The Outstandingly Popular Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches For Diving, Which Are Worth Your Money

Wakatobi islands best beaches may already be very popular worldwide. But, Wakatobi liveaboard is the real attraction of this tropical island.

best diving spot in wakatobi

It is very famous as everyone can notice that there are a great number of searches related to Wakatobi island dimana’, which means “where is Wakatobi island”. It is somewhat surprising that many Indonesian people don’t know about this diving heaven.

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On the other hand, tourists from outside Indonesia have spent a wonderful time in this amazing place more than three times!

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Millions of tourists from other countries have better knowledge about Wakatobi Island instead of Indonesians. This is why, they know well about Wakatobi islands best beaches, positioned in Southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Worldwide tourists love to visit tropical beaches in South East Asia countries, particularly Indonesia.

This country is rich in beaches as well as natural resorts which boast splendid natural sceneries in every corner.

Wakatobi itself is named after several islands surrounding them. It consists of the anagram of ;

What makes Wakatobi special is its remote location, with very few populations which are far away from the surrounding’s civilization.

No wonder, foreign tourists love to visit this serene island that they might never found anywhere else.

Never Miss The Turkey Beach

Now, let’s start at the first beach. Turkey Beach is what everyone looks when they have time to visit Wakatobi islands best beaches. This beach can be very friendly to its visitors when the current is right.

For visitors who love to witness wildlife, they should make sure that they visit the canyons. Visitors can also find a flock of batfish.

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There are also eagle rays, turtles, eagle rays, schools of parrotfish, and other wildlife animals that no other place in the world has.

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Try hiking to the highest altitude which reaches up to 90-feet. There will be excellent visibility for viewers’ above and below. 

What to Expect at Anano Beach

Classified as one of the Wakatobi islands best beaches, Anano beach has lots of things to enjoy. People claim this beach as the heaven for turtles as there are thousands of them dwell peacefully.

While visitors enjoy the overall view of the beach, many observers find this place perfect for sea turtles observation at their natural habitat.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 6

The native sea turtles living on the magnificent white sandy beach is are Honu and Koila, green turtles and hawksbill turtles, respectively.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 7

Observers never want to miss the progress of the spawning and hatching turtles before they are migrating to the sea.

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The full moon is the right time for observation, as Honu always flock to lay eggs at the shoreline at dusk. For sure, turtle habitat is not the main attraction here. Diving and snorkeling are always amazing here.

The Real Attraction Of All Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches

Diving is the real attraction of all beaches in Wakatobi. Amateurs or beginners can even join the diving lesson here.

As there is an increasing number of tourists who are about to dive here, there are now some dive boats available at all beaches of Wakatobi.

Each of them has 60-feet length, built by natives of Waha village. Don’t worry about safety as they are stable and roomy, without taking the comfortable aspect for granted.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 9

Every boat is equipped with a camera’s dip tank, toilet, as well as ladders with good support for exiting the water.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 10

Yet, it should not accommodate more than only 12 divers, because there are also three boat crews and two dive instructors.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 11

However, many tourists find those boats very exciting, not to mention the friendly and well-acknowledged guides.

Don’t Forget to Sightsee The Cemara Beach

Everyone agrees that this is one of Wakatobi islands best beaches is the most favorite spot for swimming. Every corner of this place is flawless, thanks to the pure tropical views here.

Its white sand is amazing, while the palm trees add the remarkable tropical dream island like what people might only imagine.

Honeymooners find this place perfect for relaxing. Families also love to pop in here, as kids can swim safely here, thanks to the very sparkly and calm water.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 12

Barbecue here is always what everyone admires. Most natives also sell lunch menus, coconut water, and also ice cream.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 13

Just like other beaches, it has such a great attraction for diving and snorkeling. Impeccable to marvel at the outstanding corals’ reefs surrounded with colorful sea creatures! 

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 14

Honeymooners find this place perfect for relaxing. Families also love to pop in here, as kids can swim safely here, thanks to the very sparkly and calm water.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 15

Barbecue here is always what everyone admires. Most natives also sell lunch menus, coconut water, and also ice cream.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 16

Just like other beaches, it has such a great attraction for diving and snorkeling. Impeccable to marvel at the outstanding corals’ reefs surrounded with colorful sea creatures! 

