Romantic Things To Do In Winnipeg Manitoba

Romantic things to do in Winnipeg, Manitoba can be unlimited. But, if you don’t have much time, then you should be very selective in choosing the most flawless spots where you can spend quality time with your loved one. 

Nobody denies that Winnipeg is one of the most visited places in Canada, thanks to its huge arrays of tourism spots. So, keep on reading and find the best destinations for your romantic trip.


Located in the Riding Mountain National Park, this place is uniquely designed with its cubic shape. 

Everyone loves to stay in this cute building, where they can relax and enjoy the intimate atmosphere. This is the place for honeymooners who want to enjoy conventional camping within a modern edifice.

Surrounded by green woods, this is definitely the best place to inhale fresh air along with the tranquil ambiance. As there is no heating system in the cube, so summer is the best time to visit this place. 

The ample windows deliver breathtaking wood views, while dwellers still can enjoy modern dining menus at the nearby Italian restaurant.

The Forks

Surrounded by green woods, this is definitely the best place to inhale fresh air along with the tranquil ambiance. As there is no heating system in the cube, so summer is the best time to visit this place. 

The ample windows deliver breathtaking wood views, while dwellers still can enjoy modern dining menus at the nearby Italian restaurant.

There are renovated historical edifices which become modern restaurants and shops. This market is very clean and comfortable. It is even more interesting to find delicate cuisines here. For the more romantic experience, try restaurants with alfresco patios, showing the view of the Riverwalk. 

Plan to visit this place during the winter? Try the outdoor area of the skating rink. But, this place is more popular among families though couples can also spend quality time here.  

Grand Beach

For sure, this place is worth visiting during the summer. This romantic getaway embodies such a great stretch of Lake Winnipeg’s shores. This beach is too famous that everyone will never want to leave Winnipeg before visiting it. It is best for sunbathing, as well as camping.

Don’t feel shy in creating your castle from the white sand, as everyone does! This place is not only for family members but also for everyone who adores the dazzling beauty of this white-sand beach. There are even special events like sand sculpture competition which is usually held in August. 

Unforgettable summer months are what every tourist look for here. For those who plan to spend a night or two, there are some motels and cottage with good amenities and prices. Some restaurants here provide excellent options for dining menus and entertainment.

Whiteshell Provincial Park

This is another choice of lake resort which offers several romantic things to do in Winnipeg Manitoba.  You can reach this place only approximately one and a half hours from Winnipeg. 

This is also a great place to visit during the summer. This romantic place is classified as one of the most tranquil provincial parks. 

Forget daily hassles in the city and enjoy the serene atmosphere near the lake. Many people say that this place is almost similar to the Canadian Shield, in which they can also find hills, rivers, forests, and valleys. Wildlife animals here, such as black bear, moose, and so forth, are definitely outstanding. 

Choices of cottages are abundant, as they lie along the lake’s shorelines. But, don’t worry. None of those cottages disturb the peaceful life of those wildlife animals. 

There are beaches on the east side of this park. They offer excellent watersports activities. So, don’t miss them. 


Gimli is very popular with its Icelandic Festival of Manitoba. This small town has such a huge impact on Canada’s tourism. Everyone loves to spend days on the beaches there. But, the annual Icelandic Festival at the beginning of August, is unbeatable here.

Popularly famous as Islendingadagurinn, this festival has lots of activities for everyone of all ages. For better knowledge about Viking, you can visit the Icelandic Heritage Museum. Gimli is easy to access from Winnipeg, as it only takes an hour by car. 

Pocca Poca

Let’s visit Pocca Poca for your outsanding vacation, for the sake of your romantic things to do in Winnipeg Manitoba. This is a spa center with a strong Japanese theme. 

It is very impressive, thanks to its Japanese-spa only service in the area. What makes this place special is its Japanese thermal therapy called Ganban-yoku.

This popular therapy allows users to lay on smooth beds, which are made up of heated, rare stone. It is like relaxing on a tropical beach, in which users will produce silky sweat and moisturized skin. Enjoying this great spa with a loved one will be more than just amazing. 

Festival du Voyageur

This festival is to celebrate the French Voyageursin transporting furns to Canada. This is the most favorite winter activity for everyone.

Held in St. Boniface every February, this premier winter event allows everyone to have fun with several alfresco activities like food festivals, old French music, and dance, as well as competitions and games. The cold temperature doesn’t stop this festival from delivering excellent ambiance, even when some games are held outside tents. 

Prairie Dog Central

Imagine yourself living during the 18th century while enjoying the train ride here. The vintage train is completely interesting. The ‘route’ takes passengers to Grosse Isle from Inkster Junction Station. Grosse Isle can be translated into a ‘big island’. The name is given by French hunters who lived there in the century.

Here, there are shops providing handicrafts, souvenirs, snacks, and beverages. But, it is important to make sure that you visit the refurbished 1886 Ridgeway Heritage House. 

This magnificent house is completely adorable with its display that ranges from antique stuff to artifacts. Other places to visit are the old-school East Rosser, the Grosse Isle United Church, and the Gunton Station.

But wait, you haven’t heard about the train ambiance, have you? You will be surprised at how you can enjoy such a historical atmosphere within the train. There are iron benches with a baggage wagon that resemble the old-style train. 

There are also cans for cream and milk that remind you of your great grandmother’s belonging. The great windows provide great views of tall grass prairie. For sure, this is such a romantic destination that nobody will ever forget. Every train ride takes 45 minutes.

There are different events for different seasons. But, most visitors prefer to enjoy summer events. One of the most popular ones is the Great Horse Train Robbery. As the name implies, visitors can enjoy the comedy-drama about a robbery on a train. 

Prairie Dog Central

Nothing beats the romantic ambiance in this island. This is a dream vacation for honeymooners that they might not want to comeback to their hometown. 

Visitors will be stunned on how the Gros Morne National Park shows its magnificent natural charm, with waterfalls and cliffs. It is like ‘enrolling’ the fairy tale movies. Enjoying the waterfalls’ ocean mist is what every honeymooner adores.

Known well as Newfoundland and Labrador, this island is popular for its striking coastal villages. Along the villages spread lighthouses that add the calming atmosphere. This is Canada’s east province, with such an excellent landscape and history.  

Vikings once landed here thousands of years ago, and it becomes the oldest city in North America, while it is Canada’s youngest province. People on this island are very friendly and warm, so visitors will feel like home. 

Assiniboine Park

This is another excellent option for romantic things to do in Winnipeg Manitoba. Its forest trails are challenging, though most visitors may only want to visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo for enjoying cute, extinct animals there.

Anyway, it is highly recommended to visit this park during the colder months as those animals are even more active than they do during the summer. 

Chocolatier Contance Popp

Voilaaa! This is the last, but not the least among romantic things to do in Winnipeg Manitoba. As the name implies, it is the real heaven of chocolate that you might never find anywhere else in the world. 

It is fine to get your loved one a box of delicious chocolate. But, it is much better to create it yourself. There is a workshop that visitors can enroll, for creating their own chocolate. 

It requires advanced booking because it is always fully booked. Even so, this place is not too crowded as its owner really emphasizes on its comfortable ambiance. 

It is much better to follow its social media accounts, for the latest news and events. Anyway, this is definitely the most romantic destination for every couple, thanks to its romantic, serene surroundings, as well as its massive options for romantic dining places.

Romantic things to do in Winnipeg Manitoba are actually very simple. Just taking a walk through the parks in the downtown can give such a superb experience. Without doubt, Winnipeg is the real romantic spot for lovers worldwide. 

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