The Most Instagrammable Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is named as the home of Pharaohs with lots of gorgeous tombs and temples that will leave you jaw-dropping. 

The destination is not only about history though. Famed Nile River, wonderful scuba diving, vast dessert are another side of Egypt you should know.

Egypt offers beautiful landscapes with cultural treasures. Sand, sea, and sun interspersed with exotic heritage and culture touch, vast desserts, ancient monuments, and the famous Nile River are just a few reasons to visit Egypt at least once in your lifetime.

Egypt is such an incredible country that has been through lots of incidents. The chaos has been settled down along with the rise of country tourism. 

The country is full of beautiful tourist attractions that will blow up your mind. You can take a picture with a beautiful background to upload on your Instagram feed. 

Its dazzling coastline and beautiful temple make it a perfect Instagram heaven.  No wonder that everyone leaves Egypt with beautiful Instagram photos.

Marriot Mena House

This hotel lays on the top of the Pyramid view makes it a perfect place to enjoy the view of the Pyramid from distance. It offers you the best view of the Pyramid as well. 

Some rooms overlook the pyramids indeed. It means that when you wake up in the morning, sitting down at the balcony you can enjoy the great view of the pyramid as its main attraction.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

This is the most popular destination Egypt ever has. The last surviving of the Seven Wonders, this is one of the most decipherable landmarks. This was built as the tombs for Pharaohs with Sphinx as the guardians. 

The complex of Pyramid surely will awe you down throughout the ages. These days, this megalithic tomb to dead pharaohs is still an amazing sight that’s worth visiting.

It means nothing if you not visiting the Pyramid while in Egypt. This is such a must-visit destination every tourist must come over. 

If you are an Instagram enthusiast, this is the right place for you to take some beautiful photos. For a better experience, it would be good to hire a private guide. 

A private guide is also cheap, very suitable for those with a limited budget. If your time is limited, you can actually walk around the Pyramid right at the right sites for about two hours but if you have free time, you can spend all day long here.

The White Dessert

The fabled White Desert is located twenty-eight miles north of Farafra. The desert is unearthly magnificence with the bizarre white formation of rocks developing from the sand. The bizarre structure was the result of an infrequent sandstorm as well. 

Desert is also a must-see destination while visiting Egypt and the White Dessert will make everything impressive. This dessert was naturally shaped from chalk mountains that make it looks like a snowy wonderland in the middle of the dry island.

The landscape looks like something you usually see in a science fiction movie. Its pinnacle iceberg and white boulders are just amazing. 

If you are a desert fan, this could be a weird desert you have never seen before but it will surely give you magnificent natural scenery. 

Its white-colored sand is great to be the photo background. This is also considered as one of the most unique places on earth.

Nubian village

The Nubian village is located in the Aswan district. The village is colorful and located at the bank of the Nile River. 

This little village is very unique with homes in the village that are colored with different color shades and geometric shapes. The shapes of triangles represent the 3 most important sources for Nubians. 

The Nile and sky are represented by various blue shades, stunning yellow that represent the sun, and neon green that represents the earth. Another unique facet about Nubian village is the existence of crocodiles.

The crocodile used to be Nubian’s pet in the past. Nowadays, they only remain for entertaining vacationers. Back in the old days, the villagers covered their home entrance with firmed sand as the symbols of the animal entering their house. 

It will take about forty-five minutes to reach the location by using a motorboat. The beautiful colors will make your photo looks absolutely stunning.

Valley of the Kings

This landmark is also popular among travelers. Valley of the Kings is the best place to recognize the kings of Egypt’s history. All the kings were buried here. 

The sixty-three tombs were beautifully carved on the cliff of the valley. It was started to build in the 11th century BC. Powerful nobles, Pharaohs, and their families were buried here.

The largest tomb, KV5 was specially built for the King Ramses II’s son with more than 130 rooms and prosperous decorations to represent Egyptian mythology. 

You can take a photo in front of the tombs. You will be only allowed to take a picture in three tombs, so you have to decide which one you choose and hurry.

Abu Simbel

The town of Abu Simbel is also located in Aswan. You will just need to drive about 3.5 hours to the south of Aswan. 

Abu Simbel is known for temples built by King Ramses II. The temple is adorned with an enormous statuary standing guard on the outside with the interior is decorated with amazing wall paintings. 

The two rock temples were built in the 13th century as they were also carved on one side of the mountain.

These temples were initially dedicated to queen Nefertari and the pharaoh. It was situated somewhere else but when the Aswan High Dam reservoir was built in 1968, the temples were relocated. 

Simbel is also famous for its incredible feat, which sees the entire temple moved from its initial arrangement. 

To have a great photo, you can take a picture on the outer side of the temple. Consider coming earlier before 9 am to make this temple feels like yours.

Sofitel Winter Palace

This hotel is located near the Nile River. The terrace will show you another perfect spot of Nile River you haven’t seen before. 

Since it is near the river, all the view offered is about the river as well. You can swim in the pool while enjoying the sunset. The ground is also beautiful makes it perfect for an Instagram shot.

Karnak Temple

Karnak is a complex of chapels and temples, including the remarkable Hypostyle Hall. It covers more than 5,000 m2 as well as containing more than 134 columns. 

Thus, it can reach equal to ten meters tall. Karnak is a huge open temple that took many years to construct. 

More than thirty pharaohs were contributed to the structure expansion and the temple design. This temple is a must-see destination when you are in Egypt.

The temple is located in the Luxor district. It has lots of crannies and nooks that are perfect for photography enthusiasts. 

When the first time you walk into the temple, you will notice that the temple highlight is the best spot to take a photo. 

After the entrance door, you will see some huge pillars spotted shortly. You can hire a private guide to accompany you walking around as well as exploring the history of the Karnak temple.

Hot air balloon ride

Luxor still offers a great opportunity to enjoy your vacation. If you a morning person, you can try hot air balloons ride on the West Bank to boost your mood. 

This is the best way to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Besides, this will be a great picture you can share with your followers.

Al Mustafa Mosque

This unique mosque is located in Sharm El-Sheikh which is known for its sea tropical heaven. This is such a perfect place to end your journey in Egypt. The view from the Airplane heading to Sharm El-Sheikh is just unbelievable.

Al Mustafa Mosque was designed uniquely with some articulated details that make it amazingly gorgeous. The mosque looks completely different at day and night. 

You compare the differences by taking photos at both times.  A city tour is also offered to let you know about the mosque details and history behind it.

Red Sea coast

Sharm El-Sheikh offers great value for your vacation. One of the most popular destinations you can visit is the red sea coast. 

You can enjoy blue waters along with an unbelievable amount of exotic coral and fish makes it the best destination for diving. 

You can also try snorkeling here as the water is crystal clear. Scuba is also available if you are an adrenaline junkie who wants to explore under the sea.

The best time to visit Egypt is when the temperature is cooler from October to April. The temperature is warm across the country. 

It makes your exploring will be lots of fun. However, if you visit Egypt between May and September, you will experience a hot summer season.  During the summer, the price is also lower.

Egypt has so much fun to do and see for travelers. It’s such a perfect country for a blend of activities that combine relaxation, adventure, and culture.

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