The Greatest Adventure In The Maldives For Couples

Everyone who just got married hopes to go on a honeymoon. The place the couple should choose is a beautiful and romantic place. 

If you want the experience to be more interesting, then you can choose the Maldives. At least there are things to do in Maldives for couples to make the relationship closer.

The island offers stunning natural beauty. Anyone who comes there will be amazed by the natural wealth, especially the underwater life. 

There are lots of colorful coral and fish in the sea. Intrigued by various activities in the Maldives, then you can see the following.

1. Diving And Adventure In The Sea

Each marine area has the charm of different underwater species, both in terms of coral and fish. This makes diving for tourists even more fun and intriguing. 

Diving becomes more enjoyable when the sea has crystal clear water. All areas of the sea that have clear water will make the process of shooting underwater images easier.

Every tourist will be able to take pictures with attractive colors. Every couple will get to know marine life in the Maldives. 

Some of the fish species that tourists can find in Maldives waters are colorful fish, eagle rays, mantas, turtles, and some dolphins.

2. Enjoy Romance On Island Hopping

The Maldives is well known all over the world, so the area has many resorts that attract the atmosphere. There are many luxury resorts that offer a romantic atmosphere there. 

These parts of the archipelago provide many spots for an interesting, luxurious, and romantic dinner. This makes every second that tourists spend in the Maldives even more interesting and unforgettable.

Anyone can have dinner at a dining table on the sand on the beach in this place. Moreover, there are aromatic candles in the vicinity that can make the mind more relaxed. Most of the resorts with great dining options are located on Makunudu Island.

3. Snorkeling At Hanifaru Bay

You don’t really like to dive deep into the ocean for beautiful views. It’s time for you to snorkel at Hanifaru Bay. The sport also provides a very rich view of underwater life. There are many unique shaped and colorful corals attached to the base.

The types of fish that are there are very varied and colorful. Doing snorkeling activities can make the visiting experience even more amazing. 

UNESCO announced the place as one of the World Biosphere Reservation. Some of the species in Hanifaru Bay are turtles, fish flocks, and reef sharks.

4. Stay At The Water Bungalow

You are used to living in urban areas that are full of tall buildings. Visiting the Maldives can make the mind fresher because it offers a view and atmosphere that is very different from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Try to stay in the Water Bungalow section. The place to stay is on the edge of the sea where the water is very clear, light blue-greenish. Then on the land around the inn, there

The tourists who stay at the place can see the sunrise from the bungalows while sipping a cup of coffee. In fact, it is not uncommon for sights like manta fish, turtles and various colorful fish to be seen from the bungalows. 

Then when the sun starts to set, you and your partner can watch it from the Bungalow. This is really the best place to stay in the Maldives.

5. Take A Walk On Hulhumale Beach

You are bored with swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Why not try to take a walk on the beach which has white sand. 

The beaches have complete facilities and an attractive atmosphere is Hulhumale Beach. You can relax while lying down under a unique umbrella while looking at the beautiful waves.

After relaxing, you and your partner can just try to walk around the beach area at Hulhumale Beach. We recommend that when traveling, you can take off your sandals and walk around the beach barefoot. 

This activity can really relax the body and calm the mind. There were only natural sights as far as the eye could see. You and your partner can also enjoy the warmth of the sun, the soft sand of the beach, and the view that spoils the eyes.

6. Ride A Helicopter Around The Maldives Islands

The Maldives as a tourist spot does offer very complete facilities, including a helicopter. The tourists who use this vehicle can clearly see the beauty of the Maldives from the air. 

Even tourists can see several spots in the sea that have different depths and there are coral reefs lined up. There will be dark blue and light blue for the ocean color depicting the depth of the ocean.

For those of you who want to try this ride, you can go to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airpot on Hulhule Island. 

This one experience is highly recommended for those of you who have more budget. However, it is necessary to ensure that the passengers who are boarding do not have a phobia of heights or suffer from heart disease.

7. Take A Walk At Glowing Beach On Vaadhoo Island

Tourist attractions in the Maldives which are very famous to all corners of the world are Vaadhoo Island. The tourists who come when night falls there can see the waves that are lit up brightly. 

This glowing effect appears due to the activity of phytoplankton in the sea. The marine microbes emit bioluminescent which looks very clear, bright blue in the water.

The best time to see the glowing effect occurs in June and October. In these months the seawater becomes warmer than other months. 

Warm water conditions allow these microbes to thrive, so the glowing effect becomes clearer. This place is on the list that you and your partner should visit when going to the Maldives. 

You need to spend at least five days after the full mon in mid-May. At this time the phytoplankton gives off its brightest bluish light. This natural phenomenon has proven to amaze many tourists who come.

8. Come To An Uninhabited Island

The Maldives Islands also offers the charm of an uninhabited island. Going to the island is offered by JA Manafaru and the uninhabited island is a common picnic spot for tourists to explore. 

The name of the uninhabited island in Haa Alif Atoll or what tourists usually call Hathifushi. You can take a vacation there and create an unforgettable experience on your honeymoon. 

Ja Manafaru Maldives itself is a 5-star luxury resort. If you want to go to this uninhabited island, then you can just try to stay and take a tour program from there.

Apart from these islands, Maldives also has many other uninhabited islands. Let’s say Meedhoo. The uninhabited island has trees that thrive on the island. 

There is an interesting historical story in the place. There is a story that there was a famous countryman who came from the island and named Meedhu Thakur.

9. Watching Sunset From Cruis At Kuredu Resort & Spa

If you want to feel the sensation of being in the middle of the sea when you go to the Maldives, then you can book a cruise at Kuredu Resort and Spa. 

You and your partner will be able to witness the beauty of the sea with clear water directly. In fact, this cruise facility allows you to watch the sunset directly from the middle of the sea. In fact, you might even try to swim in the middle of the sea.

Coming to the middle of the sea and doing various activities there is simply amazing. Make sure to capture every precious moment while doing activities on the Cruise. 

This experience is very difficult for you to get in other water areas. You can feel this experience for a few hours.

10. Create A Romantic Date At 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

Building good communication with a partner needs to be done continuously. One way to build communication is by holding a romantic date at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant. 

The restaurant floats on the sea so that people who eat there privately can enjoy the silence accompanied by the gentle breeze and the waves. 

After eating, you and your partner can do other activities at the restaurants. There are sunbeds on right and left of the restaurant.

The restaurant offers local cuisine which also uses local seasonings. Each dish is also especially served by experienced chefs. 

This could be the most beautiful lunch moment that you will ever have together with your partner. Make sure you try to come to this one restaurant during the day. You can just watch the sunset from that restaurant too.

There are not many activities that tourists can do while on a honeymoon in the Maldives. Your vacation trip while in the Maldives will be an unforgettable experience with your partner. 

Make sure you do things to do in Maldives for couples on this list. Culinary tours, seeing the beauty of the underwater world, the magic of the scenery produced by phytoplankton, and others that you can only experience by coming to the Maldives.

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