The Worthy Places to Visit in Auckland for Your Holiday

Auckland offers great opportunities with its photogenic spots. It is the largest and the most populous city in New Zealand. The city views include a rural area that has volcanic scenery as its background. 

This city provides visitors with its natural beauty. Tourists will be satisfied seeing the surrounding of the lush green area. Moreover, the city offers unique harbors and become the city icon.

There are many things to do while you are in this city. You can explore its nature by having outdoor activities. From north to south and west to east, its landscape will make you drown in excitement and enjoyment.

The other interesting thing that you can enjoy is the gulf and its islands. They are worth to visit. Don’t miss the experience of wine tasting as well. Now, let us see the worthy places to visit in Auckland in the following discussion.

Sky Tower Auckland

The Sky Tower serves visitors as an iconic place in Auckland. Its needle-like shape becomes the main attraction for tourists due to its uniqueness. You can take some photos or book activities that trigger your adrenaline.

This tower has 328 meters in height and stood for 20 years. It is one of the highest buildings in Auckland. Besides, it is the perfect place to capture the city’s amazing panorama from the top. You can enjoy the city views from above.

Apart from taking photos, you can do a diverse activity as well. Some adrenaline activities are offered to the adventure lover. It will challenge you with breath-taking ventures. So, don’t miss this chance.

On the street, there are various selected hotels you can find. Furthermore, there is much other entertainment that you can enjoy. The ground area serves visitors with diverse options for bars and restaurants. This experience is worth to try.

If you want unforgettable dining moments, you can try a dining experience in the Sky Tower. There are three restaurants and cafes located in the Sky Tower.

Waitemata Harbor

Waitemata Harbor is one of the worthy places to visit in Auckland. It is the major sea access to Auckland. Because of that, this harbor is often called as Auckland Harbor. Besides, the Auckland Harbor Bridge is visible from this harbor. 

The word Waitemata is taken from the Maori language that means sparkling water. In the past, this harbor functions as the main port area. As crossing from place to place become crucial to Auckland, this harbor gives its people the main function. It helps to transport not only people but also goods.

It is important for the economic growth of the city. This harbor provides efficient as well as reliable transportation. Nowadays, there are selections of tours and activities that you can experience in Waitemata Harbor. You can take one of its sailing tours for a memorable experience.

If you want, you can explore some places while you are here. Spend your time to explore the Hauraki Gulf islands for fun moments. You can take a ferry from this harbor for easy access. This harbor connects visitors to various places in Auckland.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum plays an important role as war memorials. This museum is a major historical site located in the Auckland Domain. You will see the collection inside that includes Auckland Region, natural, and military history.

It is also an iconic building in Auckland. If you see its design, it presents us with a neo-classicist method. The building has some symbolic features. 

Its exterior carving portrays the war scene. Besides, above each window, you can see the war name engraved.

Enter this museum to enjoy its major interest. Visitors are served with the main Maori galleries. It is the host of Maori artistry and their ancient collection.

On the first floor, you will view the collection of natural history. It includes the reconstruction of the famed extinct animal like the giant moa birds. 

Meanwhile, on the highest floor, it provides you with the war memorials. You can see the display of the country’s involvement in any world conflict.

By visiting this place, you can witness many things about New Zealand Cultural and Heritage. It is recommended to take guided tours for a better explanation.

One Tree Hill

The One Tree Hill or also known as Maungakiekie includes one of the worthy places to visit in Auckland. It is a prominent memorial site for Aucklanders. Its volcanic top not only serves the beautiful view but also represents the symbol of this city. It has a height of 182 meters. 

The scenery of this place presents visitors with Cornwall Park and the flower landscape. Besides, you can see the old trees lining on the walking trails. Through the summit point, you can witness the view of the Auckland area.

On top of this hill, there is an obelisk that presents visitors with the Maori memorial. It has a bronze Maori warrior statue standing on the front side. You will also find the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell who donated for this obelisk.

The summit offers you a fantastic landscape. It is nice to visit and have a walk on this hill with your family member. If you are lucky, you can see the sheep and cattle from a closer view. Moreover, you can enjoy coffee time in a nearby area after the walking tour.

Auckland Domain

The Auckland Domain is the largest and oldest park in the city. The park has a width of 75 acres and is located in the suburb of Grafton city and the Pukekawa volcano.

This wonderful park is developed throughout the peak of an extinct volcano. The park offers visitors interesting views and attractions. Moreover, its beautiful view presents a picturesque of Walk Lovers.

By visiting this park, you will get the chance to stroll enjoying green and bushy pathways. Along the walk, you will see the majestic Auckland War Museum. With the view of the museum, it is a perfect combination of panoramic scenery.

It presents you with modern design furnishing. Moreover, in this park, visitors can spot the Wintergardens. It is a place for a beautiful plant showcase. Through this garden, you can see two impressive glasshouses flowing with plants as well as flowers.

Aside from the plant garden, visitors are offered another option. By having a fernery, it becomes the perfect place for a family picnic recreation. Moreover, you can find the duck ponds too while you are here.

Mount Eden

There are plenty of worthy places to visit in Aucklandand one of them is Mount Eden. Known as Maungawhau, it is an iconic place because of its highest summit in the city. Once you reach this place, you should visit its top.

 Mount Eden will present you with the wonderful scenery of Auckland. You can join a guided tour to get more information about mountain history. 

By joining this tour, you can get information about Māori traditional village and its former settlement. In the Maori traditional village, you can see the housing, storage, as well as terraces of Maori people. 

Besides a guided tour, you can take a walk on your own too. It is an easy and handy pathway. Its crater greatness is guaranteed your excitement. 

Located in the heart of the city, it is not only worth climbing but also provides visitors with an amazing view of the suburb. 

The morning view is recommended for incredible city scenery. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture this unforgettable moment. After a walk, you can reward yourself with meals in nearby places.


Located in Auckland’s suburb, Devonport offers the prettiest village in Auckland. The view is breathtaking with a combination of the city and sea as its background. This place is accessible because of its strategic location.

You can take either car or ferry to reach this place. If you go from Auckland Harbor Bridge, you will need a short drive. Meanwhile, if you take a ferry, you will enter in this amazing place after 10 minutes drive.

This place is popular among travelers from all over the world. It offers you with amazing city view and green hills which lay side by side. You can also enjoy its charming beach and have a relaxing day.

There are plenty of options for cafes and restaurants. For a food lover, this place is heaven due to its food specialty and cafe culture. You can select base on your preference.

This village also contains selections of good accommodation. Enjoy the charming views of this wonderful place. It is suitable for a family tour as well. You can bring all of your family members here for fun moments.

The shopping area is also available to visitors. You can stroll around its shopping district and find things that you preferred. It offers you complete options from luxurious jewelry to a unique souvenir shop.


Hopefully, the above explanation can provide you with valuable information. Experience its amazing panoramic view. Then, feel and drown yourself with its vibes. 

You can start to make a list and plan your holiday now. It is nice to enjoy the worthy places to visit in Auckland.

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