Exotic Places In Canada That Will Never Leave You Disappointed

Canada is an American state that is known to have a friendly people. Everyone will agree about that one thing for sure. This country is located in the northern part of America and has a very cold climate. 

Uniquely, Canada is surrounded by three oceans at once. And of course, Canada is big and this wide area has a variety of beautiful places that become an attraction for local and foreign tourists who wants to visit there.  

Every region in Canada has something interesting. No wonder if during the weekend or the holiday season, this place will be crowded with people. 

Beaches, lakes, waterfalls and national parks, these exotic places in Canada are very well known and of course very well maintained.

These places will not make you disappointed when you visit there. Stress, pressure, problems will vanish when you see the beauty that this tourist spot in Canada has. 

These tourist spots are not only beautiful, but also exotic. After reading this article, there will be no reason that comes to your mind for refusing an invitation to Canada.

Niagara Falls

The spell of Niagara Falls has been heard around the world. Who doesn’t know Niagara Falls? The one of the highest waterfalls in the world is said to have formed about 10,000 years ago. 

For your information, Niagara Falls reaches up to 50 meters high. With this fantastic height, Niagara Falls deserves to be named as one of the exotic places in Canada.

Niagara Falls looks unlike any other waterfall in general. Besides its large size, the shape of this waterfall also looks unique. You need to know, there are 3 waterfalls in Niagara Falls. The first waterfall is Horseshoe Falls. 

Unique name, right? This name is used because the shape of the waterfall resembles a horseshoe. This waterfall is the highest of the 3 other waterfalls, reaching 56 meters high. 

Unlike Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, is located right on the border of the United States. While the last waterfall is Bridal Veil Falls, this waterfall is the smallest size and looks like a bridal veil.

With more than one waterfall, of course the volume of water flowing from Niagara Falls is not small. Approximately more than 600,000 gallons of water flow per second from this waterfall. 

The water that flows not only comes from the many rivers that empties into Niagara Falls, but also comes from melting glaciers. 

With that much of water volume, it is only natural that Niagara Falls is called the waterfall that has the heaviest flow of water.

This is also used for the needs of local residents. Back then in 80s, around the Niagara Falls, a power station was built that would generate large amounts of electricity. To this day, this power plant has generated more than 2 million kilowatts of electricity.

There are several spots that are made for tourists to make it easier for them to see Niagara Falls, such as Queen Victoria Park. 

This park has many flowers and trees that are arranged very beautifully. Uniquely, through this park you can see the three beautiful waterfalls at once. But in the Cave of The Winds.

Here, you will feel the sensation of getting soaked from being hit by the water of the waterfall. That’s right, when you stand in the Cave of The Winds, the wind will blow hard and the water will immediately wet you. 

The very close distance to the waterfall will give you the experience of seeing a waterfall that you will never forget. When you visit here, you will see a rainbow that stretches over the swift waterfall.

Around this waterfall area, you will also have no trouble finding a place to eat. There are many restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels that were built to facilitate and provide comfort for visiting tourists.

Banff National Park

Visiting Canada’s oldest national park seems like a good idea, right? Banff National Park it is then. This national park spans over 6,000 square kilometers. 

This one of the exotic places in Canada is located in the rocky mountain areas, and the park features mountains, ice rinks, rivers, and coniferous forests.

With very clear skies in the morning and during the day, this park can be said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world to see the rainbow. 

Even if you are lucky, you will be able to witness two rainbows firsthand! How cool is that? Even more when you can watch the orange sky in the morning because of the beautiful sunlight.

Don’t forget to take a photo if you visit here, there is one photo spot that everyone can stick to. The place was named Lake Louise, after the name of a queen, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. 

In this lake, especially in summer, you can rent a canoe and enjoy the natural beauty around it. The lake that is no less beautiful is the Peyto Lake. This lake has a unique shape, which is in the form of a star, but only half of it. 

The beauty of the lake will be even more enchanting because of the pine trees surrounding this lake. Such a composition that is perfect to spoil your eyes.

In summer, the melting glaciers will reflect the sun’s light, this will make the Peyto Lake seems like it is full of gems. Don’t forget to ski! That’s right, you can try skiing at the Arthabasca Columbia Icefield. 

To get to the area, you have to rent a bus which will take you to the best spots for skiing. You should bring adequate equipment, including serrated shoes to prevent you from falling.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is one of the most phenomenal bays in the world. This is because, in this bay, there have been discoveries of animal and plant fossils that have long been extinct. 

The Bay of Fundy is located in the eastern part of Canada. Uniquely, this bay has the highest tidal height in the world, which is more than 15 meters.

In this bay, there are coastal rock formations that are unique in shape, these rocks look like big trees lining the coast. 

The unique rock shape is caused by the extreme tides. A number of animal and plant fossils have been found in this bay, especially on the steep cliffs.

Not only that, but the discovery of rare whales also happened here. Of course, you can see these rare whales, but by following the rules that have been set. 

Imagine crossing the ocean with a backdrop of cliffs and rocks behind you. The Bay of Fundy is one of the exotic places in Canada that is worth your time.

Pacific Rim National Park

A nature reserve established more than 40 years ago. This national reserve has three separate areas, they are Long Beach, Broken Group Islands and the West Coast Trail. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is located in western Vancouver.

Surfing, camping, snorkeling, do you want to do all of those things in one place? If so, then visit Long Beach fist. 

This region will provide you with all the exciting activities above. Long Beach will give an unforgettable adventure experience.

But if you feel like you still want to go on a more challenging adventure, come to the West Coast Trail. There, you can climb hills, camp in the open, and the best is to see the Pacific Rim view from a great height. 

There is a trekking path called “70 + backpacking”. To pass this route, it will take you more than a week by passing the waterfalls, forests, beaches and even caves to reach the end point of the West Coast Trail. Challenged to try it?

If you are someone who prefers the waters, don’t worry, you can come and visit Broken Island so you can sail, ride a boat, fish, and scuba dive. You can access this island by boat.

The combination of these three places makes the Pacific Rim National Park to be one of the exotic places in Canada. 

Come in summer or spring so you can be able to enjoy all activities without the disturbance of extreme weather

English Bay Beach

It is incomplete if we travel to a place, especially a beach, and we can’t enjoy the sunset. To experience a beautiful sunset in Canada, you can come and visit English Bay Beach which is located in Vancouver. This beach will be very crowded with tourists, especially in the afternoon.

The blue ocean and breezy wind will welcome you when you first set foot on the sand of the beach. There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of this beach. 

You can take beautiful photos of the ocean and sunsets, swim, sunbathe, play beach volleyball, even ride a casual bike here.

You can also do this by just sitting back, enjoying and observing the situation around you while eating hotdogs and ice cream. English Bay Beach is truly an exotic place in Canada with all its simplicity.

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