These 5 Places are Considered as The New Bali Destination

Surely you have heard that foreigners say that Indonesia is located in Bali, right? Or you must have heard them say Bali is not part of Indonesia? Whereas in fact, Bali is an island located in Indonesia.

In fact, many people say that Bali is not a part of Indonesia because Bali is more famous than Indonesia itself. 

They are too focused on Bali. Maybe it is because when they visit Bali, they will find a beach that really gives them a tropic vibe, and of course they can sunbathe as long as they want.  In addition, Bali has Ubud which is quietly calm, and still very natural.

Ubud is the choice of many people for traveling, especially those who work on busy schedules and miss the natural atmosphere that they rarely see. The nature in Ubud is still very beautiful and soothing.

However, if only they know, Indonesia has “other” Bali that they may want to visit. Remember, Indonesia is not just Bali. In fact, if you are looking for even less information, then you will find places which are considered as the new Bali destination.

The nature of Indonesia has a charm and culture that is no less compelling. The title ‘the new bali destination’ deserves to be given to these several regions in Indonesia which are seen as having potential as tourist destinations that will attract many tourists, these destinations are Dodola Island, Wakatobi, Lake Toba, Bangka Belitung Island, and Mount Bromo.

The new bali destination is not an easy project. Various attempts have been made by the government to focus these areas as the priority tourist destinations. All preparations were made starting from the infrastructure to facilities at the new destinations.

Indeed, this is not easy and takes a long time, but over time, this program has had a positive impact because the response of tourists is very enthusiastic, as evidenced by the increase in tourist visits to these tourist destinations.

Dodola Island

Maluku, to be precise North Maluku is very lucky to have Dodola Island. This island is a paradise for the tourists who visit there. Dodola Island consists of two islands, namely Dodola Kecil and Dodola Besar.

Uniquely, the two islands are connected when its low tide. When this happens, the sand that is visible at low tide looks like it is forming a road or bridge. That is such a very unique thing, right?

This beautiful and mesmerizing island is uninhabited, so you can imagine how untainted this island is. Its beauty will make you continue to admire it. Dodola Island is placed in west of Morotai Island. If we depart from Tobelo, it will take about 20 minutes by speedboat.

These two islands have the same beauty that cannot be matched. The white and fine sand beach will make you not want to leave this island not to mention the view of the sea which is green, clear and bluish.

One thing that you may not see on other beaches is that at low tide, the two islands seem to be connected by a bridge of fine white sand that stretches from one island to another.

This is absolutely something you should not miss. And the unique thing is, you can walk on the sand to get to the other island at the end which only takes 5 minutes. Imagine how it feels to walk between the blue sea water on the beach.

If you are not satisfied with walking and want something more, you can snorkel and dive to see the beauty of underwater world in this island.

There are 13 dive points on this island. Of course, you can try all of these points. there is one more other unique thing of this island.

Under the water, there is abandoned plane and shipwreck that witnessed the tragic World War 2 that broke out between Japan and the allies which happened there a long time ago.

Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi is an archipelago consisting of four islands, they are Wangiwangi, Kalidupa, Tomia, and also Binongko. Beside the islands above, there are also other islands around them, they are Hoga, Kapota, Anano, and Rundumana.

Wakatobi National Park was established in 1996. This national park is said to be an island that has various types of coral in the world. Almost half of the all types of coral in the world are found here. 

The underwater world of Wakatobi is heaven for divers. You can see the pretty and beautiful coral is accompanied by the cute little fishes swimming around the coral.

Besides, the giant sperm whale can be seen here sometimes, this thing is just unbelievable and can’t be missed. Not only, the giant sperm whale, the underwater world of Wakatobi is also the playground of manta rays. Indeed, this island deserves to be called heaven under the water.

This rich and beautiful island is located off the coast of Southeast Sulawesi Province. To reach the main island from Wakatobi National Park, we have to go through the Buton Islands.

You can get there by ship but it will take more than 10 hours. So, to go there by the plane is the right choice. Flight usually takes about 45 minutes. You will not feel disappointed if you visit here.

Lake Toba

We are all agree that this legendary lake deserves to be included in the list of the new bali destination. The reason is, Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, its area even exceeds the area of Singapore.

How cool is that? The view of the Bukit Barisan mountains will accompany you if you visit this lake. Some said that Lake Toba was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption that happened so fiercely.

When you talk about Lake Toba, the island that comes first in your mind is Samosir Island. The island, which is located in the middle of Lake Toba, is the residence of the Batak tribe.

In order to be able to visit this island you can go by the plane through the Lintasit airport. When we set foot on this island, the beautiful expanse of Lake Toba will be clearly seen.

Uniquely, on this island there is a volcano located inside a volcano called Mount Pusuk Bukit. You can visit this beautiful mountain for trekking.

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Samosir Island in the morning, come to Gajah Bobok hills before sunrise, from the peak, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise that appears from the east. 

Another memorable experience you can get here is camping at the top of the hill. If you’re lucky, you can see the beautiful star constellation with bare eyes.

Belitung Island

If you are familiar with the Laskar Pelangi movie, then you must know the setting of this film. True, the popularity of Belitung Island has increased after this movie was released. Belitung Island has a maritime beauty which is the main attraction to attract tourists.

The beach where Laskar Pelangi movie was shot is called Tanjung Kelayang Beach. The uniqueness of this beach is that there are large granite stones and white sand on this beach which makes the atmosphere exotic.

Coupled with the calm waves make this beach a favorite spot for tourists when they visit here. Here, you can swim and see fish from a close distance. It’s better for you to stay here until the afternoon so you can enjoy the sunset with the backdrop of a traditional fishing boat.

If you want a culinary tour, Tanjung Tinggi Beach is the solution. this place has the best seafood. while after eating your meal, you can enjoy the clear and calm water of this beach. The white sand will make you want to stay there longer.

This beach is divided into 2 parts, the west side which is a cluster of granite stones and the east side which is a stretch of white sand. Dont forget to bring your camera and take a lot pf pictures if you come here for vacation.

Mount Bromo

The most famous mountain in East Java and a dream for Indonesians to visit is Mount Bromo. Having an altitude of 2,392 meters above sea level, this mountain is located in 4 different districts, namely Malang Lumajang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo. The charm of Mount Bromo has been very well known by a lot of people.  

Many tourists visit Mount Bromo to witness the sunrise in the morning. Come to this one spot called Penanjakan 1 early in the morning by using a motorbike or jeep, then you will be greeted with a cold fog that will slowly turn warm as the sun begins to rise.

Apart from seeing the beauty of the sunrise, there is one more beauty spot that tourists are eagerly awaiting, namely the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo.

You can see the beautiful and enchanting crater of Mount Bromo at close range, and of course you have to walk 2 km from the parking area and climb the stairs.

You can also ride a horse if you feel tired while enjoying the cool mountain atmosphere. If you like trail motorbikes, you can visit the eastern part of this area where there is a stretch of sand called whispering sand. Here is also one of the favorite photo spots for tourists.

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