10 Exotic Places in Germany to Visit Soon

Some people only recall Germany as an industrial place, a home of legendary cars, but not a very picturesque place. Well, who knows that Germany can be really beautiful and scenic in some spots?

Its panorama is also breathtakingly beautiful. 

Maybe, we should talk about at least 10 exotic places in Germany, and how fascinatingly pulchritudinous those destinations are. Maybe, it is so admirable you will want to visit them soon!

Gärten der Welt

Situated in Berlin, Gärten der Welt is one of the exotic places in Germany we would recommend you to visit. A very beautiful gardening show, even worth the anomaly of “Gardens of the World”. 

Exquisite and admirable, tourists love to visit the garden as a low-cost vacation.

The greenish color of the leaves combined with pastel flowers or strong-colored flowers makes it look very joyful and beautiful. Butterflies and wild insects are also having a good time there, and it is looking amusing instead of terrifying for tourists.

Not only can it be a heart-warming background for your Instagram pictures, but you can also learn about gardens from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and even Islamic since this garden has all of them.

Sächsische Schweiz

Next is the Sächsische Schweiz, located in Saxony. Situated in a climbing area, with hefty rocks, this place suits people who are demanding a more challenging and adventurous holiday. 

It is also said that the Elbe River which flows around the rock formations has very fresh and clear water. Tourists love to explore for some self-encouraging training.

Next is the Sächsische Schweiz, located in Saxony. Situated in a climbing area, with hefty rocks, this place suits people who are demanding a more challenging and adventurous holiday. 

It is also said that the Elbe River which flows around the rock formations has very fresh and clear water. Tourists love to explore for some self-encouraging training.

Nearby the hefty rocks or even surrounding it is a fortress you can walk on to. It is classical and just beautiful. 

From there, climb a little higher and you will also find the waterfall, which is so beautiful, just balancing the whole area perfectly.


Now let’s talk about the Bernkastel-Kues, located in the Mosel Valley, Rheinland-Pfalz. The Mosel Valley is a very exquisite place, where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of a very classical city. 

You can also see how grapevines just border the town and houses, making it more beautiful and basically what tourists are expecting and dreaming about old, fascinating Germany.

Visitors love this place so much and rely on the place as their staying place. For you to wake up in the morning and see a very boisterous neighborhood, and Germany’s authentic panorama, is just something tourists would not trade. 

It is also the grapes, things that people are looking for in this place. Yes, you will want and love the German grapes here.

The Mosel River just next to the town is also a very exquisite place to pay a visit. You can just sit and relax next to the river. It is really fun to enjoy.


Demanding a beautiful, historical holiday in one of the most exotic places in Germany? If so, you might want to visit the monument of Walhalla, which is located in Bavaria, Germany. 

As the building is built on the top of the mountain, it will be a very thriving road trip to come here.

This very hefty building also resembles the temple of the gods. The gods it is telling comes from Norse mythology. If you never heard one, they played an important role in the operas by Richard Wagner.

This building was built in the 19th century by the Kind Ludwig I, as a hall for lauded Germans. It was meant to walk through history, thus beautifully designed to make it, even more, Germany authentic. 

If you also would like to try an eerie holiday, you can visit the place and give it a try.

Heilandskirche Sacrow

Want a more religious holiday? You might want to visit the Heilandskirche Sacrow, or a church with Italianate design, situated just really close to the Sacrower Lake. 

It is religiously and historically fascinating. By this building is also available some historical ruthlessness story of the government of the East German, and the people fighting back.

As a decades building, it still stands strong as a reunion place now. Tourists love to visit the place as a memorial trip, or just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. 

Its natural environment is also really good for health and sanity. We are pretty sure you will love this tranquil place.


Want to see something new? Such as Germany’s unique building architecture located at Rügen, Binz is also called the place of cures. 

This is a place where you can feel the sea breezes and also the open space makes you feel the air and wind just brushing your hair. The pulchritudinous panorama is also eye-spoiling.

Not only beautiful but also this place holds a very controversial history. It greatly tells about the young Nazi Men and Women, also the East German government. 

What is great about the history telling, is that it does not necessarily make the tourists feel eerie. It makes the tourists feel comfortable being around the area.

The Romantic Road

For those visitors who want to feel the medieval environment, we would so much recommend you to visit the Romantic Road, Germany. It is very cultural, the scenery is just beyond exquisite, and overall just help you observe the medieval feeling. It is the environment that pursues all of it.

As this place is running to the dreamy Neuschwanstein Castle, you will feel the euphoria of visiting the Queen with a traditional horse-cart. Through the city of Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the experiences you will be experiencing is even more than just enchanting.

It is unpreparedly exquisite. With the churches and old houses standing by the road, the dreamy castle and kingdom life is right in front of you. 

Is it only about the dreamy kingdom life? Of course no. By visiting this road and the old building around it, you will also have the chance to learn the local hospitality, the history behind the people, the culture of the place and also the art, and last but not least is the nature and beauty of the city.


Who does not love the old town trip? Let’s take a look at Regensburg, where the overflowing local life, and also the student life, this very beautiful city is always the right place to visit. 

Unlike most cities that keep evolving to look more modern, Regensburg is standing on its very classical tone and vibrant. The flow of the environment is what people have been thinking about “Germany”. That is why this place is on everyone’s list of exotic places in Germany.

Do not forget that this town is also a treasure of culture and also history for tourists. As its churches, buildings, alleys, and every spot contains a history to tell, it is very beautiful to look at. 

In this city, you will have plenty of activities to do. You can do some cycling to some rock climbing, each activity has its very unique feeling and fun.


Let’s talk about Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany. People know Munich for its very famous Oktoberfest, the local beer culture, the very exquisite environment, and the cosmopolitan euphoria in every corner of the city. 

The magnificent architecture of the city, including some parks, museums, and what you would know it: castles, just brings every other energy you would never find somewhere else. It is so exuberant, pulchritudinous.

You can spend a day in Munich doing sightseeing, some shopping, and also of course fine dining. The city even looks more beautiful and attractive at night, as what makes tourists love to spend more time and night in the city rather than the day.

 If you demand some more historical holiday or something that helps with knowledge, now that Munch has the world’s largest museum of technology. You can also visit the Englisher Garten, and the brewery of Hofbrauhaus. I mean, wouldn’t you?


Hamburg, the historical fascinating city to the dazzling nightlife of Europe, is on our last list as something we would so much recommend to you. Do not forget about the River Elbe, Germany, which makes it even more dazzling.

Hamburg is what we know as the treasure of Germany, with world-class building architecture, art, culture, and memorial.

If you are a person with contemporary taste, we would so much recommend you to visit Hamburg, especially the HafenCity district. Known as the most ambitious inner-city development, this spot of Hamburg is going to be fascinating for you.


And overall, that is it! 10 Exotic places in Germany that we would so much recommend you to visit. Have you decided which one for your priority list?

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