Things To Do In Bora Bora At Night

Romance is the main keyword of things to do in Bora Bora at night. This place is quite small so there won’t be too much crowd in every place. 

The population itself is not too dense, as the inhabitants’ majority dwell in Vaitape. The island is surrounded by a very huge lagoon which is three times bigger than the island. 

Villages of Bora Bora are also worth visiting. They are easy to reach, as the island itself is not too big. Sitting in a boat where it explores the lagoon is what everyone dreams on. 

The fresh air adds the charm of this serene island, where honeymooners spend their romantic days. The deepwater looks like a blue velvet that creates such a great view for the eye. The sea breeze gives such a perfect touch for the skin. 

Things to do in Bora Bora At Night is More Than Just Sitting in A Bar

Located at Moorea or The Islands of Tahiti, Bora-Bora indeed delivers such a magnificent impression. Everyone agrees that this the best place for everyone, not only honeymooners. The luxurious sultry Mount Otemanu valleys and slopes are only a few from several attractions that visitors can enjoy. 

Indeed, this is French Polynesia’s gem, where the magnificent white beaches are seen in contrast with the blue shades. All visitors won’t want to miss the colorful fish moving around the coral gardens under the Matira beach. What visitors love to wait is witnessing huge manta rays living under the water.

Bora Bora is, in particular, depending on tourism. Beyond a few years, numerous inns have been constructed at the small islands surrounding the lagoon. 

The vacation will consist of a view of the well-known bungalows above the water, which had been first constructed for more than 30 years in the past. It ends up a staple of the island. 

These bungalows themselves are in particular distinct to the Tahitian island, due to the fact of even tides and defensive lagoons, create the appropriate situations for those particular shelters.

This wonderful island has a completely comfortable environment, along with a reasonably excellent nightlife. While other islands in tropical countries are adored for their nightlife, Bora Bora can be somewhat different, even if it still easy to find. 

The island of Bora Bora is inhabited by approximately 4,000 people with French and Tahitian are the principal languages. Yet, the majority of people speak the English language. 

The lagoon boasts various arrays of underwater creatures. They welcome scuba divers with their charm, even when divers use their helmet. However, there are chances to discover all over everything, whether it is the ocean, motu, and lagoon. Among the most favorite activities include jet-skiing, fishing, kayaking, canoe rides and many more. 

Local cuisines are huge in variety. For sure, the most favorite cuisines include seafood and fish. However, things to do in Bora Bora at night may include enjoying some romantic bars while sipping the cocktail and listening to live music. 

Bora Bora Sunset Cruise For Your Romantic Getaway

As an icon of romantic adventure, a sunset cruise is the main activity for honeymooners here. Its tropical climate allows tourists to visit this place all-year-round. Even visitors won’t mind visiting this island during the wet season, which takes place from November to April. 

The humidity is high, but it doesn’t stop anyone to enjoy its natural beauty. Besides, this island is less swarming so it is the best time to spend privacy moments. 

Undoubtedly, the dry season is the peak season for holiday, which occurs from May to October. Vacationing here during the dry season is the right moment, not only for honeymoon vacation but also scuba diving in which the visibility of the water is definitely clear.

What tourists love most about the island is the breezy wind in the day. However, the wind is very strong during the wet season, so tourists may need to wear thicker clothes, particularly on the cruise trip.

Bora Bora is extraordinary. It is rich in flawless sea scenery. The massive arrays of manta rays are charming. They can be fed by scuba divers or snorkelers. 

For those who take cruise trips can enjoy watching professional divers who feed reef sharks. Those giant sharks are amazing as they reach five-feet long.

Wildlife Adventure

Never miss the amazing fact here, as tourists will come across a mushrooming population of this island’s wildlife. The wonderful species of birds are also its main attraction, though they are strongly protected. 

Everyone may be amazed at how the increasing wildlife population here is surpassing other islands that are already popular for their excellent wildlife.

