Wonderful Alternatives to Bali in Indonesia That You Have to Visit

Indonesia is already known as a tropical country that offers many attractive places to vacation. If you have never come to visit Indonesia and are bored with tourist attractions in your country, then you can try to come. 

Famous tourist attractions are not only in the form of Bali because there are many other tourist attractions that are also worldwide.

You will be able to get many interesting experiences during your visit to Indonesia. Even most of the destinations that you will read here, you will not be able to find in other Asian countries. 

All of the places listed in this article will be discussed briefly so that you will be able to understand what they have to offer the next tourism.

Some Indonesian Tourist Attractions

There are lots of places in Indonesia that you can visit together with friends and family which can be alternatives to Bali in Indonesia. In fact, you can spend your vacation in Indonesia for a honeymoon too. Some of these tourist attractions are:

1. Lake Toba

Nature tourism in Indonesia that is also interesting is Lake Toba. This tourist spot has an area of ​​1145 square km and in the middle, there is Samosir Island. This lake is included in one of the deepest lakes in the world with a depth up to 450 meters.

This destination holds a mystery that occurred about 73 thousand years ago and there has been researched that proves the existence of the Toba Supervolcano explosion. 

In the past, Mount Toba once erupted and released a volcanic material of 2,800 cubic km. In fact, until now no one has been able to confirm the cause of Mount Toba’s eruption with a very high force of pressure.

This mystery makes many people visit there, not only from among researchers. There are also many tourists who come to enjoy the local culture and beautiful scenery.

2. Bunaken Marine Park

North Sulawesi, which is a part of Indonesia, offers beautiful views to everyone who visits Bunaken Marine Park. All visitors will be able to enjoy the underwater beauty. There are at least 13 types of colorful coral reefs that often grow on rocks in the sea in Bunaken.

All divers and people who snorkel will be able to see the beauty of coral reefs that towers down to a depth of 25 – 50 meters. Another thing that can amaze you, even more, when visiting is the richness of fish species owned by the Bunaken sea. 

At least there are about 91 types of fish that live in it. Those of you who are good at scuba diving can dive at the best point provided there.

3. The Thousand Islands

You can see from the map that there are many archipelago groups in Indonesia and there are places that have earned the nickname the Thousand Islands. Why did this place get the nickname of a thousand islands, because there are many small islands.

Some of the main islands in the Thousand Islands are Macan Island, Bira Island, Bidadari Island, Pari Island, and so on. Each island provides different tourist facilities for all its visitors. 

In fact, you can rent a bicycle to get around the island. Travel to this place is suitable for those of you who avoid urban crowds.

4. Raja Ampat Islands

For people who love the underwater world and love diving, then you can come to Raja Ampat. The island is located in West Papua and is well known as a place that has good underwater wealth. 

There are four islands that offer the beauty of producing ancient rock paintings. The names of all the islands are Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool.

The four names of the island come from mythical stories of local residents. The underwater beauty there offers 540 types of coral reefs, 1,511 species of fish, and about 700 types of mollusks. You will be able to see amazing views of the underwater ecosystem by visiting Raja Ampat.

5. Lorentz National Park in Papua

If you want to experience the natural beauty of the mainland in Indonesia, you need to come to Lorentz in Papua. 

Unesco has declared that Lorentz is the largest national park in Southeast Asia. The national park has an area of 9,674 square miles and is included in the rainforest category.

Lorentz has a wide variety of fauna and you will be amazed as long as you walk along with these tourist spots. There are 630 species of birds and 123 types of mammals there. 

Most of the fauna that is in this place is included in rare animals, especially for all bird species that live in the Lorentz ecosystem. You will be able to see the beautiful feathers of bird species in Papua.

This national park consists of many types of ecosystems, such as mangroves, alpine tundra, rainforests, and equatorial glaciers. Lorentz also has the peak of the highest mountain in Papua, namely Puncak Jayawijaya. Visiting Lorentz can be a memorable experience for you.

6. Dusun Bambu Lembang in Bandung

Those of you who are on vacation to Indonesia as a tourist definitely want to stay away from the malls and supermarkets. 

