Vacation with friends to the safest places to visit in Asia

Holidays are different with other days. Holidays usually only occur a few times a month, especially long holidays. If the holidays are long, usually it only occur one or two times a year. 

Holidays is usually carried out on big days and makes schools and workplaces have free time. Holidays allow each individual to celebrate an activity with friends and family.

Vacation is something that is important. This cannot be denied because people tend to feel boring with the daily routine. Busyness in the same week will definitely make people feel tired and bored. 

If you are a very productive person and have a passion for work, you are definitely looking forward to the times when you can rest and pay for your tiredness with good memories through a vacation. Without vacation activities as a stress relief, your productivity can decrease.

Usually the holidays will be spent with big family. But actually vacationing with friends is much cooler. 

If vacationing with family requires you to follow schedules made by parents, holidays with friends are much more flexible and also relaxing, though, remember to always choose a safe vacation spot and also make a vacation schedule that is not too excessive.

Apart from the issue of better timing, there are several important points that can be used as strong reasons why you also need to vacation with friends occasionally. The first is to get to know each other more deeply. 

By being in the same place for several days and not being separated for 24 hours, you and your friends will begin to learn each other’s characters. The original nature of each individual will emerge, you will learn more about complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

By vacationing with friends, you will feel a new atmosphere that you may never have felt before. By leaving your daily routine, of course, you will feel a different atmosphere. 

With so many surprises on a vacation, you will become more and more close with your friends. The friendship that has been amazing is now getting better and feels like family.

New memories such as jokes that appear during the holidays will become a spice that can be used as souvenirs when the holidays are over. Quality time with friends will also be fun if you spend it in a new place.

Vacation with friends does have many benefits. But more than that, vacations also have a very good psychological impact on an individual. Research shows that vacations can reduce stress. 

In daily activities you will be faced with many tasks that make you feel stressed, in fact, vacation has succeeded in making someone able to reduces stress levels up tp 29%.

The effectiveness of the holidays will be more pronounced if the place visited is a place related to nature. One of the highly recommended locations is a beach. 

Research made from the ECEHH shows that beach walks can overcome unpleasant feelings. In addition, the personal impact that a person can actually feels after a vacation is increased productivity. 

Some people sometimes feel afraid that vacations because they are worried about tasks to be done. However  research has shown that holidays actually increase productivity.

If you want to take a vacation but haven’t decided which vacation spot you want to visit, you can take a glance at several countries in Asia. 

It’s no longer a secret that Asia has lots of surprises in it. Asia has a uniqueness that will change your perspective. Asia has unique cultures that cannot be found in other places, as well as amazing and soothing natural scenery.

Each country In Asia has a vacation offer that is unique and different from other countries. What is important is, you will get an interesting experience to take home after visit Asia. There are many countries in Asia waiting for you to come. 

However, it is better if you think about security issues before traveling to a country. Therefore, we have suggestions for visiting countries that are safe for holidays in Asia.

You can visit Singapore and Japan with your bestfriends. The two countries have been considered safe from the global peace index. Because wherever you are, security is one of the most important aspects to think about. Without a sense of security your vacation will be in vain.


Singapore is a country in Asia that is ranked as the safest country to visit according to a survey from the global peace index. Singapore is a country that can be said to have a unique characteristic, namely a melting pot culture. 

This happens because the people who live in Singapore come from many countries so that the culture created is diverse and unique. Many cultures mixed together in harmony make Singapore unique. 

Singapore has a large number of people from all over the world. Singapore has many cool places to visit such as Chinatown andLittle India.

If you are a person who likes culinary delights, Singapore will be a food heaven for you. With so many cultures united, Singapore will offer many types of food ranging from specialties to fusion foods. 

You can also find various types of food in Singapore, from street vendors to 5 star restaurants. If you visit Singapore, don’t forget to go to the Singapore Botanical Garden. It is one of the most famous places and is a must-visit for everyone who are setting foot in Singapore

Singapore is also known as a place suitable for wealthy people. This is because, if you live in Singapore, you will know that people who live even in small towns still look rich. 

This is supported by the many luxury hotels and shopping malls filled with famous branded goods in a fantastic prices. 

You can also find out about the history and the many ethnic groups who live in Singapore. Public places in Singapore also tend to be family-friendly and have a futuristic style.

Apart from being safe, Singapore also has public transportation which deserves thumbs up. The existing public transportation system in Singapore makes us, young people, experience ease to go everywhere and it is very practice. Most importantly If you want to use public transportation you will need Metro Map. 

Metro map will help you to see the places that will be passed. English is also the language spoken in Singapore. So you don’t need to worry and be afraid of not being able to communicate with local residents.


Japan was ranked second as the safest place according to the Global Peace Index. Not only in 2020 but previously Japan was also in the top position as a country with good security. 

Japan is a country that is very welcome to new people and has many interesting places to visit. In Japan you won’t feel worried about thieves. Pickpockets will never be exist in Japan.

In more modern places like Tokyo there are lots of transportation that can help you go everywhere. 

In addition, many young people are fluent in English, so you don’t need to be confused about communication problems in Japan. There are tons of places in Japan that offer many aspects from fashion and technological sophistication to traditional temples.

If you are interested in visiting there you are not visiting. These three cities are very famous and also have a lot of attractions. Your holiday in Japan will be very impressive if you don’t miss these three cities. The names of the three cities that you must visit are Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

Tokyo is one of the places in Japan that is well known to everyone around the world. Tokyo is a very, very dense capital city. Filled with many elements such as ultra modern elements as well as traditional elements that can be found everywhere. 

Moving bright neon skies and historical temples can be found in Tokyo. The combination of modern and traditional put together makes Tokyo a very unique city. 

Tokyo does provide a lot of entertainment for people who are purposely on vacation. Don’t forget to set foot in the Imperial palace and also witness classical arts and Kabuki theater in Tokyo

Unlike Tokyo, Kyoto is a city on an island called Honshu. The island of Honshu is famous for its many classical Buddhist temples, magnificent palaces, extensive gardens, and traditional wooden houses. 

Tracitional element is very strong in Kyoto. If you visit Kyoto you will experience kaiseki eating, traditional Japanese food, and also performances from Geisha

Osaka is the last city that must be visited if you go to Japan. Osaka is a large and famous port city. It is filled with modern buildings although not as modern as Tokyo. Besides that, Osaka also offers a wild and exciting nightlife. 

The foods are also hunted by many tourists. There is one very famous building which named is Osaka castle. 

The castle is a building that has become an icon of Osaka for years. Apart from historical castles, Osaka also filled with a park which has many beautiful fruit trees.

Have you decided which country in Asia will be your vacation spot with bestfriends?

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