Are These Exotic Places in Australia Already On Your Next Summer Holiday Destinations?

Australian tourism sites are not only the well-known Kangaroo Islands but also other exotic places in Australia that never come across the mind of most foreigners. 

When it comes to a culture-rich and unique natural panorama of a tourism destination, then Australia is what everyone wishes to enjoy. Its exceptional beauty is unlimited, while its charm is can be found through the whole eight states in the continent. 

There no exception to every site in Australia which is incredibly stunning and possesses a great attraction of its own. 

This continent is more than just a place for enjoying the magnificent wildlife and panoramic landscape of the beautiful nature, but also wonderful entertainment for every family. So, which places on this continent that should be your main priority?

Sovereign Hill Museum

For the sake of history’s recognition, then Sovereign Hill should be the first destination. Here, you can go through the Ballarat’s gold rush era which can bring you lots of excitement. 

Located at the Bradshaw Street, Ballarat in Victoria, the biggest outdoor museum here should never be missed. Spending the night at the town at Sovereign Hill will take you to the astounding 18th-century ambiance, where the classic lamp lights enhance your charming experience. 

However, the day in the Sovereign Hill is also the place where you can recall the goldrush era atmosphere. To add the delight, enjoy the 4D cinema at Aura Gold. 

Here, spectators can witness amazing historical events, as well as the Ballarat’s old-days lakes and other natural views. You can also learn about the history of gold discovery.

Hunter Valley

Need fresh air surrounded by a fascinating wine yard? Then The Hunter Valley should be on your list. This is undoubtedly the most epic vineyard destination that millions of people worldwide are eager to visit. 

It takes only two hours from Sidney, so it is very easy to reach. Don’t plan to visit a day here, because you will miss lots of wonderful experiences in this giant wineries.

Spending hours seems like to spend only a few minutes here, thanks to the beautifully hampered vineyard that pleases the eye. For the best experience, spending a day or two in a hotel within the vineyard should be your main consideration. 

Here, visitors can also enjoy some outdoor activities like horse riding, biking, golf, helicopter tours, and skydiving. However, there is also a cooking school, a wine school and a cheese factory! For the real ‘vineyard’ experience, grape stomping is worth trying. 

Batesman Bay

Well, Sydney, indeed, dominates the most favorite tourism sites in Australia. Its downtown already amazes everyone. 

But, it is best to explore the overall excellent spots in Sydney, other than its entertainment venues in the core of the city. Some people think that Sydney only boasts the Sydney Opera House. 

Anyway, why not explore one of the most stunning beaches in the world that will boost your holiday? Batemans Bay is the best place for you to enjoy an amazing array of outdoor activities, mostly water sports on all the pristine beaches, as well as enjoying the wildlife encounters. 

Here, everyone can see the other side of the sparkling Sydney, where the local fresh seafood cuisines are not less sumptuous than those in the downtown. Don’t forget to visit the popular Clyde River National Park that represents the NSW South Coast’s natural beauty. 

After enjoying all those outdoor activities, you still can learn lots of history about Australia, from the Aboriginal heritage era to the settlement of Europeans at the Batemans Bay Heritage Museum. 

Reaching the Batemans Bay only takes four hours from Sydney by car. Anyway, it is much closer to Canberra to reach this heavenly spot, as it only takes a two-hour drive. 


If you’ve never visited Queensland before, then you might want to try a new experience in visiting an amazing island there, called Hinchinbrook. 

The experience of visiting an uninhabited island is surely to-die-for. While it turns out to be the Great Barrier Reef’s largest island, this island is only allowed to be explored by not more than 40 people. 

Yet, it is the best place for a superb adventure, thanks to the island’s hiking and camping site after walking through the Thorsborne Trail which reaches 32 kilometers. The island also hosts Milky Pine’s rainforests, vineyard, and the real unique wildlife. 

