Top 10 Destinations For Spring Break With Family And Friends

Spring break is surely one of the best time on a year to travel around the globe. Whether you want to enjoy your holiday trip in domestic tourist spots or international destinations, make sure you choose the right ones to visit. 

Surely there are a lot of spring break destinations across the globe, but still we try to list the top 10 destinations for spring break that have remarkable attractions.

1. Miami Beach

Top 10 Destinations For Spring Break 1

Miami Beach is surely among the top 10 destinations for spring break.

There are many cultures mixed in this place which have become one of Miami Beach’s attractiveness. 


Miami Beach is not only suitable for adult tourists, but also for families who want to bring their children for holiday.

For parents who bring their children, they can go to the North Miami Beach which is the friendliest beaches for kid. 

Meanwhile, the southernmost area in Miami Beach is the place that offers metropolis vibes with high – end stores, cutting – edge fusion restaurants, nightclubs and hotels with stunning art decoration.

Lummus Park and Haulover Park is the best place in Miami Beach for laid – back travelers.  Here you can enjoy the art deco architecture. 

If you want to buy some merchandise, then go to Lincoln Road Mall which sell various local souvenirs.

2. Cayman Islands

Top 10 Destinations For Spring Break 1

This archipelago is an autonomous overseas territory of the British government.

This tourist spot is particularly an amazing place to visit during your spring break.

There are many reasons why many international tourists have decided to spend their holiday in the Cayman Islands, one of the reasons surely is their stunning white-sand beaches.

The Cayman Islands have numerous impressive beaches with crystal–clear turquoise water. Tourists are able to do many things on the beaches such as swimming, diving, and other water sports. 

Seven Mile Beach is one of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands that has classic Caribbean vibes. You can also kayak or sail from Owen Island to Little Cayman here.

Owen Island is still an uninhabited island that has remarkable natural scenery. The Cayman Islands are only 364 miles away from Key West which makes many tourists from the United States choose them for holiday.

3. Montego Bay

Top 10 Destinations For Spring Break 1

Cayman Islands are part of the western Caribbean Sea.

This archipelago is an autonomous overseas territory of British government. This tourist spot is particularly an amazing place to visit during your spring break.

Only by seeing Montego Bay from one picture, you can understand of why many people put Montego Bay in Jamaica as their top 10 destinations for spring break. 

This place is a definition of perfect spring break holiday spot. In Montego Bay, you can taste almost every popular international foods all around the world.

However, there are a lot of restaurant options that serve traditional Jamaican foods. You can also enjoy eating red snapper, jerk chicken, and fried Johnny cakes at the Pelican restaurant. 

Throughout Montego Bay, there are many souvenirs shops that sell special and unique merchandise you can buy as a gift for relatives, friends or for your special one.

4. Bali

Bali is a paradise of the world that located in Indonesia, the biggest archipelago country in the world. Bali is technically a small island that located in the middle of Indonesia. 

It has wonderful biodiversity, an immense wilderness and of course rich of beautiful traditional culture.
Once you get here, Bali will award you with gorgeous beaches you can ever imagine.

There are many popular beaches in Bali which have drawn millions of visitors across the globe each year. 

Padang Padang Beach and Seminyak Beach are several best beaches in Bali you have to visit. Tourists can visit Bali anytime they want as Bali has tropical weather with consistent humid and warm.

But, most tourists say that the best time to visit this tropical island is between May and September. 

However, you can get the best deals for hotels or tour packages if you visit during January to March.

You can visit Bali from Jakarta by taking a flight directly to I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport. There are also many options of flight route from abroad that will take you directly to Bali such as from Singapore, Bangkok – Thailand, and many more.

5. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon surely has to be listed as one of the top 10 destinations for spring break. This place offers amazing and magnificent natural landmarks for each visitors. 

The Grand Canyon has uniqueness that is worth to offer. Trust me, you cannot emphasize the natural beauty of Grand Canyon.

However, visiting Grand Canyon can be your best choice for exercising and get some fresh air outside. 

There are many tourist attractions offered here, such as burro riding, horseback, swimming, rafting, and hiking. Furthermore, you can also just go for a leisure walk if you want to relax for some moment.

The weather in Grand Canyon is usually sunny and dry. Thus it has only a little chance for your vacation to be ruined by bad weather. 

Grand Canyon is surely an ideal road trip for those who don’t have much time to spend for holiday. It only takes for about several hours to drive from Arizona to the Grand Canyon.

6. Mauritius

Mauritius offers its visitors with more than just ordinary sandy beaches with crystal clear water. However, this island country offers its tourists with many more attractions. 

Surely, you will be amazed by what this small island country can give you. Mauritius offers the best sea spot for diving.

The divers will be amazed to see the multi – colored bright coral reefs, various marine life, as well as ship wrecks from the 18th to 19th century. 

For those who are not a certified diver, there are many diving facilities here that offer diving certification. Mauritius is also a great place for dolphin spotting.

The dolphin cruise offered in Mauritius is started early in the morning. There are many dolphins swim around the sea that you can spot a little before sunrise.

Mauritius also has its natural lake which is known as Grand Basin or Ganga Talao. Going to this natural lake is one of the best excursions you can do here.

7. Kruger National Park

For those who are naturals’ enthusiasts, then Kruger National Park is surely can be your best choice. Kruger National Park is listed as the third largest national park in the world.

This national park has up to five vegetation zones which is very unique and rarely to be found in the other national park. Each of the vegetation zones have their special flair.

There are many bird species live in this park. If you are lucky enough, you can see up to 517 species of bird here. To reach Kruger National Park is very easy. 

You can book a flight from Cape Town or Johannesburg to Shukuza. You can also travel to this national park via road.

8. Quebec City

It is no wonder why Quebec City has to be listed as one of the top 10 destinations for spring break since the old Quebec itself has been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. 

Quebec offers its tourists with a unique culture. The local people in Quebec are very welcoming and warm. They welcome people with great smile.

Here you can experience their francophone culture which is mixed with North American roots. Visitors who come here are also very lucky to try on the best food being cooked by passionate chefs from Quebec.

9. Fiji

There are many reasons to visit Fiji as this place is known as soft coral capital of the world. Fiji is surely a paradise for divers, and every other underwater sports’ lovers. 

The 333 range of islands are surrounded by well – preserved Great Astrolabe Reef. As a home for more than 300 stunning islands, Fiji has a lot of beautiful coastal areas.

fiji island

Fiji is a great getaway either for family trip or relaxing trip. Fiji is also a home for delicious traditional cuisine you could ever imagine. 

The indigenous Fijians’ cuisine is comprised of fresh seafood with a slight of spice. There is also Fijian Indian cuisine which consist of chili and spicy dishes with more rice.

10. Aruba

Don’t forget to list Aruba as one of the top 10 destinations for spring break. This place is very popular among kite surfers and windsurfers since it has nice weather with constant winds. The crystal – clear blue waters surrounded the area is the best for swimming since it is quite shallow.

Besides, the beautiful and well – preserved coral reefs in Aruba offer you with amazing experience to explore the life under the sea. Aruba is considered to be the most amazing, beautiful, and cleanest island in the Caribbean Sea.


The best thing about Aruba is not only their beautiful and natural coastal areas, but also their multi – colored buildings in the capital city. 

Aruba offers the picturesque views around the harbor. You can feel and see the deep Dutch influence toward the architectural buildings around the downtown area.

Aruba is very rich of natural geological formations. This is a place where you can visit rough terrain surrounded by wild blue and clean ocean.

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