteristic on its muzzle.

Where to Go Instead of Bali 3

Most importantly, Palawan is a diverse society of 87 cultural and racial groups that have merged to form the characters of the indigenous people.

4. Maui, Hawaii

Where to Go Instead of Bali 4

Where to go instead of Bali, Maui in Hawaii of course!  Why?

You may also find paradise on Maui, or also known as “The Valley Isle” and its Hawaiian culture. 

 With their “aloha” atmosphere you can see the black sand beach, valley, volcano and almost everything on Maui.

where to go instead of bali is hawaii

Indeed, there are many luxurious resorts and hotels on Maui, but it remains unpretentious in its green nature.

Where to Go Instead of Bali 5

Things you can do on the island is watching the sunrise over Haleakala (as the highest peak on Maui) or the volcanic rocks around the Kahanu Garden, and even tourists who feel bored will feel like they have found paradise.

5. Aruba

The good news is, Aruba is one of the countries that plans to welcome tourists back soon after the long break from the pandemic. 

This beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea announced plans to tentatively open its tourism as one of the newest destinations that are currently popular in the world. 


Especially for beach lovers, here you can take a relaxing vacation looking at the crystal clear water. Thus, Aruba’s sky is always clear, the beaches are beautiful, the waters are crystal clear, and the winter temperature reaches an average of 82 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 degrees Celsius.

This situation makes Aruba especially suitable for those looking to replace the snow for white sand.

6. Fiji Island

Even though it is heavily affected by the pandemic, Fiji is one of the island tourism you need to put on your list of where to go instead of Bali.  There is nothing wrong with waiting for a truly safe time to visit this destination because it will be really worth it.

Known for its volcanic mountains and tropical climate, another major attraction of this country includes the world’s famous coral reefs, white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, and world-class resorts.

fiji island

Nature, culture, as well as serenity enthusiasts will find a lot to enjoy on Fiji island in terms of stunning landscapes, remote tribal villages, and delicious cuisines.

On the other hand, Fiji also satisfies sports enthusiasts ranging from jet boat safaris, scuba diving and rafting, to golf, helicopter tours and also skydiving.

7. Seychelles Islands

The only country in Africa, which accounts for more than 60 percent of state revenue is derived from the tourism industry, is the Seychelles.  The country is considered “high income” by the World Bank. 

The country has two UNESCO world heritage sites, including the Mai Valley with the coco de mer palm trees, and the Aldabra Atoll which is home to the famous Seychelles giant tortoise.

Where to Go Instead of Bali 6

Consisting of 115 islands, this archipelago is dependent on the rich tourism and marine sector.  Thus, Seychelles is a destination for many celebrities, movie actors, world footballers, all go there.  

Thanks to the country’s hard work and environmentally friendly development, the Republic of Seychelles is slowly starting to be attracted by high class tourists.

8. The Bahamas

The Bahamas, one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, of course, also another where to go instead of Bali in terms of island tourism, is a country consisting of 700 islands more or less in the Caribbean.

Its tourism alone accounts for more than 60 percent of GDP, which leads to a strong growth in tourism revenues and developments in the construction of new hotels, resorts and residences in the past years.

Where to Go Instead of Bali 7

Amazing white sandy beaches, stunning sea water and the sun shining all year round, make the Bahamas a favorite destination worldwide.  The island is known for its crystal blue oceans, claims that its waters are among the clearest in the world, with a visibility of about 60 meters.

9. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The world’s adventure paradise at the tip of Papua, Indonesia, lies the Raja Ampat island.  The island, which is located at the northwestern tip of the island of Papua, is well known as a “gold mine” for adventure enthusiasts.  Meanwhile, for diver enthusiasts, Raja Ampat is considered a paradise that cannot be expressed in words. 

Where to Go Instead of Bali 8

Water sports and activities are the main tourist attractions in Raja Ampat, since their crystal-like waters are one of the best clear waters in the world.

In addition, based on various research studies, the richness of the island’s flora and fauna are in preservation under the marine environmental protection.

raja ampat, where to go instead of bali in indonesia

The 9 island destinations mentioned above are also frequently visited by tourists, besides Bali in recent years.

In addition, Bali does not have to be crossed out of the list of the world’s top destinations, but visitors need to travel and experience other great island tourism.  So, if the situation allows for long trips, which island would you want to visit?

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