The island itself is very serene and calm, where there are a few numbers of dogs living in the street, while they live peacefully with people in the island. They look healthy, as well, so tourists don’t mind seeing them on the street.

Nightlife in Bora Bora

Need to find nightlife in this magnificent place?  Things to do in Bora Bora at night include finding hotels with a perfect buffet and local show around the beach. Fire dancing is also excellent besides enjoying Tahitian Dance show in some hotels. 

Going to another resort on the island by free boat is also recommended to find other alternatives of entertainment. 

Lots of restaurants offer local cuisines dinner that tourists would love. Yet, there are also some restaurants that serve European cuisines. Prices are a little bit high, though they are worth paying. There are some bars to spend the tropical nights by sipping Bloody Mary. 

However, some bars are not too crowded so they are perfect for spending romantic hangouts. One of the most popular bars here is Club Med. It is mostly attended by visitors on certain nights, where there are special events. 

Le Récife is the only nightclub in here, which is open until dusk. It can be very crowded during the peak season, particularly on weekends. But, it is still loveable with its night entertainment events. It is situated not far away from Bora Bora Yacht Club. This club is the most favorite one for local, young crowds.

Places to Eat In Bora Bora

Then again, there are not many places to eat in Bora Bora. High-class restaurants are mostly available on the five-star hotels.  But, there are certain restaurants with such a high level of opulence. One of them is La Villa Mahana. 

Many tourists who have visited this place agree that this is totally romantic with such exclusive spots for spending romantic dinner. It is always recommended to reserve in advance. The overall design is lavish with the blending of Polynesian and Mediterranean art style. 

Among the favorite menus here are five-course European meals, as well as the highlight menus like tuna, lobster, and so forth. This place is the most favorite option for honeymooners. 

Another recommended option is Bloody Mary. Named after the very popular character of the South Pacific legend, this restaurant is highly proud of its barbecued steak and fish, with the strong American style recipes. 

Bloody Mary is not only popular for its excellent menus, but also its overall design. Visitors can enjoy the tropical wind while sitting under the thatched roof and listening to live music. This is also one of the best things to do in Bora Bora at night.

For tourists who still want to maintain their diet, then fish should be their favorite menu here. It is grilled or baked after being marinated in coconut milk. Another excellent choice is lime juice marinated raw fish which tastes very unique, yet tasty enough. 

Other kinds of cuisines include pork, chicken, and rice. Fruit aficionados will never have any shortage of fruits like papaya, pineapples, mangoes, and bananas. They are mostly served in the form of baked purees, coated with sugar on top of it.

Still, this island has some restaurants for serving visitors who want to enjoy local Bora Bora cuisines. There are certain traditional foods, which are mixed with Asian recipes. 

But, there are also choices of menus with high influences of French tastes. Restaurants here are huge in varieties, from the luxurious to the small roadside ones. 

But, they are all worth trying for visitors who spend long day-vacation there. It is strongly recommended to try authentic Tahitian cuisines as they are prepared by native people. 

The unique part of local cuisines is how those natives cook them. It is cooked in the conventional pit ovens, which are created by only digging a hole into the ground. Stones are placed into the fire-heated hole. 

All foods, which are known as ahimaa, are wrapped with banana leaves before they are thrown onto the hot pit ovens. They are tasty and have strong Polynesian cuisine taste. 

Coral Gardens Bora Bora

The last but not least, everyone should enjoy the superb marine life variety. It is very easy to see crabs roaming the island shores. 

Sea turtles swim peacefully and there are also whales and dolphins swimming around to explore the seas. This island hosts more than five hundred species of fish which amaze all tourists. 

One of the main attractions in Bora-Bora, other than seeing coral gardens, is deep-sea fishing. Nobody will be disappointed when fishing here. At least, they can get sailfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, and many more. 

So, there are more than just things to do in Bora Bora at night. Everyone can enjoy anything for 24 hours with various amazing adventures. 

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