10 Underrated Exotic Places in France: Romantic, Classic, Dazzling

We all know France. Such a beautiful country, and we always refer to it as one of the most romantic places on earth. From its very luxurious buildings to very classical monuments, France has it all. 

Do not forget the dazzling night we will get through there, with such street lamps, gardens, parks, and other beautiful details of the country. Today, let’s talk about 10 underrated exotic places in France you should know, to make your holiday there even more tremendously beautiful.

Mont Saint-Michel

The very first spot of the exotic places in France is Mont Saint-Michel. The runner up of love landmarks, yet so naturally beautiful, this small island is built rocky gracefully. It will be such an experience to sit on the rocks facing the free ocean with such a powerful feeling.

Though graceful, the island is also beautiful in a gothic way, making it a lot different from the other France’s spots. The gothic euphoria also built the medieval experience around the island, supported by the sea wind, small classic houses, and beautiful sky.

Côte d’Azur

Côte d’Azur, the beautiful beach line of France is the next exotic natural spot tourists are putting on their visit priority list. This coastline is also known as the French Riviera, the name itself already showing how gorgeous the beach is.

But of course, Cote d’Azur is also well known for its expensive rate, due to the Bourjois living around the beach, or the high rate hotels for rich tourists. Tourists such as the royal family, celebrities, and also famous artists are the typical tourists who give this place a visit. 

Yet the international regular tourists still manage to give the beach a visit.

The beach is also famous for the coastal cities, such as the Cannes, St-Tropez, and also Nice. Filled with beautiful resorts and beautiful fine-dining restaurants, the beach and the coastal cities look wonderful during the day and even more during the night.


As the most important administrative center of France, Versailles is humbly open for tourists who want to do some visit and learn more about the country. One of the most famous buildings in Versailles people love to visit is the Chateau or the grand palace. 

It was once the house of the Kings and Queens, including the famous Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

For its very historical and exquisite building, Versaille is a lot of people’s favorite. Its gardens are also wonderfully beautiful with the medieval manicure. 

If you want to pay a visit to somewhere classically beautiful and hold history, do not hesitate to give Versailles a visit.

If you are planning to visit the Versailles, we would so much recommend you visit from 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm on Thursday for its occasional events.


Very famous for its location and also the fun history of the dancing plague, Strasbourg is the next recommended exotic place in France. Especially for its heritage story for being ‘born’ from France and also Germany. 

The scenic environment, houses, cathedral, and river making it even more beautiful.

Some tourists even recall Strasbourg as Venice’s biggest rival. They both have beautiful rivers, classic buildings, and such a scene of the theatrical environment.

Making them both look like twins, but each with different characteristics. Only France has more of a romantic vibe and euphoria. Also, Strasbourg has the Black Forest, making it unique and having one point in front of Venice.


Normandy is one independent region of France that bears its weightful history and also charm. As an apart place of France, Normandy is a very fierce environment with a warm and welcoming euphoria.

Again, as an apart place, Normandy is blessed with stunning beaches all over the place. Its architecture is also beyond breathtaking, and do not forget to mention its very fine, very fancy seafood. 

For its very strong bond with the sea, Normandy is also well known for the seafood, beaches, and ocean.

Normandy also offers very fun summer activities for its tourists. Tanning, playing games, cycling, or just walking around the region or coastline to enjoy the beautiful summer air is just tourists’ every intention.

Arc de Triomphe

Sitting in the western end of the Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe is one of the historical sites tourists love to visit in French. As iconic it is as French’s national identity symbol, people love cycling or taking pictures in the monument.

As Arc de Triomphe witnessed most of France’s history, tourists tend to enrich the experiences of the holiday by learning the past of France. Not only by walking under the site but also to walk up to almost 300 stairs to the top.

Not only rich with history, but the beautiful design of the monument also brings life and aspiration to the area. Making tourists non-stop coming there to take good sightseeing. 

Visitors always say it is worth it to take a long walk to reach the monument and see the whole Champs-Élysées from the top of the site.

Louvre Palace

Located in the Right Bank of the Seines Paris, France, Louvre Palace was the main palace of Charles V during the 14th century. Bring the historical vibe in it, Louvre Palace has been one of the most exotic places in France people love to visit.

Aside from being rich with history, Louvre Palace’s architectural design is also really luxurious yet modern, making it hard to ignore. Even people from around the world know the building, due to massive information and photographs about the palace on the internet. 

The crystal design makes it cushy and beautiful, especially at night when the lamps shine through the building.

As famous as it is, sometimes the line to get in the site gets pretty long, due to massive tourists waiting to enter. We are suggesting you visit earlier at dawn or dusk, to avoid long lines that will take more time.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Though burnt down a few years ago, the cathedral is still looking beautiful and historical. Its artistic and classical design makes the euphoria fancier than the other side of France. 

Making it even one of the finest French gothic buildings, with Medieval taste. The antique design brings more value than making people fall in love with the building even more.

For now, after the massive fire, people are not allowed yet to be too close to the Cathedral, due to be rebuilt from February 2020. Under the reconstruction, you will still be able to see the rest of the building from around the area. 

Though watching a reconstruction is not something very appealing, it is still fine to see the magnificent rest of the building.

Château De Chenonceau

Situated near the river Cher, the Château de Chenonceau is a hefty building just at the top of the river’s surface, making it one of the gems of Loire Valley. Very well-known for its rich history and collection, Château de Chenonceau has been one of the tourists’ top priority visits.

The history it holds was the dwelling place of the Marques. It was torched as a punishment to the former owner, named Jean in 1412. As then it was rebuilt in 1430, it was then being sold and became the historical site of France.

The beautiful design also sells more of the building, with the uniqueness of standing just on the river, making it look like a castle. Located a bit far from Paris, making it not surrounded by too many visitors and locals, such a great place to spend time in tranquility.


Bordeaux, situated in France is a gem of the stunning sunset. Drive around almost 6 hours from Paris, you shall see the beautiful scenic city of Bordeaux. 

The Bordeaux is also very well known for its wine-producing and strategic location of being surrounded by exotic places in France.

Bordeaux also has lots of amazing churches and cathedrals. Mansions and museums are also pretty numerous, making the place, even more, looking vintage and beautiful. 

If you are into a chilling holiday just walking around the streets, get ready to spoil yourself with coffee shops, food trucks, and wine shops just around the streets. Do not hesitate to do some wine-tasting in Bordeaux, it is very famous for the quality of the wine.


Lyon became one of the five largest cities in France, making it very famous for tourists. Not only tourists, but also students abroad of student exchange, scholarships, or other programs mostly choose Lyon as a place to study. 

It’s very vintage and modern design making the city intriguing for students and also tourists.

Not only filled with students’ vibe, but Lyon is also very well known for famous clubs and pubs, making the night pretty chill for the tourists who want to spend a dazzling night in France without having to be in Paris.

If you are more into shopping or culinary, we also suggest Lyon more. For its very luxurious yet minimalist shops, delicious cuisine all over the city, and other delightful shops you can visit, it will never be disappointing to visit Lyon.


And that is it! 10 exotic places in France we recommend you to visit!

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