The Top 10 Instagrammable Places In Cebu

Cebu has been the top destination for tourists while visiting the Philippines. It is located on an island with a beautiful coastline. 

The main attraction is mostly beach and nature spot with a beautiful view. When you are In Cebu, prepare a camera or smartphone to capture the best moment. Some instagrammable places in Cebu deliver the best photos you can share via social media.

This place is known as the oldest city in the Philippines. You can visit anytime due to most attractions involves nature, culture, and history. 

You visit island, beach, and park with splendid views. If those are not enough, Cebu also has some old building. Of course, they bring interesting vibe when you add on your social media.

More people visit Cebu that turns into one of popular destinations in this country. After you take some pictures, exploring foods seem something you cannot refuse. 

This place provides various restaurants and culinary streets where tourists can enjoy. The next section will explain some places with instagrammable thing to visit.

More List of Instagrammable Places in Cebu

1. Taoist template

You arrive in the main city and look for something interesting. The first place to visit is Taoist template. 

It is located in area where Chinese community lives. The place is not ancient as equal as its design. The building is quite new with stunning decoration and traditional architectural concept.

Some spots look like you are in the old movies. That’s worth your time and taking photo is free. On the other side, you do not forget paying respect. The template is dedicated for medication and praying. You also learn more about culture.

2. Sirao Flower garden

Cebu also has place where tourists can feel as if they are in the Netherland. It is called Sirao Flower Garden located in the Busay. 

Flowers with various colors are available in this place. In that case, your camera must be ready. This garden also includes the windmill so that your photo looks realistic. It becomes popular destination and more tourists often explore the garden.

3. Malapascua island

Cebu is nearby with some islands and one of them is Malapascus. It is small island located in northern of Cebu. 

Main attraction is beach with soft sand and beautiful view. You must visit this one if want to get the best photo for your social media.

Visiting this island requires the boat. Tourists can rent or hire directly. The direction from Cebu island is less than 7 kilometer. 

It means you will get to this place quickly. The size of island is approximately 2.5 km by 1.0 km. That’s small enough so that you just run around then exploration is done.

4. Kawasan Falls

Finding instagrammable places in Cebu is easy thing to do. The top list includes Kawasan Falls. The place is accessible and always crowded every year. This is the most popular destination at all. Visiting Cebu is not enough without see Kawasan falls.

After taking photo, you realize that the result seems too much editing. In fact, that’s the real one because deep blue water in this place is main attraction. 

Some falls are nearby but they are still in same area. You can do some activities such as swimming and rafting.

5. Osmena Peak

Cebu has the peak and the highest one is Osmena. It is located in the south area. More tourists visit this place to enjoy some activities. 

The most common thing you can do is hiking and climbing. Two paths are available and you just choose based on where you come from.

The height of Osmena Peak is approximately 1,013 meters above sea level. At the peak, the area is limestone. You also get stunning view after seeing the rundown from above position. 

This place is suitable for camping so that you can get the sunset moment. This is idea you should consider when preparing photo for social media.

6. Whale Shark Oslob

Cebu is also the best place to get new experience. One of them is tourists can swim with whale shark. It is giant sea creature that becomes main attraction. Location is in Oslob. Of course, you are free to get photo while doing this activity.

The whale shark has been around in this place since the location has vast foods for this animal. After that, local people see this situation as opportunity. 

When they feed the whale, more tourists appear and approach. They start dive and see this animal directly. This is the beginning of Whale Shark Oslob.

7. Lambug beach

Some beaches in Cebu have a beautiful views. One of them is Lambug beach. The place is relatively less crowded so that useful for taking a photo. 

It is also accessible which means you do not worry about accommodation and transportation. Therefore, it belongs to the list of instagrammable places in Cebu.

8. Pescador island

You should put Pescador island in your schedule to visit in Cebu. It is not real island because the compound is coral including reef. This place is common for underwater exploration. People can visit and explore its coastline.

More sea creatures are in this area. You find sharks and some fishes that try to catch their prey. The interesting activity is tourists do swimming with herrings or sardine. 

It is something you must experience while visiting Cebu. Prepare camera with waterproof and capture the beauty of marine creatures directly.

9. Magellan’s Cross

The next place to visit in Cebu is Magellan’s Cross. The name is from the famous Ferdinand Magellan. He was the navigator with a mission to get the source of spices. He landed in the Philippines and the location was Cebu. This is the main reason why the city becomes the oldest one.

Cross represents his deed in Christianity. He built the first church in this area. You can find this one around. Regarding the Cross, it is just a building located in the middle of the street. People often take a photo to preserve their memory when visiting this place.

10. Cebu ocean park

When visiting Cebu, you must go to Ocean Park. It is the biggest aquarium in Philippines. Tourists will find many marine creatures and some other animals. 

The place has vast area, which means you can visit more aquariums based on the theme and type of creatures. 

Of course, this place should be at top recommendation when you need instagrammable photo. After this park, Cebu also has Safari with more land animals.

Planning To Visit Cebu

Visiting Cebu seems to be the best idea for spending holiday. In that case, you need to prepare several things. For foreigner, visa and passport must be ready. Check schedule and make sure accommodation is available. This topic will be explained in the following list.

• Schedule

Cebu is a popular destination in the Philippines. You should check the schedule and choose a destination. This is an important thing that most people forget. It seems simple and trivial but has a significant impact. 

One week is not enough to know every place in Cebu. That’s why the schedule should be ready. Planning is necessary to ensure you do not go away in the wrong place. Your main objection is instagrammable places in Cebu

Explore some options and create a schedule. Make sure each place are nearby so that you do not have an issue when spending much time during transportation. 

Moreover, you expect to find interesting places where no one has visited. As long as the place looks stunning, capturing photos is definitely worth your time.

• Budget

The good news about Cebu is an affordable budget. It is one of the top destinations where you can pay quite cheap prices. 

The budget is the perimeter that will maintain your spending. People allocate certain money for holiday. That’s mean you must manage money as efficiently as possible.

• Accommodation

As main destination for tourists, accommodation is not big deal in Cebu. As usual, you can find various hotels and resorts. 

Prices depend on where you stay and level of service. Some people do not care much about accommodation as long as they arrive in the right place. 

Today, everything is available on internet. Tourists can book and prepare everything easily.

• Visa and document

This section is for a foreigner. If you are not from the Philippines, a visa and passport are mandatory. You prepare both as early as possible. 

You do not want any trouble because no visa at all. Prepare this one as early as possible. Even though having a visa, there is a guarantee you can enter this country. 

Of course, this kind of chance is slim and tiny. Most foreigners will be accepted to be in Cebu.

• Language barrier

You do not need to worry about language. Most locals know English and some others. It is main different between place for general and tourism friendly. People in Cebu realize that tourists must get the best service. As return, they receive more sales.

More places are available in Cebu with the potential to be instagrammable places in Cebu. The requirement to be such a destination is not hard. 

A beautiful view, striking appearance, and good vibe are the main reasons why more people try to put effort in making the best photo for their social media.

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