This island is undoubtedly the best destination for those, who want to enjoy a luxury cruise trip to Cardwell’s coast. Many cruises offer opulent onboard trips, where every tourist can enjoy the wonderful marine life variety on Australian coasts.  

Fraser Island

Known as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this island may be very popular worldwide, though not all people have the chance to visit this marvelous island. 

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recommended places to visit, thanks to its incredible, vast hampering sand throughout the island. 

What makes it more interesting is its huge variety of wildlife and floras. Yet, Fraser Island is also perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. 

But, it is highly recommended to ask for a tour guide’s help because there are exotic places to explore where only natives know. 

For the sake of your memorable holiday, never miss the Tasman Venture where the heaven of snorkeling offers you the unbeatable marine life.

Kinrara Expeditions, Queensland

This place is not only exotic but also very secluded. This is the best place to visit for anyone, who wishes to enjoy such a high level of privacy. 

As compared to other legendary tourism sites in Australia, it is considered a new kid on the block. But, its existence has melted many tourists, who wish to enjoy adventurous outdoor activities in one place. 

Hiking, mountain biking, witnessing the superb crater through a helicopter only to name a few. For the less adventurous activities, fishing and swimming are also recommended where the cool breeze will add delight. 

Don’t forget to witness the natives in doing all their regular activities. However, even enjoying lunch at the camp near the lake is already very comforting. In sum, this is the place where everyone can learn about local products. 

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Everyone agrees that this can be the most stunning beach in Australia. It only takes less than three hours to drive from Melbourne, in which it is situated in Gippsland. It can be said that this is the most stunning national park, ever. 

The best things about this place are abundant, where everyone can enjoy the marvelous hiking trail that ensures the most tremendous holiday. Not to mention its white sandy beaches and extraordinary Australian wildlife. 

But wait, there are still lots of things to explore. Or else, nobody wants to consider this place as the most beautiful place on earth. 

Never miss watching the sunset from the Mount Oberon, or just camping under the romantic, sparkling stars. But, don’t worry, this is the place for everyone, whether it is family members, honeymooners, or backpackers. 

This place also offers cruise trips, where visitors can witness whales and dolphins. The best time for enjoying the cruise tour will be during the summer. 

Lakes Entrance

Nobody doubt that this place offers the most astounding natural beauty that allows everyone to enjoy camping, hiking, or merely spending quality time with family members. 

Located on Victoria’s eastern side, it only takes three hours from Melbourne. Camping aside the lake will bring such an adventurous experience that kids will never forget. 

This is the best place for them, who might only ‘befriend’ with their gadget most of the time during the past year. They can do some fishing and other outdoor activities that they might have never experienced before. 

Visiting this place during the dry season is the best option, as everyone can enjoy the starry night sky. For another audacious adventure, renting a houseboat is definitely the best choice. 

All the family members would love to wake up in the morning, floating in the lake. There are also Buchan Caves, where there are stalactites, lining the ceiling. 

Anyway, if camping is not on your activity list, then you can choose to stay in some off-grid houses, available near the lake, where guests can enjoy the magnificent green hills through the windows. 


If Lakes Entrance is considered too far away from you, then you can try visiting Marysville. It only takes an hour and a half from Melbourne, though the ambiance is much more serene than that bustling city. 

This little town offers its original beauty with its alpine ambiance, where everyone in the family can do anything at any time, thanks to its all-year-round outdoor, fun activities. 

Enjoy either a snow adventure, hiking, or fishing at the Lake Mountain. But, it is important to enjoy the hiking to the Steavenson Falls, to enjoy its awe-inspiring scenes. Or, trekking along the challenging Keppel Lookout Trail. 

There is endless beauty of the overall Marysville panoramas. Need a snow-adventure, Lake Mountain Alpine Resort is where you need to stop by, to enjoy the entertaining toboggan runs. 

The accommodation here is not less interesting, thanks to the quiet lodge with the marvelous view of kangaroos outside the lodge’s window

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