5 Scenic Night Spots in Singapore That Can Be Visited For Free

Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Many tourist attractions can be visited with friends, couples, and family. 

In fact, at night, many foreign tourists visit tourist attractions. There are many Scenic Night Spots in Singapore that you will love to miss.

Some of the night’s attractions present a natural charm and a stunning show. In fact, there are several night attractions that you can visit for free. 

Therefore, you need to recommend singapore’s most popular night spots that foreign tourists can visit for free.

Why Are Singapore's Nightlife So Popular With Foreign Tourists?

Singapore is indeed a country that is worth visiting by foreign tourists. Because, many tourist attractions are instagramable. 

In fact, the attraction presents performances in the evenings. Therefore, you can visit night time attractions that are no less interesting than other tourist attractions in Singapore.

Generally, these evening attractions serve interesting shows to street food dishes that must be visited by foreign tourists while in Singapore. That’s why you can visit some of Singapore’s most popular attractions that are only available at night.

Why Are Singapore's Nightlife So Popular With Foreign Tourists?

Singapore is indeed one of the safest countries in the world. So you can still walk to night attractions without fear of the risk of becoming a victim of crime. On average, night tours are cheaper than visiting conventional tourist attractions.

Because, the cost incurred to visit this conventional tourist attraction requires a considerable cost. Meanwhile, the cost of traveling in Singapore at night is cheaper and even free of charge for certain places. As a result, Singapore is always visited by backpackers from all over the world.

For those of you who plan to travel at Singapore with backpacker method, then you must know some night time attractions that are a must visit because you do not need to spend on admission or free. 

Must-See Night Attractions in Singapore For Free

There are many free attractions that you can visit at night in Singapore. Generally, these tourist attractions are always crowded with foreign andlocal tourists. Although it is free, the night spot provided is equipped with complete facilities. 

So, the tourists feel comfortable when visiting the place. Therefore, here are some of the must-see nightlife in Singapore for free. Among them are the following:

1. Movie Mob

Movie Mob is a place that serves free cinema facilities for visitors. This free cinema always plays box office movies according to visitor demand.

So it’s no wonder that the Movie Mob area is always crowded into visitors. Around the area, there are several merchants selling a variety of foods and soft drinks. 

Then there is also a small chair that makes you feel at home watching movies played in Movie Mob.

If you are interested in visiting Movie Mob, then you can go directly to the White Sands area and Bedok Center. You don’t have to worry, because there’s no cost of seeing movies in Movie Mob. 

All you have to do is spending money to buy food and soft drinks while watching the movie that’s playing.

2. Lau Pa Sat Culinary Market

It’s not complete if you don’t visit Lau Pa Sat culinary market when traveling at Singapore. This culinary market is certainly different from other culinary markets. Because, Lau Pa Sat culinary market is only open at night only. 

In addition, the location of Lau Pa Sat culinary market is also quite strategic. This culinary market is located in the city center, which is about a 5-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT station. 

At Lau Pa Sat culinary market, you can find various restaurants serving cuisine from other countries, such as Nasi Padang khas Indonesia, Nasi Hainan from China, Nasi Kebuli from Arabia, and others.

The interesting thing about Lau Pa Sat culinary market is its location right behind the skyscrapers. So, this culinary market is very suitable as a photo background with friends, couples, and family.

There is no entrance fee to Lau Pa Sat’s culinary market. It’s just that you need to spend money to buy food or drinks at lau pa sat food stalls, according to what you buy.

3. Light Attractions in Gardens by The Bay

Gardens by The Bay are one of singapore’s instagramable tourist recommendations. When night falls, Gardens by The Bay becomes one of the scenic night spots in Singapore that must be visited by foreign tourists. Of course, this Gardens by The Bay does not offer the beauty of flora when night falls. 

However, in this Gardens by The Bay you can see the light attractions of the plants in Gardens by The Bay. 

Every night from 7.45pm to 8.45pm Singapore time, there are several light attractions to watch at Gardens by The Bay. This light show is only in the Garden Rhapsody zone.

The lights are subject to change color according to the rhythm of the music played. You don’t have to pay for admission to the Garden Rhapsody zone. Because, the manager frees the entrance fee to the Garden Rhapsody zone for the public.

4. Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges is a bridge suitable for taking selfies from above the heights. Southern Ridges is also one of singapore’s instagramable attractions.

No wonder many people come here to see Singapore above high at night. You don’t have to be afraid, everyone is free to cross the bridge located on Singapore’s Southern Island.

In addition, you don’t have to pay for admission to the Southern Ridges area. Because, Southern Ridges is one of the scenic night spots in Singapore that can be visited by foreign tourists for free. 

For backpackers, you must visit Southern Ridges to see a panoramic view of Singapore’s natural beauty at night.

5. Mohammad Sultan Road

Singapore is also known for its street food. In addition to Lau Pa Sat culinary market, there are also other culinary markets that are no less crowded by tourists. One of them is mohammad sultan road culinary market.

Here, you can enjoy typical food and drinks from Malay and Arabic countries. So, you can not find halal food in Mohammad Sultan Road. In the past, buildings in the Mohammad Sultan Road area were just empty uninhabited buildings.

However, the Singapore government later transformed the Mohammad Sultan Road area into a culinary market serving halal food and beverages from various Southeast Asian and Arab Countries. So, Mohammad Sultan Road is one of the free tourist attractions that you can visit at night while in Singapore.

6. Boat Quay and Clark Quay

For those of you who want to have dinner with friends, couples, or family with a background of very interesting scenery, then you can visit Boat Quay and Clark Quay. 

At Boat Quay and Clark Qua. Here, you can choose from several restaurants, pubs, and clubs that have a variety of food and beverage menus.

What’s interesting about Boat Quay and Clark Quay is the many lights that illuminate the area and you can enjoy a meal on board. 

So, you can feel the sensation of dinner on board accompanied by live music that plays your favorite songs of course.

If you are interested in visiting Boat Quay and Clark Quay, then you can take the monorail train (MRT) from the nearest station and get off at the Clark Quay monorail train (MRT) station. After that, you exit the station area and then walk towards the Singapore River.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Singapore's Nightlife ?

For those of you who want to travel to Singapore by backpacker method, then the cost you need during your visit to Singapore is not too expensive. First, the cost is transportation from your home to Changi International Airport, Singapore.

Generally, one-way airfares are around SGD 165 or US$ 121.10 to SGD 555 or US$ 407.35. These fees do not include transportation from Changi Airport to your destination. For that, prepare at least SGD 600 or US$ 440.37.

For lodging, you can choose a cheap stay. In Singapore itself, there are several cheap lodgings with adequate facilities for backpackers from abroad. 

For a two-star hotel, the price of a stay per night is around SGD 46.25 or US$ 33.76. So, by choosing a cheap stay, you can save on expenses while on holiday in Singapore.

For a selection of tourist attractions, you can try visiting scenic night spots in Singapore. On average, new attractions operating at night are free or free.

All you have to do is buy food and drinks available at the tourist attractions you visit. So, the total cost required during a visit to a night spot while in Singapore is around SGD 312 or US$ 229 to SGD 400 or US$ 294.

A trip to Singapore is certainly one of the best options for backpackers. Because, you don’t need a big enough cost during your trip in Singapore, especially in night time attractions. To do so, plan your holiday to scenic night spots in Singapore

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