Amazing Things to Do in Lake Manitoba in Winter

Winter has come! The season is always eagerly awaited by many people around the world, especially in Canada. People are getting busy making lists of fun activities during this season. Snow is a part of life and can’t wait to take things a little extreme. Are you one of the winter fans? 

Do you know that there are a variety of interesting activities in lake Manitoba? Yes, lake Manitoba is one of the biggest lakes which is located in the north-west of Winnipeg, Canada. 

This article will help you to determine roughly what kind of fun activity you can expect. Here are 5 types of amazing things you can do on Lake Manitoba in winter that you can’t wait to do.

Skijoring – Ski driving

Norwegian word for 'skiing'

Skijoring, sounds like fun, is from the Norwegian word for ‘skiing’. Derived from the Norwegian word for “ski driving”, is a type of sport suitable for ski enthusiasts involving 1 or 2 dogs. 

This type of sport is very safe because it is equipped with a skijoring belt for skiers, where the dog leash is attached through the strap on the dog’s back.

Novice & Professional Skiers

The tracking ski is usually adapted for both novice and professional skiers who typically use skate skis for speed flexibility. 

To do this activity smoothly, the main key is, besides you have enough skill to run at perfect speed over snow, you must bring your dog who is already trained for this field because it is a sport that requires harmony with the dog as your partner. 

The more trained your dog, the more perfect you will do this sport. 

Adrenaline Pumping

This is simply incredible, getting your adrenaline pumping at the same time enjoying the scenery around and holding your dog on the leash to keep it on the track of the scoring game. You must try it and experience it for yourself as they do the same.

Snowshoeing – a must-try sport

Most Fun Sports In Manitoba

Did you know that Snowshoeing is one of the main and most fun sports in Manitoba? was once a major sport in Manitoba. This type of snowshoe sport has many fans and it’s no wonder that once winter comes, Lake Manitoba is always full of visitors who want to try this type of sport.

Snowshoeing Clubs

There are several clubs whose members are snowshoe players and they are one of the organizers of almost all snowshoeing activities held in Manitoba.

Snowshoe activity is not just a competition, but more than that. The members can have a meeting at a point with a predetermined route. They also invite other clubs and motivate them to register for those interested in participating in snowshoeing activities.

Snowshoes Association

Historically, the Manitoba snowshoes association was formed in 1910 and the first snowshoe championships were held here in the winter of 2011. This is an exciting sport that does not require complicated rules and regulations nor equipment tools.

The Red River Trail – A spot for skating

Scenic Views

In Manitoba, there is a tradition where people slide, run, or just take a walk along the red river on huge ice. This river turns into a trail where you can slide and spend the evening enjoying the scenic views around and at the same time, friends or family are exploring the ice on the surface of this red river.

Longest Frozen Skating Trail

This ice track is claimed to be the longest frozen skating trail that starts from the heart of the city and runs to this red river. Not only skating, but other activities that you can try in this place are also such as broomball, family activities, cycling, and many other interesting activities.

Body Warming Lodge

Something is interesting about this place, is this place provides shelters to warm the body along the path with a unique design that some of this place was specially designed by international architect Guy Maddin. 

This body warming lodge rents at an affordable $ 4 for kids and parents and $ 6 for the adult price. You can also hire a coach for around $ 3. What an unforgettable experience. 

You need to know that the tracking ski path on this red river depends on the weather and how much ice is frozen.

Snowmobiling – breath-taking sports


Another great activity available on Lake Manitoba is the ‘Snowmobile’. Are you ready to test your adrenaline? This type of fun activity is perfect for those of you who like thrilling activities like the ‘Snowmobile’.

For Amateur

There are snowmobile trails in Manitoba, with a track length of approximately 12,000 kilometres that can be explored and spend hours gazing at the pine forests left and right in winter. 

You will enjoy an amazing experience even if you are still quite an amateur and join the lovers of this sport.

Choices of Snowmobiling Trails

There are many choices of Snowmobiling trails in this place, one of which is the route to the Whiteshell Provincial National Park. 

The blazing speed to Whiteshell Park is a delight, the trails are well maintained, prepared for snowmobilers for this sport, traversing boreal forest and frozen lakes, and beautiful views of the pine forest in winter. 

In the middle of the journey, you can stop at a retreat equipped with a wood fireplace before you decide to spend the night at the closest resort of your choice.

For Adventurer

If you are a true adventurer, why not try the northern route where the route is connected to the Mount Riding National Park which is near the Dauphin gate, this is the point where you will freely choose from among the 1,000 trails available in the park.

Natural mountains & Stunning Lake

Another alternative is that you can take the snowmobile trail by exploring the northern part of Manitoba, the perfect place if you are opting for a longer mobile adventure which is about 144 kilometers away with terrain surrounded by natural mountains and a stunning lake.

Skiing and snowboarding

Most Popular Ski Resorts

Skiing and snowboarding are other options for enjoying a winter vacation in Manitoba. You can experience skiing at one of the province’s most popular ski resorts, the hills are blanketed with snow and many skiers of all ages are trying to experience skiing and snowboarding on their own. 

The atmosphere is so pleasant attached to the atmosphere of a typical winter joy and enjoying the landscape that has been updated. Between skiing and snowboarding, the skiers can take a break by relaxing in front of the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate, it feels so impressive.

Stony Mountain Ski

There are several ski and snowboarding trails available, one of which is Stony Mountain Ski, a ski area near Winnipeg, a resort center where snowboarders gather and ski. Stony Mountain ski as a ski area that always opens earlier in winter and closes the last service compared to other ski resort places.

Asessipi - The Largest Ski Resort

If you feel the resort area is too small with short ski runs, you can try Ski area – Asessippi is the largest resort in the province. It is said that this place has successfully launched a park of snow tubes, where it was becoming a center of attractions for skiers and snowboarders as well as a magic carpet with a height of up to 650 feet. 

The resort has great facilities and opens 25 jogging tracks which are about 700 meters long. Not only that, but two other terrains can be used for other than skiing and snowboarding, right in the countryside that is always busy in winter.

Ski Valley

In addition, another highly recommended place beside the above is Ski Valley, a snow resort located in the northern part of Minnedosa, which has nine ski and snowboarding routes, perfect for beginner to advanced skiers. Perhaps, this is another choice of the ski resort that you can choose to ski and snowboard. 

Falcon Ridge Ski Hill

Apart from that, Falcon Ridge Ski Hill can also be considered, located in Whiteshell, a place with a rural environment with the aroma of pine trees and unforgettable beautiful views. 

In this place there are also several facilities such as a resting place on the slopes of the mountain, skiers and snowboarders can spend the night in an eco-friendly cabin with a fireplace to warm the body, an impressive and comfortable retreat after a day of skiing and snowboarding. 

Right in the northern part of Thompson, there is a Mystery Mountain with 18 jogging tracks that you can choose from for beginner and advanced levels.

Memorable Vacation

Lake Manitoba is a destination that offers various tourist attractions when spring comes. No wonder so many snow sports lovers are always waiting for the arrival of this spring. 

In order to plan a memorable vacation on Lake Manitoba, it is necessary to have a good plan especially for families who bring children, by paying attention to all the needs that exist while in this province, you will get an unforgettable time and experience of life.

It is believed that this review provides you a lot of information on the variety of destinations and amazing things that you can do with colleagues or family members during your vacation in lake Manitoba, Canada, especially in winter. 

Something that you never imagine before. Are you looking forward to traveling to lake Manitoba next winter? Get ready, set and go!

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