Top-Rated Switzerland Tourist Hidden Places 2020: What to Do and How to Get There

Switzerland, the mountainous country, is a popular destination for both skiing and hiking. But what do you expect to get while being there? 

The famous tourist attractions or Switzerland tourist hidden places? Visiting this magical country means spending most of your days outdoor since there are countless breathtaking sceneries to look at.

Before planning your itinerary, please gain as many as information, including the best time to go there. Here, we conclude some:

  • For sightseeing. If sightseeing pleases you most, you better leave when the weather is pleasantly warm, which is around mid-April through mid-October.
  • For good weather. To breathe some fresh air and escape from your boring daily routine in big cities, you need to go there at the time of warm weather with the least chance of getting rain, which is in July or September.
  • For snow sports. You may have your answer toward this one. Yes, late April or early May is your month.
  • For hiking. Late April or early May will be perfect when all the snow has melted.

Best Hidden Gems in Switzerland You Must Visit This Year

At first, you think of Switzerland and make plans to get there, go exploring (by online of course). As every nook in this country is like hiding magnificent gems that the least people know. 

From one border to others, there is nothing you can skip. Check the following unpopular tourist destinations you must visit:

  • This place is a little mountain village at the elevation of about 1274 m, which is located just above Lauterbrunnen. As it is a car-free area, so you should park yours in Lauterbrunnen and reach Wengen only by hiking trail or cogwheel train.
  • Another car-free area you must visit. It is located at a height of 1300 m and you can reach this area by Stoosbahn funicular rail only from Zurich.
  • If you love hiking that much, this little mountain village offers some of the most breathtaking hikes in Switzerland. To reach Zermatt easily, the train must be the best answer. Followed by Glacier Experts from St. Moritz.

Secret Places in Switzerland for Your Most Romantic and Adventurous Honeymoon

Before reading the following list, ask yourself (and your spouse) what kind of place you dream of for both of you. 

Honeymoon means having a real holiday as husband and wife, as the starting point of your marriage life. So, why don’t you make it as bold as ever to be remembered as one of the most days in your life?

La Gruyere

This is one of Switzerland’s tourist hidden places you must visit. Set aside the magnificent scenery, as this village pampers your eyes with Swiss people wear their traditional Swiss clothing (though some mainly wear them in traditional festivals), visit Swiss cheese-making factories and one of the best chocolate factories. 

This remote area is easier to reach, which is by car.


Thick palm trees, azure water bodies, and massive mountains bring such a great atmosphere for lovebirds. You can walk hand in hand with your partner around the romantic city of Ascona, or build an unforgettable moment by taking a cable car ride.

St. Moritz

This is our top list of the most romantic place to visit in Switzerland. Do adventurous activities with your partner, such as skiing, enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride, and shopping amidst the scenic backdrop.

Aletsch Glacier

This is a UNESCO world heritage site with a length of 23 km, which sets it as the largest glacier in the Alps. There are buses and trains to reach this site from Aletsch village. Take your time to hike to view over the entire Aletsch Glacier.


The reasons why we choose it as one of the Switzerland tourist hidden places are their beautiful city sights, lakes, cultural events, and the churches. You cannot even describe their beauty enough in words. 

Just imagine why they get called as one of the best honeymoon places in Switzerland. Truly romantic by nature. You can take a bus or train from any major city in Switzerland or even from the north of Italy.

Unexplored Places in Switzerland Even Swiss People Do Not Know

Creux de Van

This is the giant natural amphitheater that took millions of years of erosion in the Jura Mountains. 

Its 160 meter high curving vertical cliff is like a real haven for marmots, ibex, birds of prey, and other species of wildlife. You can reach the site for two hours driving from Geneva.

Etang de la Gruère

This is a beautiful small lake hidden in the Jura Mountain. Not too afraid of getting lost walking around the entirety of it as there are guided tours. The scenery of it may deceive you at once, as it looks like the Nordic regions than central Europe.

Top 5 Romantic Places to Visit in Switzerland You Should Never Miss

The combination of Alpine scenery and quaint villages make Switzerland unbeatable. In the state of wonderland charm. 

Where is your imagination running while reading storybooks? The snow-capped peaks, emerald valleys, picturesque lakeside hamlets, glittering blue lakes, and a glacier? 

That fairytale beauty exists in real life. In Switzerland. Visit the following sites to enlarge your imagination.


It used to be popular as a watchmaking center but it turns to a tourist resort these days. The jaw-dropping scenery of three famous Swiss mountains: the Jungfrau, the Eiger, and the Monch. 

Besides, the Swiss traditional culinary sites and woodcarving school should be attended while you are there.


The capital of Switzerland and the perfect place to see the medieval town architecture.


We may call it as a city of culture. Besides the stunning scenery of Lake Zurich and the base of the Alps, visit the Swiss National Museum or shop some high-end boutiques.

Jungfrau Region

Anytime is the best time to visit this site. Find the most magical world of three mountains (Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau) and four picturesque towns (Wengen, Murren, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunnen).

Offbeat Places in Switzerland with Their Postcard-Perfect Sceneries


The lakeside city located in the heart of Switzerland will leave you in love with this instance of its serene atmosphere.


If you are looking for a pleasant climate in Switzerland, this tiny village should be in your pocket list. It is located just 196 m above sea level. 

Though you need a little extra effort to get there, it is all paid off with the natural beauty, such as Brissago Island, Orselina, Lake Maggiore, and the colorful houses of Ascona.


Start your point from Geneva and you can reach this small village by train or bus. It is a kind of magical retreat to take a break from your hectic days. 

Try walking a long walk across the lake, visit the vineyard slopes, and Charlie Chaplin’s house and museum.

Cities to Visit in Switzerland to Enjoy Summer Days

Furka Pass

This is the famous yet legendary Swiss mountain pass, which is located in the Uri/ Valais region of Switzerland. Besides driving in a panoramic view, rafting and climbing are worth visiting either.

The Rhine Falls

If you plan to visit Switzerland during May, June, and July, make it in your itinerary. Those are the time when the water destiny peaks and you can get a cool view from any standpoint. The most popular things to do there are boat trips and sightseeing.


Remote Areas in Switzerland That You Thought Only Exist in Your Imagination


Though the name reminds us of Gilbert Grindelwald, a dark character in the series of Harry Potter, they don’t share a similar ambiance. 

This Grindelwald is a picturesque town, which is located in the Bernese Alps. It may be in a remote area but it has been nominated as a top tourist destination since the 18th century.


This is another remote area with its historic architecture. By its beauty, a children’s book even takes it as a character, named a Schellenursli village.


Who are fans of James Bond? Then you must recognize the cable car and revolving restaurant. Or once you were a kid and read Heidi books, this traditional Alpine village must be memorable. 

The flower-filled meadows are the things you put your hearts into, besides the stunning mountain views.

Stein and Rhein

A small area with a well-known Lake Constance and the village’s unique architecture.

The list of Switzerland tourist hidden places above can be reached by backpacking or joining a tour package. Find which one is your best choice. 

Share your thoughts with your spouse to find the best solution, including how many days you get off from work, your budget, outfits (considering the weather there), online ticketing, reservation, and so on.

Switzerland, besides the Alp Mountain, is famous for its Swiss chocolate, perfume, and cheese. This should be taken in your bucket list. 

Furthermore, do some little research about how safe is Switzerland. Though it is claimed that Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world, but small crimes possibly exist, such as phone snatching or pickpocketing.

At last, be happy!

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