6 Alternatives to Bali and Thailand for a Pleasant Dream Escape

When it comes to the beautiful destinations with all their wealth of natural resources, Bali and Thailand are two Asian countries competing against each other in the world of tourism.  

There is no doubt that both of these countries are in great demand by tourists from any part of the world.  

In terms of similarity, both countries have fantastic beach and beach areas.  Thus, both are still developing in their tourism as a whole.

In fact, Bali and Thailand are great tourist spots and have been known worldwide.  Besides tourism, they both have deep culture, different languages and religions, as well as unique distinctiveness.  However, not only are these two beautiful countries a dream destination.

There are other alternatives to Bali and Thailand that are definitely dream escape holiday destinations.  In other words, you are visiting the countries with the kind of tourism you always dreamed of, apart from Bali and Thailand.  

So, it is time to start planning a trip to another destination up for a change, since more and more countries will be permitted to enter by still sticking to the Covid-19 health protocols, of course.


The first on the list of the alternatives to Bali and Thailand is Singapore.  What’s so interesting here in this modern city?  Don’t just look at the cost and grandeur of this place, Singapore has a bunch of interesting places that you can visit with an affordable price.  

This country is constantly changing, discovering, and imagining.  Its citizens are excited to create new possibilities, especially waking up from the pandemic.  

Food enthusiasts, explorers, collectors, adrenaline seekers, culture shapers and social activists all meet here in one place and create new experiences every day.

Here are some tourist sites that are recommended when visiting Singapore:

Merlion Park

Designed as the symbol of Singapore, the Merlion statue is shaped like a lion’s head with a fish body on top of the waves. Visitors can see the spectacular cityscape of Singapore, including the Marina Bay Sands building, the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer, and many more.

Orchard Road

The reason why Orchard Road is one of the places most visited by tourists is that it is a great place to hang out. 

Sitting on the road enjoying the atmosphere of the surrounding mall is something you can do even in the middle of the day because the area is very shady, full of big trees so it won’t get too hot, especially a day full of shopping around.

Little India

This is a culinary paradise where there are many great Indian foods, drinks, and snacks with the price that is very economical.


Malaysia is very suitable to be one of the alternatives to Bali and Thailand because it is very good to do a family tour.  The most visited tour places in this country is located in Kuala Lumpur.  

This famous city, also known as KL is the capital city of Malaysia since there are buildings that catch the eyes, such as the Petronas Twin Towers.  Here, the towers are charming with hanging bridges that have made them a tourist icon for the city of KL.

To start your family adventure, feel the excitement of riding a gondola or also called a cable car.  This is also another iconic destination in Malaysia, precisely in Selangor.  Batu Caves is also a great place to see the limestone hills in which there are several caves there.  

To reach one of the caves, namely the temple cave, we have to pass 272 steps of concrete stairs.  Last but not least, is the iconic game rides in Johor, the Legoland.  Here, not only it’s a place to play, but there are also Sea Life, Waterpark, hotels, restaurants and shopping places.  

So, by visiting Legoland alone, you can fulfill the wishes of all family members, whether they want to play, take photos, eat and also shop.

Sri Lanka

Next on the list, visit an island north of the Indian Ocean on the southeast coast of India, namely Sri Lanka.  Compared to India, Sri Lanka is somewhat easier to explore.  

The distance between any of its tourist destinations is not that far, hence it is tidier, cheaper, and less crowded.  Tourists who come here usually try various of tour packages, from history, religion, nature to shopping.

What’s appealing about Sri Lanka and considered other alternatives to Bali and Thailand?

Galle and Kandy

Two UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka are in the form of an old city, namely Galle and Kandy. Galle is a port city from the Portuguese era, while Kandy is a legacy that remains from the reign of King Sinhalese before the British came.

Sigiriya Lion Rock Hill

For nature enthusiasts, you can climb the Sigiriya Lion Rock hill which is also a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Elephant observation safari tours can be done here, precisely at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage.

Tea Maker

No need to go all the way to America or Europe to fly in a hot air balloon, because Sri Lanka also has one.

Hot Air Balloon

No need to go all the way to America or Europe to fly in a hot air balloon, because Sri Lanka also has one.


Exotic, and enchanting, just like Bali and Thailand, Samoa is like a paradise on the Pacific Ocean.  Samoa seems familiar in the film industry, did you notice?  

If you guess the movie “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw”, well, you definitely got really good eyes and memory.  Indeed, Samoa was chosen as the shooting of the movie’s battle ground scenes.

One tourist attraction which is the hallmark with the beauty of Samoa is the To Sua Ocean Trench.  To Sua Ocean Trench is a natural pond located on Upolu Island.  

Because of its fascinating beauty, To Sua Ocean Trench is nicknamed the most beautiful natural pond in the world.  The pond itself has a diameter of up to 30 meters that was formed due to volcanic eruptions in ancient times.

In terms of culture, the Samoans are very close to art, especially in music and tattoos.  Their tattoos are a symbol of the personality and spiritual maturity of the Samoan people, especially in males.  

This means that the person is committed to the practice of the Fa’a of Samoa, which contains the importance of family, respecting the elders or parents, and must give everything for their family.


Not only does Hawaii have the most beautiful beaches, and also has amazing nature, so it is very suitable to be a destination for alternatives to Bali and Thailand.  World travelers are eyeing the islands of Oahu and Kauai to spend their pleasant dream escape in Hawaii.  

With their famous motto “Aloha”, tourist attractions in Hawaii are also varied, so that it provides many options for travelers. 

Not only natural attractions in the form of stunning beaches, mountains and waterfalls, you can also find fascinating ancient civilizations on the island.  

In terms of one of the natural wonders of Hawaii, Hanauma Bay is a crescent-shaped valley formed thousands of years ago in a volcanic crater.  This area is then used as a marine life conservation area where turtles, corals, and fish evolve.

Iconic attractions are also very thick in Hawaii’s tourism.  Starting from the well-known Hula dancers who tells about the Hawaiian history through their hand gestures, to attractive fire dancers.  

Last but not least, get a taste of the local Hawaiian food and culture in one place, such as Luau.


Last but not least, Shanghai is the largest city in mainland China and considered as alternatives to Bali and Thailand.  The city with an ancient history of the Ming dynasty, has many pavilions and traditional temples here, namely the Yu Garden.  

If you’ve ever watched a Mandarin action movie set in a classical garden or temple, surely you will recognize this park.

There is also Shanghai Tower that is known as the second tallest tower or building in the world, after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  

This tower has an Observation Deck where you can enjoy the view of the city from an amazing height.  This destination is highly recommended because the scenery is like no other when it comes to a great photo spot.

If you are a fan of museum tours, especially the ancient art museum, the Shanghai Museum has more than a million art objects and about one hundred thousand of them are national works of high value.  Thus, their collection is rich and high in quality makes the Shanghai Museum one of the tourist attractions that must be visited.

In the meantime, are you up for a change of your holiday destination next year?  The 6 destinations mentioned above are also as special as Bali and Thailand.  

In general, as a traveler, you should try exploring other destinations to get a different experience and vibe, and also remember to adjust according to your needs, time and budget plan.  

So, can you think of other alternatives to Bali and Thailand that can be a pleasant dream escape for you or your loved ones?  Happy destination hunting!

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