10 Exotic Places in Barcelona

It is easy to find Barcelona on the map. But, it is somewhat challenging to find certain exotic places in Barcelona that not many people are aware of. All of those places in Barcelona are actually worth exploring. 

This city is the second biggest in Spain, where there are cathedrals with strong gothic architecture. 

But, they are only to name a few of several places that are worth visiting. It means, there are lots of preparation that every tourist should make. 

You should be one of them. So, let’s keep reading to see whether they are one of those places, listed on your vacation plan. 

Sant Antoni

Saint Antoni has its peculiar exceptional identity. It is full of natives who run their daily activities in the city’s biggest fresh market named Mercat de Sant Antoni, in which it becomes the main attraction for tourists. 

This city is located very near to the Ronda de Sant Antoni and the Avinguda del Paral·lel. However, the most attractive thing that every tourist can enjoy here is the massive arrays of eateries, boasting their incredible local cuisines with their reasonably priced foods. 

This place is also the most favorite one among youth, who enjoy visiting the bars as well as bodegas. 

The best bar here is Bar Ramón, where the ambiance is warm and cozy at the same time. Meanwhile, coffee enthusiasts should try Café Cometa, for the sake of the most delightful coffee, ever. 

Gothic Quarter

Located at the core of Barcelona, Gothic Quarter still maintains its charm, thanks to its incredible, authentic design. Visiting this place reminds everyone of the Gothic-era where almost all churches and cathedrals apply this style, up to the 16th centuries. 

It is very easy to reach this place from several city metro stations. However, not many visitors know that the current edifice was built on Barcino, the previous Roman settlement. This city built churches, as well as some Gothic palaces, by destroying all the Roman ruins.

Walking along the streets of The Gothic Quarter will take every visitor to enjoy the flawless panorama in exploring the neighborhood’s architecture. 

Visiting local stores is worth trying as well. Among the popular tourist attractions include The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, Plaça Sant Jaume, Carrer del Bisbe, Plaça Reial, and many more. 

It is important to keep in mind that any tourist should pay attention to safety in this place. just keep an eye on valuable belongings, and everything will be safe, no matter how many pickpocketers are around the area. 

Mount Montjuic

Decades ago, it was a fortress. But, the magical thing about this mountain is its great renovation for the famous tourism spot. 

Visiting this mountain ensures everyone enjoys incredible views of the ocean, as well as the overall city panorama from the hiking trails. But, don’t think that this mountain only boasts a magnificent mountain view. 

It has everything that everyone wants to enjoy from the exotic Barcelona. First, try visiting the Font Màgica. This fountain is really magic, thanks to its impressive light shows with attractive music background. Unfortunately, it only takes place during the weekend. 

Don’t forget to visit Castell de Montjuïc at the hill’s top. It is actually the center of the fortress. Today, it becomes the favorite place for visitors to view the whole city of Barcelona. This castle has a cable car for those who don’t want to take a walk.

However, other recommended sites to visit here is the famous museum, Poble Espanyol, the stadium Anella Olímpica, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, and the garden El Jardí Botànic 

The Barceloneta

This is an island split that separates the Port Vell and the beach. But, the beach is not the only site to enjoy. It is the neighborhood that contains very small and low houses, which were the dwelling place for ancient La Ribera’s citizens. 

This place was once inhabited by fishermen and people who traded fish and the metal industry. These days, it is not an abandoned place. 

On the other hand, it is very popular. The renovation started in 1988, where old buildings were all demolished before the area was built with several modern facilities to support the world-class beach, along with the bars, restaurants, and other entertainment centers.

Vila Olímpica

As the name implies, this Olympic village was built especially in welcoming the 1992 Olympic Games, in the Sant Martí district. 

The neighborhood contains houses for all athletes who were involved in this competition. This area was so huge that this project can accommodate lots of houses along the side of the beaches, as well as the very sophisticated public places. 

As it used to be an industrial site, visitors can still view several chimneys. However, this place also boasts the giant skyscrapers above the Olympic Marina and Hotel Arts. 

But, don’t miss bars and restaurants with abundant places to enjoy several kinds of cuisines. Still, it boasts the great beaches that allow tourists to enjoy endless outdoor activities like kayaking and sailing.

Poble Espanyol

Barcelona has a miniature of Spain, for everyone who might not have adequate time to visit every city in Spain. Poble Espanyol has everything about Spain which is comprised of this open-air museum. 

The design is enriched with several kinds of cultures from regions in Spain. This site is highly favored by almost all visitors because of its serene surrounding. 

Everyone can rest assured that the traffic here is less frustrating like downtown. As a matter of fact, this place is the best place to visit for everyone in the family. 

Everyone can enjoy several workshops for learning several Spanish-related cultures. 

Montserrat Mountain

Everyone agrees that this place should be one of several world wonders. The view from the mountain is unrivaled, even if it is not too far away from the main city. This mountain host the Montserrat monastery with a museum. 

For those who never visited this place, they might think that it is only a regular monastery. But, once they visit this religious establishment, they will come back for more. The valley’s view from the top of the hill is definitely amazing. 

Check out the famous music school, the Escolania de Montserrat which has been here since the 14th century. Imagine listening to the beautiful voices of those choir kids and everyone will feel like they are already in heaven. 

Montserrat Abbey may be similar to other monasteries. But, its overall architecture is very rich in details. There are sculptures of saints, angels, and the Black Madonna, the wonderful statue that most visitors always take pictures of. 

Anyway, don’t just walk around the abbey. Go hiking and explore the mountain’s top. Yet, it can be very tiring to climb to the top because the climate is somewhat hot. But, climbing on a sunny day is worth trying because the view is very amazing. 

Ciutadella Park

Exotic places in Barcelona are not only for adults. Kids deserve to enjoy the utmost entertainment places in this city. 

Visit Parc de la Ciutadella and be ready to experience the endless fun! Kids will enjoy fountains, playing areas, rowboats, and giant replicas of extinct animals. Prepare your stamina in visiting this very vast park. 

Kids will take you to every inch of the park, whether it is the zoo, Cascada Monumental, a very charming waterfall where the whole family members can enjoy the boat ride, or adoring the magnificent Arc de Triomf and Castell dels Tres Dragons. 

In short, this is the place where everyone in the family finds it exotic and amusing. For those who don’t want to walk around this very gigantic park, there are bikes for enjoying this outstanding amusement park. 

Casa Batlló

In this city of Antoni Gaudi, everyone can enjoy several forms of his masterpiece. One of them is Casa Batlló. 

With the perfect location at the core of the city, it is not surprising when visitors always visit this place for the first time after they arrive in Barcelona. It was actually a house, which has been remodeled in 1904 by this highly talented artist. 

Through the years, several of his assistants refurbished this house several times. This place represents the Art Nouveau style that is related closely to all Gaudi’s brainchild. 

Everyone who visits this place will adore its ground floor which is adorned by the amazing sculpted stonework. For sure, mosaics are everywhere throughout the façade.  

Costa Brava

Well, Barcelona is not less interesting when it comes to snorkeling. Costa Brava can prove it. Worldwide tourists who love watersports, surrounded by amazing sea panorama always consider Costa Brava as their main destination. 

Here, kayaking, snorkeling, and even only exploring the sea, only to witness the secluded caves, are what everyone aims for. 

So, exotic places in Barcelona range from mountains, waterfalls, amusement parks, monasteries, and also beaches. Everything in this city is actually to-die-for. 

Exploring Barcelona without having lots of preparation will not take you to the utmost experience that you might only have dreamed about. 

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