What’s More to Explore After Visiting All Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches

Most travelers worldwide always recommend Wakatobi as heaven for diving and snorkeling. There are indeed lots of diving sites here, with professional PADI instructors.


Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 17

Those divemasters will accompany all divers to several dive sites. Choose any of those 40 sites for diving. Each site requires approximately 20 minutes with a boat ride. The most wanted diving site is the Tolandono island. It is dazzling and ample.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 18

It is rich in excellent reefs and coral varieties. Another fantastic diving site alternative is Tomia, where visitors always go directly to Sawa or Lintea. 

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However, it is important to keep in mind that all the diving sites are included as conservation under the National Marine Park. Every Wakatobi dive resort is worth visiting. Beginners will love to enjoy how each diving instructor performs his or her competence. 

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 20

They will love practically total freedom of diving even for 24 hours! Experienced divers never want to miss the chance of enjoying up to 60 dives. 

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 21

Some available dives include boat dives, dawn dives, night dives, and beach dives. However, there is a limited time for boat dives, in which each diver should make a limitation for diving only for 70 minutes.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 22

This is why, boat dives are the main option for amateurs or beginners. This rule is made in reliance to gusts, who might have slighter air consumption, as they are sitting on the boat to wait for other divers. 

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 23

Need unlimited diving hours? Choose house reef dives. Staying wet and having fun is what most divers do out there. The diving experience here is always diverse and pristine. The massive arrays of coral varieties are what everyone dreams about, not to mention the colonies of reef fishes.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 24

What divers should prepare is their waterproof camera for capturing the colorful corals. They should expect to find marvelous reefs after diving for three feet under the water. Beginners might not think that they can easily find house reef under the water here.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 25

This is why Wakatobi is always classified as the diving heaven as there are always excellent diving experiences, whether it is on the dawn or night. Divers can easily find unlimited marine life which is beyond compare.

Get Yourself The Best Resort

There are several resorts here, so tourists won’t find any shortage of excellent places to spend the nights. Most resorts have approximately 20 rooms or more.

Choose the ones which are near Tolandono island. It is serene and diminutive. Most resorts here face the sea and also the excellent sunset.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 26

Some resorts offer ample rooms for families, and they are all very affordable. Most of all, every guest can get easy access to reach the white sandy beach, with the very breezy wind, along with the swaying coconut palms. Almost all resorts are designed uniquely, with the construction of woods.

Combining the old-look design with modern construction, those resorts are definitely gorgeous with the open-air room for enjoying the dinner, as well as the old-style kitchen look.

wakatobi diving

There are also some bungalows with very spacious lodging rooms. All of them are air-conditioned. Included within each bungalow are beds, personal baths, and giant windows for perfect views of the ocean.

For sure, there are porches in all bungalows, where visitors can enjoy the windy atmosphere at the tropical island.

wakatobi best beaches for diving

Divers can easily find diving equipment, as there is a dive shop nearby the bungalow, along with gear lockers, gear baskets, and hangers for wet diving suits. Everything is well-accommodated.

How To Get to Wakatobi Islands

Everyone who decides to explore Wakatobi should be ready with the climate condition. Many people wonder which one is better, Wakatobi vs Raja Ampat, then they might want to visit both, instead of choosing one of them.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 27

Of course, the tropical island ensures a wonderful experience. Yet, many people from four-seasoned countries should have more preparation before getting adjusted with a very hot climate.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 28

Anyway, just ignore the high temperature, because everyone can feel very pleasant, once they visit any of Wakatobi islands best beaches.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 29

Wakatobi trip requires an airplane flight from Bali to Kendari. If there is no direct flight, then there are flights from Bali to Makassar. Afterward, it requires to take a ferry boat ride to get to Wakatobi Resort.

But, there are also airplane trips at the Tomia island, where people can arrive using charter flights. Road access is also comfortable, so passengers won’t find many problems during their trip to the beautiful island.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 30

Usually, Fokker 50 is the common aircraft arriving here. Wakatobi islands best beaches are also rich of mouth-watering foods. Among the most favorite dining places offer local cuisines that mostly serve fish.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 31

Most bungalows offer several cuisines like Continental, Western, and also Indonesian are available at such a moderate price.

Wakatobi Islands Best Beaches 32

Vegetables are also what foreigners love, though they still can enjoy common breakfast menus like bread, cereals, and boiled eggs.

Ready to start your diving adventure?

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