11 Instagrammable Places in Philippines You Should Visit!

Many travelers nowadays are looking for places that are not only popular but also Instagram – worthy. Philippines is one of the archipelago countries that is located in Southeast Asian. 

As a country that has thousands of small and big islands, you can find so many instagrammable places in Philippines.

This country is separate from the other countries in Southeast Asian such as Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia. 

Therefore, Philippines surely has various distinct differences in culture and natural beauty.

List of 11 Instagrammable Places in Philippines

These wonderful instagrammable places in Philippines are already popular and some of them are not well – known before.

1. Banaue Rice Terraces

You want to experience the calmness and peacefulness by laying yourself towards natural environment? Philippines offers you a chance to experience the peacefulness by visiting The Banaue Rice Terraces. 

These are terraces that were carved using minimal equipment, dominantly by hand, by the ancestors from the indigenous people.

The beautifulness of this place makes UNESCO lists it as one of the World Heritage Sites in 1995. This rice terraces is known as a living cultural landscape. 

You can get to Banaue Rice Terraces by riding a bus from Manila. Choose Coda Lines and Ohayami Trans since only these two operators that provide the route.

2. Anilao

Want to have captivating underwater photos for your Instagram album? Then go to Anilao in Mabini, Batangas, Philippines. 

This place is a paradise for those who like scuba diving. This place is surrounded by natural scenery which makes your photos look more stunning. The water is crystal clear which makes it looks like a transparent glass.

To get to Anilao is very easy. You can ride a Batangas bound buses from Manila such as JAC, Tritran, Jam Liner, and Alps which operate the routes to Batangas. 

After you arrive at Batangas City Bus Terminal then continue to go to Anilao Port by using a Mabini bound jeep. The fare is very cheap and only takes time for about 2 hours in total.  

3. Vigan

If you are kind of person who prefer to go to historical sites, then Vigan is the best place in Philippines you have to choose. 

Vigan offers its visitors with numerous instagrammable places in Philippines. Here, you can visit Calle Crisologo in Vigan that has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Calle Crisologo in Vigan has numerous photo spots on horse – drawn carriages, cobblestoned streets, rustic mansions and bahay na bato. 

Photos that you took here will have a vintage touch as this place preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. If you want to try various of traditional street food, then stop by on Plaza Burgos that located near Vigan Cathedral.

You can get to Vigan by riding a bus from Cubao as well as from Manila. The travel time only takes for about six to seven hours. You can also opt for booking a flight to Laoag. then continue to ride a bus.

4. Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is one of the most popular tourist spots available in Tagaytay City. Tagaytay City is very famous for its cold weather. 

People from the capital city usually come to this place looking for the cold breeze that they almost never experience in the big city. Hiking Taal Volcano surely will feed your soul and eyes with wonderful sight.

How to get here? You only need for about one to two hours to get to Tagaytay City from Manila. You can ride a bus from Manila that goes directly to Tagaytay and continue by riding a tricycle to arrive in Taal Volcano. 

You can also booking for jeepneys once you get in Tagaytay to go to Talisay Bay. Just go to jeepney terminal and check for the availability.

5. Pagudpud

Pagudpud is located in North Ilocos on the north coast of Luzon Island. This place is one of the most wonderful places in the Philippines. 

The beach is very calm and quiet so you can feel the serenity when sitting alone on the coast. There are many resorts you can find here on the Saud Beach.

Going to this wonderful place is not difficult. You can get to Pagudpud by riding a bus named G.V Florida Transport from Manila that go directly to Pagudpud. 

The duration needed to go to Pagudpud from Manila is about ten hours only. The other way to go to Pagudpud is by booking a flight to Laoag. When arrive in Laoag, you can continue by riding a bus to Pagudpud.

6. Subic

Want to catch the beautifulness of sunset in one of the most instagrammable places in Philippines? 

Philippines offers its visitors with the beautifulness of the sunset view in Subic. Subic is located in the northwest of Manila. This place is technically a coastal municipality that has beautiful sandy beaches.

Looking for sunset view has been kind of personal ritual when we are going to different places. Subic will present you a very satisfying scenery. 

Subic Bay is not only well – known for its wonderful sunset but also for its numerous coral species and shipwrecks that make this place as a favorite dive site in Philippines.

Subic is very close to Manila so you can get to this coast by riding a bus for approximately three hours. You can stop in Pasay terminals or Cubao.

7. White Island of Camiguin

Have you ever seen a white island? Well, Philippines has one stunning White Island in Camiguin. This island is literally white especially when you see it from above. 

This amazing island is located from the northern coast of Camiguin for ten minutes away. White Island or Medan Island also called as powdery paradise since it has beautiful white sand.

You can get to White Island by renting a boat for approximately PHP 450 only and pay extra 50 PHP for the entrance. This island is very famous for its stunning sunset. 

Therefore, many tourists choose to go to this island at lunch time and spending couple of hours on this island before it sunset. You can get to Camiguin by flight as this province has its own airport.

8. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is one of the most instagrammable places in Philippines you should visit when you go to this country. 

This lake is located in Coron island which has eight lakes with only two of them being open to the public. Kayangan Lake has clear and clean water which make the visitors able to see underneath it.

Toward the inland lake, there is a steep which needs for about 300 steps to go uphill. Kayangan Lake is very easy to reach by booking a flight to Busuanga Airport. 

The travel time only needs for about one hour. From the airport, you can ride a van that go directly toward Coron town. 

After you reach Coron town, you can choose whether renting a private boat or joining Coron Island Tour.

9. Big Lagoon

The lake in Big Lagoon offers its tourist with numerous activities such as swimming, boating, crabbing, kayaking, fishing, crabbing and many more. 

This place is less crowded compared to the other island hopping tours. If you want to explore more deeply into the Big Lagoon, then it is better if you rent a kayak.

Big Lagoon is located in El Nido which you can reach this place by flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. There are several local airlines that operates the routes to Puerto Princesa such as Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. 

When you arrive at Puerto Princesa City, you can choose renting a tricycle or take a multi – cab. Shuttle vans are also available for the tourist here.

10. Mantigue Island

Like we already know that Philippines is one of the archipelago countries in Southeast Asian, besides Indonesia, so no wonder that this place has numerous fabulous islands. 

One of the islands in Philippines that has mesmerizing view is Mantigue Island in Camiguin. You can experience the beautifulness of this small island once you get off of the boat.

Mantigue island is surrounded by long white sandbar which makes you breathless. You can say that this place is a dreamt island since it has all the ideal standards to be categorized like that. 

This island has crystal – clear turquoise water which enableyou to see coral sand fish from the boat. You only need for about 20 minutes by riding a boat from mainland Camiguin to get to this place.

11. Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach is located in El Nido town which you can reach this place by renting a tricycle or motorbike. It only takes for about 30 minutes drive to reach this beautiful place. 

Nacpan is one of the longest beach available in Philippines that offers its visitors with crystal clear blue waters. There are numerous activities can be done here such as snorkeling and swimming.

You can also do several sports here such as soccer and beach volleyball. This beach is less crowded so Nacpan Beach can be your best option if you want to feel the sense of private beach for your own.

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