If you want to get an interesting experience by visiting Indonesia, then you need to come to Dusun Bambu Lembang in Bandung. The place is cool and as far as the eye can see there are rows of neatly planted bamboo.

The neat bamboo arrangement creates a cool and beautiful atmosphere, so it is suitable to be captured in the form of photos and you can upload it on social media. 

If you are tired of walking around in that place, you can take a short break in the gazebo available there. You can use the shuttle for free and stay at the villas around the tourist area.

Regarding food, you can try eating at the Purbasari restaurant which offers an ethnic-style house atmosphere on the edge of a small lake. This restaurant is also very suitable to be used to have a lunch or dinner for tourists who come with family or who are for honeymoon.

After finishing lunch, a good recommendation for a place in the Bamboo village is Taman Arimbi. In the park, there are lots of colorful plants neatly arranged and a small river flows right in the middle of the park.

7. Borobudur Temple in Magelang

If you like ancient heritage buildings, it is necessary to visit Borobudur Temple. The building was built during the Sailendra dynasty in the 9th century. This temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the world and there are 72 Buddha statues there. 

In fact, you can compare the size of the Borobudur temple with Bagan in Myanmar and Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Researchers only understand things related to the construction of Borobudur based on the reliefs carved on the temple. 

However, it is strongly suspected that the construction of Borobudur began in 800 AD and continued until its completion, which is where the heyday of the Sailendra dynasty lasted until 830 AD. At that time, the dynasty could rule over a very wide area.

You are very interested in things related to history, so it’s time for you to come to Borobudur Temple. There are lots of guides that you can rent to be able to understand the complete history of the temple.

8. Kakaban Island

One of the islands in East Kalimantan that offers natural beauty under the sea is Kakaban Island. You will be able to dive together with jellyfish that have no stings. The number of these jellyfish can be in the thousands and you can just see various species other than jellyfish there. 

Some other interesting species in the waters of Kakaban Island is barracuda, white tip sharks, blacktip sharks, and hammer sharks.

However, the fish just mentioned are rare. Most of the types that exist there are small, colorful sea fish. You will also be able to see there are many types of coral reefs that live under the sea. This place is perfect for traveling with family and friends.

9. Meet Nemo on Derawan Island

Those of you who understand the film of Finding Nemo will definitely be very interested in coming to Derawan Island. This island has quite calm waves and white sand. 

There are lots of coconut trees that grow on the edge of the island and there are many inns built on the beach with a floating above the sea.

The seawater on the island is still very clear and you will be able to enjoy the underwater beauty from above the surface. No need to do diving to be able to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea. 

There are many species that live under the sea around Derawan Island, such as turtles, Nemo, and various beautiful coral reefs.

Visiting Derawan Island can relax you from the hustle and bustle of urban life. You can enjoy the beauty of the island and its underwater, and get acquainted with the local people. Coming to the island can give you unforgettable travel experiences.

Travel Saving Tips and Tricks in Indonesia

There are many tips you can do to save money when going on vacation to Indonesia. If you have local acquaintances, then saving money can be easy. However, those of you who don’t know the locals can still save money using these tips and tricks.

1. Overnight at a resident's house

Currently, there are a lot of residents’ houses that are rented out as inns for tourists. You will be able to save a lot of money by staying at these places instead of having to use the hotel.

2. Avoid eating at tourist attractions

All tourist attractions definitely have dining facilities around them. However, all the food and drink offered there is nothing cheap. Instead, you can just go to Indomart or Alfamart and buy some bread or food there to save money. You can also eat at a restaurant that is not in the tourism area.

3. Recognize Public Transportation

Several islands in Indonesia have provided a good transportation system. You need to know which tourist attractions already have good transportation. If there isn’t a good public transportation, then you can rent a vehicle and if it’s not too far from the inn, then you can walk.

4. Bring Rupiah Currency

Being a tourist will definitely attract the attention of local people, especially traders. Many of them will offer higher prices when you shop in tourist areas. Always try to bring Rupiah when you come to alternatives to Bali in Indonesia.

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